Ultimate Amiga Collector Items Unearthed by IAM

Discovered in a long-forgotten storage facility...

We have just come into a limited supply of antique (circa 1985) metal Amiga logo decals with metallic Boing balls and Amiga rainbow check marks (none marred by the chickenlips). These were originally produced for use on A1000s, etc. The metal decals have adhesive backings, so can be applied to your current Amiga (covering up any undesirable logos) or anywhere else that makes you happy.

These metal logos have long been rare prizes of the Amiga insiders, and now you can own them!

While supplies last (or until December 31), we'll give you an assortment of these rare items for FREE with any paid order from the Amiga catalog at IAM. This is in addition to our already low holiday sale prices. Check out our online catalog at http://www.iam.com/amiga/ or get a response from the bot at info@iam.com

CUCUG Webmaster's note: the metal logo appliqués are truly cool and absolutely one of the quintessential Amiga collector items. We were first exposed to this historical artifact by Dave Haynie. We can't wait to get our grimey little mitts on the larger stickers with the Boing and Amiga logos all in one place. We understand these were located through another Amiga legend, Bryce Nesbitt. Well worth the price of admission!

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