IRC Conference Transcript:
Carl Sassenrath and Jim Goodnow

This is a trancript (and it's a long one, too) of an IRC session held on Wednesday, 08-May-96. Among the participants were "vog" (Carl Sassenrath, Director of Software for VIScorp) and "AztecC" (Jim Goodnow, Senior Software Engineer, also of VIScorp). Vog and AztecC amazed the IRC regulars (can that really be the appropriate word?) with their mysterious appearance and bountiful, juicy tidbits which only hungered the crowd for more.

Again, be warned: this baby is long!

-Kevin Hisel

        vog | Good Evening.  vog = VIScorp OS Guy.
        vog | Is there any real topic that anyone wants to discuss?
   RexxMast | re Karma
    Montage | Sabbath2:   First consider how much LW you do then justify
              the cost of either
   Sabbath2 | Montage: Well, probably right, but I don't have much
     AztecC | re carl!
        vog | Hey, is that you Jim?
   Sabbath2 | vog: yes
        vog | AztecC: Jim?
     AztecC | vog: yes!
        vog | AC: what you running, the test A1200?
     AztecC | vog: nah, mIRC on W95 :(
      Frotz | vog: who exactly are you?
        vog | AC: do you think Buck and Gilbreath might be on too?
     AztecC | vog: would be shocked!
     AztecC | Frotz: its Mr. Exec ( should be your handle instead of vog
        vog | AC:  ;)
        vog | AC: It's my secret alias.
        vog | AC: What was your ping time for me?
     AztecC | vog: 9 secs
     AztecC | vog: what IRC server are you using?
        vog | Frotz: what do you mean?
        vog | AC: not bad.
        vog | AC: Texas IRC-2
    Montage | Sabbath2:  No not at all is it a Pro or is it a Pentium
              meaning which processor is it?
        vog | AC: What about you?
   NightSpd | vog: I have one ping (not you) of 9.4 minutes! (Yes the net
              is SPLIT.
     AztecC | vog:, couldn't get on texas
       Holo | no.
        vog | AC: I tried that, couldn't get it!  So how long you been
       Holo | I thought AT was being sold.
    RMerlin | Hey caldi!
   Sabbath2 | ALL: whats up with AT? Have they got anything accomplished?
   NightSpd | Yo caldi!
     AztecC | vog: 30 min. or so
        vog | AC: Anyone talking about anything related?
    RMerlin | Sabbath2: Yes, they restarted production.
    Montage | Sabbath2:  No a bad price but how much mem are you getting
     egress | holo:yeh being sold but head of AT said that viscrop had
              hired dave haynie as advisor
       nINO | aha
   Sabbath2 | RM: any news concerning PowerAmiga?
    RMerlin | Sabbath2: None.
    RMerlin | To lag, or not to lag...
        vog | Frotz: I've got three or four net accounts.  Besides, VC is
       Holo | egress: yea.  I heard.  I hope they get a lot more old
              Amiga engineers on board!
   Sabbath2 | montage: 16mems motherboard 2 on video 1gig HD 14" mon 4X
              CD all for about $2000
  UW_Design | Howdy..
        vog | AC: My ping to you was 96 secs.
       zygo | Hi everybody!
        vog | Holo: me too.
     egress | holo:you see any light at the end of this tunnel yet :)
       Holo | hey zygo
   Sabbath2 | montage: 28.8 voice/data/fax
        vog | AC: Not sure how to do that CHAT stuff in AmIRC.
    Montage | Sabbath2:  Not a bad price but not a great price either
       zygo | Hi Holo
       zygo | Thanks RMerlin :)
     egress | evening zygo
      Frotz | vog: cool. so when is there going to be a *US* developer's
              conference? I find it very disturbing that there is a
              meeting in France to decide the fate of the machine, and NO
              meeting here.
      caldi | Vog/Aztec: I have a question, to whom should developers
              direct business proposals, demos, etc?
