Zipperware Named US Distributor for Photogenics

Tue, 29 Oct 1996
Subject: Photogenics 2.0

Zipperware is proud to announce, that Zipperware is selling and distributing Photogenics 2.0 CD-Rom for the United States. Photogenics is the premiere 24-bit image manipulation package.

Photogenics has scored very high in all Amiga publications.

Requirements are a 5 mb hard drive space, 68020, 3.0+, 4mb ram, CD-rom. Recommendations are 10mb hard drive space, 68030+, 10mb ram, Graphic card

Check out Almathera's web page for more info.

It is available from Zipperware directly at $179.95 or from various dealers.

Upgrades for $79.95 for registered users of v1.25. Fax, email or snail mail: Name, Address, Form of Payment (Credit Card, Money Order or Check) and personal registration number.

Thank you,

76 South Main St.
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206 223 1107
FAX: 206 223 9395

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