CUCUG Announces the Ultimate
Amiga WWW Search Tool

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August 4, 1996 - The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) announced today the debut of its new Amiga Internet searching tool dubbed "Agnes" available in conjunction with its popular "Amiga Web Directory" World Wide Web site at Agnes allows users to search for over one thousand Amiga-oriented Web sites and more using flexible keyword matching.

According to CUCUG, one of the many major improvements over other Web searching utilities is that the description data contained CUCUG's database of Web sites is written by humans, not just sampled from the first few lines of the site's text. This reduces the number of false "hits" and increases the accuracy of searching according to Kevin Hisel, CUCUG's Amiga webmaster. Search results are also much easier to understand and displayed more quickly than other search tools.

From one page, Amiga WWW surfers can call on Agnes to:

"We've put together the world's most effective Web search mechanism for Amiga fans. If it's Amiga and it's on the Web, we're pretty confident that Agnes can find it," Hisel said, referring to the all-encompassing capabilities of the new service.

The URL for CUCUG's Agnes search tool is

CUCUG, The Amiga Web Directory, Agnes and the Agnes character are all service marks of the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group. Amiga is a registered trademark of Visual Information Services Corporation (VIScorp).

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