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Jason Compton Resigns from VIScorp

Only three weeks after Amiga OS pioneer Carl Sassenrath announced his resignation from VIScorp, another Amiga luminary, Jason Compton has announced that he too will step down effective December 16th. In contrast to Sassenrath's vitriolic diatribe, Compton's announcement was brief and free of the accusatory name-calling which has characterized much of the debate surrounding this episode of the Amiga's amazing journey.

Compton wrote in the Amiga newsgroup, comp.sys.amiga.misc, "I'd just like everyone to know that as of December 16, 1996, I will no longer be employed by VIScorp in any fashion. I'll do the best I can to handle VIScorp inquiries until then, and will be posting a VIScorp press release which should answer a number of questions that to date have not been addressed to everyone's satisfaction.

"Future VIScorp inquiries should be directed to David Rosen at"

When asked why he had decided to leave, Compton told CUCUG, "It just wasn't the right place for me right now. I had some concerns over the amount of coordination that was taking place between the company and myself, but I will miss many of the fine people I had the opportunity to work with."

As for his future plans, Compton says that he is going to take it easy for a little while but that he hopes to contribute professionally to Amiga community again soon. He also plans to continue to publish his well-known Amiga online magazine, Amiga Report, perhaps on a more regular basis now that he'll have more time available.

"This has been a learning experience. After being known as somewhat of a rabble-rouser, I now have a better appreciation for the inner workings of how decisions are made and that it's not always as simple as it appears," Compton told CUCUG.

VIScorp stock finished down 1/16th of a point at 2.

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