The Amiga Zone Moves From Portal To Calweb Internet Services

Sept. 20, 1996


For over ten years the Amiga Zone has been an online resource, home, community, oasis, for Amiga owners.

For over ten years I've made my living running the Zone and supporting Amiga users all over the USA, Canada, and the world.

Five years ago when American People/Link pulled their own plug, we had to find the Zone a new home and we found a good one on the Portal Online System.

Well, it's happened again.. Portal has informed all of its customers that its ten year history as an online service and Internet provider is coming to an end on Sept. 30, 1996. This is very sad, it's short-notice, and the decision is completely out of my control, but it's also irreversible.

Portal is changing its entire business plan from being an ISP to selling a big-bucks accounting system to other online services.

So be it. It's sad, but like I said, the Zone went through this before and now we'll go through it again, and come out the other side better and wiser.


CalWeb ( is a two year old Internet provider located in Sacramento, CA. It has a good sized customer base, and very knowledgeable support staff.

It's also run by a long time Amiga owner who has been a friend of mine for many years.

The world of modeming has changed much in the last ten years. In 1985 you had very few choices and you had 1200 baud. These days, everyone and his dog has 28.8, a web site and a local provider.

But the vast majority of them don't know an Amiga from a hole in the ground, and could care less about Amiga owners.

CalWeb is different because it's the new home of the Amiga Zone.

In October 1996, a new custom front-end menued system will be added to CalWeb to host the Zone. It'll have features for Zone users that neither Plink nor Portal ever had nor were they willing to add.

The tradition of a friendly online Amiga community, run by long time Amiga owners, users and lovers will continue. Message bases, huge file libraries (we plan to move over the 20,000+ files we have on the Zone on Portal to CalWeb, MANY of which you'll never see on Aminet or anywhere else), live nightly chats, vendor support and our famous prize contests will continue.

We've given away tens of thousands of dollars worth of Amiga prizes in the last ten years. No one else even comes close.

I urge any and all of you who were on Plink, or who are now on Portal or who may have left Portal.. or even if you were never on either but used or still use another online service to join CalWeb for the Amiga Zone. I personally promise you the best online Amiga community we can possibly build. You will not be disappointed.

CalWeb has arranged a special signup offer for you!

  • Call 1.800.509.9322
  • or 1.916.641.9320
  • or telnet to, login as "guest", and follow the prompts.
  • You can join CalWeb for US$19.95 flat, a month.

    CalWeb takes major credit cards or you can establish a monthly invoiced account if you don't have plastic.

    The sign up is FREE.

    To get this deal you must say "THE AMIGA ZONE SENT ME" when you call or sign up online.

    I hope to see lots of you join CalWeb. You can telnet into it from anywhere for no hourly charges at all. Your $19.95/mo fee covers everything and also gets you ten meg of storage which includes hosting your own personal web page. Naturally, when the Zone opens there, you'll have unlimited use of all of its features and areas. Never a "money meter" clock to worry about.

    Your personal or business CalWeb Web pages are maintained by you via FTP. It's pretty slick. You can make a net connection to the server with any Amiga FTP client, put your files onto it, the permissions are automatically set (no "chmod-ing" required!) and flip to your running browser and see the changes instantly.

    The Amiga Zone's new page is already up at: running on CalWeb's server. Check it out!

    Please feel free to write to me at or if you want more information.

    Remember to say "THE AMIGA ZONE SENT ME!" when you join.

    A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    Please plan to join us in the Amiga Zone on CalWeb!


    Harv Laser

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