Netcom Announces Complete Internet Access Solution for Amiga Users in the UK

NETCOM, the world's largest independent Internet Service Provider (ISP), is launching NETCOMplete for Amiga, a complete Internet software and service package for Amiga users. NETCOMplete for Amiga will be available from 1 November 1996.

NETCOMplete for Amiga brings together all the essential Internet applications such as WWW, FTP, IRC, E-mail and news, telnet and finger, in one simple installation package. The software suite is based on the freely distributable version 4.0 AmiTCP demo and will be available free through the NETCOM customer service hotline (01344 395600) and through authorised Amiga distributor, Eyetech. Existing Amiga Internet users who wish to upgrade will be able to use FTP to download NETCOMplete immediately from NETCOM's FTP server. Amiga customers will be charged the same monthly tariff as existing NETCOM customers: GBP 5.95 (inc VAT) for the first month and GBP 14.95 (inc VAT) per month thereafter, for unlimited Internet access.

The NETCOMplete for Amiga package will include full user documentation. Amiga customers will also be able to seek help from NETCOM's 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, technical support hotline (01344 395555), and from dedicated NETCOM Amiga newsgroups.

David Furniss, NETCOM sales & marketing director explains: "The UK Amiga community is very keen to have access to the Internet, and we are one of the few ISPs to recognise this. With NETCOMplete for Amiga we will offer a comprehensive, easy-to-install software package, plus the top level, award- winning service already on offer to our existing PC customers: round-the-clock customer support, fast, problem-free access and competitive pricing."

NETCOM and NETCOMplete for Amiga are trademarks of NETCOM On-Line Communication Services Inc. All other brand names and trademarks are fully recognised as the property of their respective owners.

NETCOM Internet Limited is the UK subsidiary of NETCOM On-line Communication Services Inc, the world's largest independent Internet Service Provider with over 560,000 business and residential customers. The UK operation, based in Bracknell, Berkshire was launched on 1 May 1996.

NETCOM provides high-quality dial-up access to 33.6 kbps, with a capability of supporting 57.6 kbps for the new generation of modems, as well as high-speed ISDN connection. The company offers a variety of services for its business customers including Leased Line, Frame Relay and Web Hosting.

NETCOM is the only ISP to offer 24-hour technical support, 365 days a year (Tel: 01344 395555) and an Internet Advice Line for Parents (Tel : 01344 395501). Lines are manned at all times by specially trained staff. For the latest information about NETCOM, visit the company online at

CONTACT: Ted Lelekas/Helen Dinsdale, A Plus Group

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Rebecca Hartley, PR Manager, NETCOM Internet Ltd

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