Dr. Hartmut Esslinger

Founder and president of frogdesign

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 70's were the decade of marketing

the 80's were the decade of finance

the 90's will be the decade of design

Business Week Magazine 1990

Reading this quote from Business Magazine, New York, one may be inclined to look at design like a magic medicine. I feel that the prominence of design today has more to do with market reality. Today, basically great production and functional quality is plentiful technical performance is exchangeable, be it computers, automobiles, TVs, clothing - basically it's all the same, the markets and product-features are transparent like glass-houses, the customer knows nearly everything, even the margins lay in the open, there is no feature the competition doesn't have very soon too, no major mechanical differentiation has been left in High-Tech. Except innovative human culture adopting products to people's specific needs - especially emotional ones, DESIGN, Integrated Strategic Design to be precise.

Our own market research shows us, that in the field of TEDology products, (Richard Wurman: Technology-Entertainment-Design as the new global industry)

Design however is not defined by qualified esthetics alone, some people list design as a visible principle of quality, some people define design still as a matter of prestige, and some just look at the level of excitement design will provide. Design is becoming different, democratic, open, free. Design is reflecting our open society: many dreams, many ideas, many truths. With design being considered a popular issue, no artificial add-on is considered competent anymore, no stylistic exclusion of the masses for the benefit for an elite will be tolerated. DESIGN is requested, feasible and available in what Alvin Toffler calls the "individual mass product".

We all know what Commodore and Amiga meant as high-tech brands: Commodore was an affordable way to get into personal computing, the first Amiga machine actually was created just one mile off my house in Los Gatos - and personally I know some people who created the machine very well. But for some not so trivial reasons, the brands were managed out of the market.

Now - after ESCOM acquired them - NOW

We have set you three goals:

Our new products will emerge from what Richard Wurman calls TEDology, or what Nicholas Negroponte calls the new domaine of "creative digital life"

we will apply the best of Microsoft / Intel
we will apply the best of Macintosh / PowerPC
we will apply the hottest Technology in Games
and we will apply the newest in Digital Television, Audio and Video.
The new Commodore and Amiga products will be accessible by innovative and cultural software-interface solutions, which will be easy-to-use and powerful tools. I personally feel that our new products will create a new standard for people-oriented high-tech consumer products.
Our new products will be high-tech fashion statements, some will appeal to young people, as statements of a new culture, some will appeal to women, emotional and elegant, some will appeal to power-hungry web- surfers, some will appeal to machine-crazies, we will introduce color on a bigger scale and we will create the opportunity of design-customization.
As we just started to conceptualise and design the new product lines, I cannot show you anything concise or descriptive at this time, I only can explain our "way of design" a little bit and illustrate it with some examples:
Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group / nunya@bidnezz.com