Info Update on AmigaFest Show

Note: This info comes courtesy of National Amiga, a large, Canadian Amiga mail-order company via their e-mail newsletter. See the subscription info later in the article. -Kevin Hisel, CUCUG Webmaster

National Amiga Updates

November 26th, 1996



Which developers and manufactures are going to be there?

:Phase5, QuikPak, NewTek, Applied Magic, Micro R&D, GP Software,

:ClickBOOM, Asimware, Essential, Nova Design, Silent Paw, CyberChannel,

:AmiTrix, HiQ Limited, Wizard Developments, AntiGravity, Haage & Partner,

:Aurora Works

Who's going to be represented?

:DKB, Visual Visions, Replica Technology, Oregon Research, Elsat, Desktop :Images, Quantum Leap, OZ Warre, and Computer City.

National Amiga will be one of the largest dealers at the show, right across from the Phase5 booth and beside Micro R&D. Stop by and say hi!

The November ComputerFEST's average attendance in previous years has been in the 30000 range, and that's just for the PC/Mac people. Now with AmigaFEST'96 in the middle, the PC/Mac people will be exposed to the Amiga world side of things. Maybe we'll win some PC people back to the Amiga.

AmigaFEST'96 will be held on November 29th, 30th and December 1st at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

November 29th 10am - 9pm Friday

November 30th 10am - 6pm Saturday

December 1st 10am - 6pm Sunday

Accommodations for AmigaFest are available at the Regal Constellation. The regal is located just minutes from the International Centre.

Special rates are in effect for AmigaFest participants.

  • Standard Room $69CAD
  • Premium Room $79CAD
  • 1-800-268-4838
  • 1-416-675-1500
  • Identify yourself as a ComputerFest participant.


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