Follow Up Message From Carl Sassenrath

I have received a large volume of email asking what will now happen to the Amiga. Even as one of its designers, I cannot offer you a solid, positive answer. There are many paths from here. We are again back at the crossroads. To me personally, I think the road must be toward a rebirth of those core concepts that made the Amiga what it was, and I encourage all of you to hold on, regardless of how desperate the situation may seem.

Please, my friends, remain the "rebels" that you are. It is up to each of us to see to it that there always remains a choice, else I fear for our future... and the future of all personal computing.


A lot of people have asked what I will do next. In general, I can say that I am NOT pleased with the direction personal computers have taken over the last decade. These systems are now hundreds of times faster, with hundreds of times more memory. Yet, are we better off? Are we more productive? Have they made life easier?

No. Not in the least. In some areas they've made the situation worse. It reminds me of our federal government: requiring ever more money and resources, but becoming bigger, slower, and dumber.

This is not a hardware problem. The software is to blame. We have become enslaved by overly complex and twisted software. I'm talking here about systems like MS Windows, C++, TCP/IP, HTML, etc. They are all junk-the work of designers who really don't understand how our minds work or relate to our personal human condition.

SIMPLE THINGS SHOULD BE SIMPLE TO DO! Yet, complex things should still be possible. That is the kind of system I want to use, and that is what I am going to build next. After creating the Amiga multitasking kernel, I didn't stop thinking about operating systems, I just figured that someone else was going to move us forward to the next best thing. It has not happened.

So now it has come time to start afresh. However, this time, I'm going to create it for you and for me, not for some company whose CEO just wants to get rich. It will be wonderfully elegant, pure, efficient, and simple.

I have already begun. The system will develop in two phases. The first is a better means of expression, the second, a better means of operation. If you want more info in the months ahead, link into your web browser site list and visit often.

So that is my journey, my future. I expect it to be a rough road at times, but this is the path I must take. It is my sincere hope that many of you Amigans will join me in the years ahead... with a system for the next century.

Stay in touch and all the best to you in the years ahead.

Carl Sassenrath

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