     AztecC | vog: yikes! serious lag!
       zygo | Hi egress
      fleer | re sidewind
    RMerlin | Frotz: We could organize one?  Why not during AC'96 right
              here in Montreal? :)
    Tweety_ | easy vog, select the name on the right, then hit Query
              button and type away...
        vog | Frotz: Yes... USA is a good idea.  I need to talk to Bill
              about that.
    vishart | I have arrived.....all rise.....
     egress | egress sits
        vog | Hammer: Hello Darren.
       Holo | kolla dropped in from the sky.  Then was gone!
      kolla | and droped in once more :)
        vog | Tweety: Thanks.  U on AmIRC?
      caldi | Lord  am lagged in to next weeks vacation.
        vog | Hammer: Not sure... lots of mail.  Perhaps.
    HammerD | vog: will there be any official announcements on the 19th
              in france?
      Frotz | rmerlin: us organizing one hasnt got shit to do with the
              fact that viscorp is only having one, and it's in france.
      Frotz | vog: the mere lack of any US mention in the announcement
              has caused several developers to leave for the PC. this is
              a volatile time for folks to choose their press releases so
      Frotz | caldi: me too.
        vog | Hammer: I hope so.
        vog | Frotz: Who said we are only having one?
    HammerD | vog, perhaps an IRC conference after the 19th would be
              best...(moderated of course! :)
     Wizird | Anyone here willing to take up a little logo project to
              design a nice professional logo for Linux? :)
        vog | Tweety: What do you mean?  Window?
    RMerlin | Frotz: You must admit that most developpers are in Europe,
              so sounds logical that the FIRST one be there.
     Wizird | Frotz?
     AztecC | Frotz: don't read too much into the wording of that letter
              from Eric. Lots of room for misinterpretation.
      kolla | whats up in here nowadays?
      Frotz | vog: your press release mentioned just that one, and said,
              and i quote, "this meeting will decide the future of the
      kolla | hm.. except from laging ..
     egress | vog:you a offical viscrop/AT guy
    vishart | Was there not an Amiga convention in Japan recently ?
        vog | Hammer: I've asked Bill for an IRC soon.  Perhaps live from
    HammerD | vishart: yes.
    HammerD | vog: cool.
     desrat | re
      Frotz | rmerlin: i wouldnt say most. the only notable one I can
              think of is phase5 anyway. unless you want to start a
              comparative list and leave out newtek and impulse and so
     desrat | anyone get news succesfully with voyager?
    sunrise | vog the fact is that YOU didnt say you were having more!
    HammerD | vog: do you remember any of the exec coding you did?:=) it
              was long time ago.. :)
    vishart | who was sponsoring the Japan thing ?
    RMerlin | Frotz: If you look at stuff hitting Aminet, 80% of the
              programmers are there.  Only 20% of us are in North America
              these days :(
      kolla | desrat: hm.. yeah, sort of, but who wants to read use that
      kolla | read news
    vishart | RMerlin : I am still here...but only for another month....
        vog | Hammer: sure... much of it... why?
      Frotz | aztecc: also known as a piss-poor vague press release.
              NEVER leave room for misinterpretation.
      Frotz | rmerlin: aminet has nothing to do with it, we're talking
              commercial level developers here.
    RMerlin | vog: Any chance you might get directly involved into
              AmigaOS development?
     desrat | kolla:not me..just wondering....everything else works like
              a charm tho..:)
    RMerlin | Frotz: AMinet is a sample.  It's the same thing with
              commercial level developpers.
    HammerD | vog, as rmerlin may get your hands wet again?
       Holo | AT needs to drop the compatability issue and move the
              technology another 10 light years ahead. (reminicient of
      kolla | desrat: well.. I found at leat one htnl2 tag it doesnt
              support :/
      kolla | html even..
        vog | RMerlin: How so? (AmigaOS)
     desrat | voyager is nice
    RMerlin | vog: Helping in the PowerPC port, or just improving it.
    HammerD | vog: is walker cancelled?
    Tweety_ | Holo Compatibility with ref. to What???
       Holo | to existing hardware.
