World of Amiga Show Canceled

Press Release - November 27th, 1996.

Dear Amiga Enthusiasts,

WCi would like to apologise to you and to all the suppliers who supported Wonder in its bid to host the World of Amiga Show - Toronto 96 .

WCi feels that having two Amiga shows so close together in Toronto would be more of a hinderance that a boon to the Community in general. We saw rifts forming in the general public, as well as with dealers and manufacturers, as they had to decide which show they wanted to attend. WCi has no interest in dividing a group of dedicated Amiga Users into factions, and as a consequence, decided that losing a few dollars in show costs now would be better than dividing a community in two.

Wonder Computers urges all users to attend Amigafest and support the Amiga in the tradition of World of Amiga Toronto '95

WCi Distribution and Wonder Computers Retail will not be attending as we were unable to obtain booth space, but we will still have representatives at the show to answer any questions you may have.

Many thanks to Amazing Software & Accesories for carrying the Amiga torch into Computerfest !

Best of Luck at the Show! Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned for more info, WCi will be rescheduling the World of Amiga Toronto Show to a later and warmer date.

If you have any comments or concerns please e-mail us at

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