What in the heck is this?

Inside the otherwise boring, PC-centric news roundup from ComputerWorld called Inside Lines, we found this brief but shocking mention:

Amiga back from the dead?

New Star, an Amiga computer clone, hit the streets in Taiwan for less than $200. That's well below the $500 target for a network computer, and the Amiga system includes storage and other features forsaken by network-dependent designs.

Tuesday, October 01, 1996: So, what in the heck are they talking about?

Wednesday, October 02, 1996: A few Amiga Web Directory users have pointed out that New Star (a Chinese game machine company) was present at the Commodore/Amiga auction proceeding in April of 1995. Here's a snip from the Philadelphia Enquirer released around that time:

"Almost half the group were lawyers. There were representatives of the creditors' committee and of two creditors, Prudential Insurance and Microsoft Co. Also on hand were representatives of a Chinese electronic-game company, New Star, as well as another Chinese company, Tietsin Trust & Investment Co., which is the parent firm of yet another game company.

If its proposal is approved, Escom plans a joint venture with Tietsin to manufacture the traditional Commodore products at a factory near Beijing."

We've also received an unconfirmed mention that New Star has a limited license (no export) to manufacture the Amiga platform.

We'll post more as it comes in...

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