       TimG | anyone here running excelsior BBS software?
   sidewind | Howdy zygo
     desrat | re side
        vog | Frotz: I agree.  Vague.
     egress | holo:is vog that carl guy that wrote EXEC
        vog | Hammer: Nothing is canceled.
       zygo | Howdy sidewind :)
    HammerD | vog, good news :)
       Holo | Tweety: would you buy an amiga if it wasn't compatable with
              your existing hardware or software?
     desrat | mr sas?
    Tweety_ | Holo: you mean Intel Boxes?
       Holo | egress: I have no idea.
        vog | desrat: Yes?
     desrat | carl sassafraz?
       Holo | No!!!!!!  Hell NO!!!!
    RMerlin | Sassafras? :)
    HammerD | frotz, :)
     desrat | hammer..:)
    RMerlin | Saskatoon? 
       Holo | Tweety:  I mean a hardware software machine like the leap
              from C64 to Amiga.
    HammerD | carl, do you prefer custom chipsets, like the original
              amiga 1000, or do you think off the shelf gfx cards are the
              way to go?
        vog | Sassenrath.
     desrat | hi carl..glad to meet ya
    Montage | Tweety_ did you get my message
    Tweety_ | Okay, I see, you mean PPC w/no bakward compat.  BAD move
              IMHO.  'sides Apple has already proven it can be done
              fairly well.
    RMerlin | darx seen exec
  -Darxide- | exec (raydar@* signed off 5 hours and 57
              minutes ago (Dead socket)
     egress | whoooow
        vog | Hammer: Very good question.... custom VS off the shelf....
    Tweety_ | Holo: Amigas can emulate C64 quite well.  Though I know not
              why anyone would want this.
        vog | Hammer: Always liked custom... but those days may be coming
              to a close.
     desrat | :)
      kolla | ah.. vog :)
    RMerlin | vog: Right now, I think AT has no skilled engineer to work
              on the OS.  I guess that not much people knows it better
              than you do :)
     desrat | bless u
       Holo | Tweety: your missing the point.
    HammerD | vog, do you (personally) like the walker?
    RMerlin | Tsychenko I think...
    Tweety_ | Holo: sorry...
      Cappy | RMerlin: I wouldn't consider Andy Finkel a pushover in the
              OS dept.
     desrat | vog:i hate the design of the walker till i saw it could be
              streched out
        vog | RMerlin: No, but didn't they hire some good consultants?
    HammerD | Rmerlin, they have some contract coders, heinz wrobel, olaf
              barthel, andy finkel?
    RMerlin | Cappy: Only if AT could make THE move to hire him
       Holo | Tweety:  How about a machine that moves 1 billion polygons
              a sec in 32 bit color, etc., etc., etc.
   sidewind | Peter who?
    RMerlin | vog: They have Barthel who's probably okay.  I think Andy
              Finkel was also close to get involved.
     egress | vog:are AT keeping low end machines,eg for future
              china/asia market
    HammerD | vog, is the AT sale complete yet?
    RMerlin | I wouldn't put my faith on Barthel.
      Frotz | sidewind: escom/at dude.
    Tweety_ | Holo: You want an Sillicon Graphics Onyx?
    RMerlin | So far, looks like AT hopes that Phase5 does all the hard
              work for them.
        vog | RMerlin: Yes Barthel.
     desrat | brb..bogger in da nose
      kolla | poor vog :)
        vog | Hammer: no, not yet.
      Frotz | rmerlin: barthel is NOT ok. look what a fucking mess he
              made out of Term.
    Spudboy | Hello All
    RMerlin | Frotz: Okay in my words means "average" :)
   sidewind | Frotz: cool
       Holo | Tweety:  No an Amiga priced machine.
      kolla | frotz: well.. have seen _lot_ worse than term..
    RMerlin | Frotz: I wouldn't count on him to bring AmigaDOS in the
              21st century.
    HammerD | vog, I hope projects at AT are taken off "hold" status
              soon... :=(  I hope you can make nice announcements later
              this month :)
        vog | Frotz: Term?  What do you mean mess?
   sidewind | WOOF!
    RMerlin | Damn it, site is about to dump me :(  Catch you later
       Senc | re
      Frotz | cappy: yick.
       Holo | New Amiga.  YES!!!
      kolla | frotz: gtlayout rules!
