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Together with ESCOM in the new Multimedia age.

A bit of history:

1985. New York. A new computer is presented to the amazed press by Commodore. What journalists saw there was the beginning of a big adventure for millions of people worldwide: The Amiga was born!

Its incredible features in video, sound and animation, thanks to a smart design of custom processors, bundled to a fully multitasking OS and the powerfull 68000 processor from Motorola quickly made the Amiga the system of choice for all computer fans.

The first Amiga had 256 Kilobytes of Memory and an 880 Kilobyte 3.5 inch disk drive. Ten years later, hundreds of megabytes of memory can be used and the latest 68060 processor from Motorola is 100 times faster than the original 68000.

Through this computer, a real community of users has been created, software and hardware suppliers quickly joined the bandwaggon to create a true environment for those who new from the beginning that the Amiga was more than just a tool to type letters and to run spreadsheets.

The Amiga also had its detractors : "Animation and sound? That's just good for games, no need of that for serious applications." This is what could be heard and read some years ago, when the competition was still struggling with monotasking and monochrome systems. These same people are now saying that they invented Multimedia...

The keyword Multimedia: an important keyword for those who know that Amiga actually invented Multimedia. ESCOM knew that from the beginning and recognized in the Amiga a valuable technology, the key to future computing and entertainment, a key to success.

In April 1995, after a long period of latency it finally happened: ESCOM took over the complete technological and intellectual property of Commodore in a spectacular auction in...New york. Amiga users, professionals as hobbyists were very worried; what was going to happen to their computer of choice, what would ESCOM's plans be? ESCOM received hundreds of user letters from all around the world, asking to continue manufacturing and development of the System.

This is actually a phenomenon that can only be observed very rarely for a product: commitment and even attachment of a devoted international community. Support by dozens of dedicated magazines: More than ten magazines for Germany and the UK alone! And several more in other countries.

All these factors made Manfred Schmitt, President of the executive board at ESCOM, decide to buy AMIGA and create a new daughtercompany: AMIGA Technologies. The commitment to the technology and its future was brilliantly demonstrated in Frankfurt, at a major international press conference on May 30, 1995, only one month after the takeover.


AMIGA Technologies is a 100% daughtercompany of ESCOM. We are located in Bensheim, 40 miles southwards of Frankfurt and a few miles away from Heppenheim, where ESCOM has its offices.

Our team

To be good in making, selling and promoting the Amiga, one has to like the Amiga and stand behind it. We at AMIGA Technologies think that our team has to be made of Amiga specialists who believe in what they are doing and that's the way we go. Once completed, our staff will be of about 50 people, working in sales, production, marketing/PR, accounting and finances, human ressources, support and especially development of new hardware and software. We think internationaly because we are an international company. People from all parts of the world are joining our young and dynamic team. In our offices, English is more often spoken than German.


Production and quality control are high priorities to ensure total customer satisfaction; We only work with the best part providers and most reputable assemblers to assure the high degree of reliability we want for our systems.


Distribution and logistics are also important keys to successful operations for us. Our worldwide distribution is centralized in the Netherlands where we have the infrastructure needed to provide Amigas to the world. In each country, we have a distribution unit to assure the relay and proper support needed locally. This can be as a subsidiary or with a distribution and sales partner, depending on the needs.

Our Market

The Amiga market has a high potential and first of all is a worldwide market. The multimedia market is even bigger and it is our market of choice. With the high potential of our technology in this aspect, we know that we have the best chances to become an important player very soon. In the United States, where the number of local Cable Televisions is increasing rapidly, the Amiga is an appreciated system for broadcasting applications. Amigas are used in Hollywood to make films and productions like Babylon V or Seaquest DSV are some examples among others. Companies use our computers with multimedia authoring systems, which quality and power is unmatched on other platforms.

Our partners

Third party support on the Amiga is excellent and numerous. We know that we have creative and productive partners who make the Amiga a better system every day. We want to work together with these people and build up fruitful partnerships with them. We allready have signed agreements with SCALA software to bundle our systems with their outstanding multimedia authoring system. The Amiga can now be used as a powerfull multimedia workstation out of the box.

Our technology, development and what we can make out of it.

Power to the user is our goal at short and long term. Going RISC is a priority for us. Porting our operating system to a new generation hardware technology in a user-friendly manner is the best way to keep our loyal customers and gain new ones. For the short term, implemanting the fast 68060 processor from Motorola is an evident move we will do quickly. Again, here we hire the most excellent technicians and have the best partners to achieve this ambitious endeavour. The future of home computing resides in intelligent and integrated high-technology devices like set-top-boxes which combine user friendliness, powerfull hardware, communication skills and online services. All we need is coming very soon : the communication highways, the online service providers, pay TV and home shopping. All this bundled to our technology will enable us to bring new and exciting products to the customer at extremely attractive prices.


From the entry level AMIGA 1200 to the high-end AMIGA 4000 Tower, our product range is suited for everyone, from the computer freak to the professional user.

The AMIGA 1200, thanks to its low price is a perfect home computer and its expandability will give the user many upgrade possibilities for faster processors, more memory or new storage medias.

The CD 32 console is based on the AMIGA 1200 Technology and comes standard with a CD ROM drive. The storage capacity of this media, combined to the graphics and sound abilities of the Amiga.

The Amiga 4000 Tower is perfectly suited for the professional video and multimedia market and has sufficient connectors and free room to host any kind of internal expansion device. For more computing power, the 68040 processor can be replaced with the new 68060 from Motorola.

An exciting device for multimedia and interactive applications are the new Virtual IO glasses. distributed and promoted in cooperation with Amiga Technologies. With virtual IO, the Amiga user will have a closer relationship to his computer!


Petro Tyschtschenko
General executive officer
Gilles Bourdin
Company spokesman
Peter Kittel
Gwynne Thomas
Material & Production
Rolf Wiehe
Distribution Germany

Gilles Bourdin Marketing / Public Relations
Tel +49 6251 130 92 39 Fax +49 6251 130 92 40
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