Amigazone Now Open And Running On Calweb Internet Services

From Harv Laser, Amiga Industry Legend

As many of you know by now, Portal shut down all of its Internet services permanently on Oct. 8th, 1996. (This is detailed on my web site at

I moved the AmigaZone from Portal, where it lived for five years, to CalWeb and we are now open, up and running with a new interface which has a LOT more features than Portal ever had.

Here's what $19.95/month gets you:

If you want into the Zone, just phone 1-800-509-9322 or 1-916-641-9320 and say "AmigaZone sent me."

CalWeb has live human beings in their office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NO voicemail-from-hell system to navigate. Your account will be open and accessible to you within 24 hours of joining.

Again, there is a ton of additional info on the AmigaZone web site.

Amiga support has been diminishing everywhere the last few years. Magazines have vanished. User groups have shut down. Dealers have boarded up. Sysops on other systems have slacked off or cut back on services.

I am totally dedicated to providing the best possible online Amiga support anywhere. But it won't work without your participation. Isn't a service like this worth $19.95 a month?

You be the judge.


Harv Laser

AmigaZone Sysop

*Portal AmigaZone has moved to CalWeb - signup and October are free!

*Call 1-800-509-9322 (24 hrs.), say "Amiga Zone sent me."

*Visit for more info.

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