Jon Bohmer

Founder of Scala, Vice President, New Business Development

Scala is in the business of computer televison: that is, using a computer to produce and distribute television-type programming.

The company is one of the world's leading developers of computer-based television information solutions and the undisputed leader in multimedia software for the Amiga platform. Available in eleven languages, Scala's multimedia tools are distributed in more than 40 countries.

Scala was founded in Norway in 1987. Today we are headquartered outside Washington DC, with international headquarters in Oslo and offices in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Scala's team of software engineers includes most of the people who originally developed the Amiga operating system for Commodore.

Our main products are Scala Multimedia, a software package for the production and playback of multimedia presentations, interactive training applications, infotainment, and video titling; Scals InfoChannel, for multimedia networking and information distribution; and Scala Interactive Television, including software for the production of ITV content and the operating environment for satellite and cable TV decoders.

All products share the Scala BackBone technology. This makes the software independent of hardware platform and makes Scala solutions portable to multiple environments. BackBone includes MMOS, which is an object-oriented operating system layer specifically developed for multimedia applications, and ScalaScript which is the scripting language we seek to establish as the standard multimedia language of the future.

Since the Amiga went out of production a year ago, Scala has seen a constant demand for Amigas, from both new and experienced users. We are happy to see production resume, and to continue to support the Amiga platform.

Together the Scala software technology and the Amiga hardware technology make up a powerful and cost effective solution for everyone who needs a multimedia package for home or office use. No other solution can match the price performance of the Amiga and Scala combination. We look forward to working with the new Amiga Technologies company in order to provide ready-to-use solutions with every machine.

Scala's good design has long been one of our strongest assets, and it is an acknowledgement of our achievements that ESCOM has chosen one of our designers to create the new look for the new Amiga.

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