   NightSpd | Frotz: What do you epect from a guy I had to pay in PAL
      Frotz | rmerlin: after Term, he qualifies as less than average in
              my eyes.
        vog | AztecC: Still there Jim?
     desrat | me likes voyager
    Tracker | the new amiga os should require you to type LOAD....,8,1
    Tweety_ | Holo: So you think this can be done?
      Cappy | Frotz: He posted that many times back in my days on GEnie.
     AztecC | vog: hehe, having fun yet?
      Frotz | vog: Olaf Barthel took a small tight efficient program
              named Term, and turned it into a bloated mess in under a
              year. He's the laughinstock of most of the programmers I
     desrat | aooga
    HammerD | vog, do you talk to Dave Haynie at all?
        vog | AC: Wow... how do they keep the messages straight?  Seem
              out of sequence often.
    Tweety_ | Damn it's noisy in here.
       Holo | Tweety: Sure.  They were about to with HPRISC.  It got lost
              though.  Oh well.
        vog | Hammer: EMail every so often.  But more soon I would guess.
   NightSpd | Frotz: Wait until he coverts it to MUI and then we can all
              belly laugh...
     desrat | re jkay
       Jkay | hello there
     turtle | hey tweety
        vog | AC: No problem... not sure I know how to moderate!?!
    HammerD | frotz, i think he has learned from those mistakes.. :)
              hopefully :)
    Tracker | IBM has bought rights to the Mac operating system, for mass
              reproduction in PowerPC computers made by IBM
      Frotz | hammerd: i see no evidence of that.
    Tweety_ | Holo: Don't have enough info to conjecture on HPRISC, but
              PPC is bound to be more widely supported in the future.
      kolla | NightSpeed: that will not happen ;)
    HammerD | aztec :=)
      caldi | NightSpd: Olaf doesn't like MUI. ;)
    Spudboy | tracker: oh really?
      kolla | NightSpeed: alot of the point with term was to test out
              gtlayout while making it ..
    Tracker | IBM is thinking about talking about eating the whole apple,
              if you get my drift
    HammerD | AztecC, are you going to france as well?
        vog | Jim, that was cool. I never knew you were a IRC god.
    Tweety_ | I'm sure they are Tracker...
      Frotz | tracker: no, that's not right. they licensed it so that
              they could build mac clones for companies that wanted to
              subcontract IBM to do so, not so that IBM could sell macs
              in the mainstream market. get a clue before you spew.
    Tracker | notice how apple has been paring down its operations, to
              make it cheaper at the fruit market
      kolla | tracker: where did you read that??
   NightSpd | caldi: Would you rather I insult Class Act instead ;)
     AztecC | HammerD: No, I'm going to Yosemite :)
    HammerD | vog, do you know Dr.Hepler ?
       zygo | I'm back!
        vog | Hammer: no.
      Frotz | tracker: your information is badly distorted and mostly
     Foobar | 'Eve everyone
    Spudboy | Zygo: Hi
     paulaM | hi
    Tracker | IBM is making PowerPC's - that statement is correct
    Spudboy | paulam: Hi
    HammerD | vog, how's your french? you better start practising :)
     desrat | well 1 outa 2 aint bad
    HammerD | hi Alan
   RexxMast | paulammmmm!
       Spot | Tracker: So is MOT... your point!
    Tracker | System 7 is being licensed to IBM.
        vog | Hammer: I was thinking about that.... don't know a single
    _Barron | What is a good browser I can use on my A3000???
       Holo | Tweety:  Sure but PPC is just a microprocessor.  What makes
              Amiga so powerful is the custom chips.  Imagine custom
              chips inside a section of the microprocessor.  Wow!
       zygo | Hi spudboy!
     Foobar | _Barron:  AWeb :)
     egress | _barron:AWEB
     paulaM | hi spudboy :)
    Tweety_ | Barron: IBrowse
   rooster2 | NE1 from England going to the meeting in Toulouse?
     paulaM | hiya rexx :)
    HammerD | vog: :=)  Bonjour, salut...
      Frotz | tracker: yes, but powerpc != macintosh.
     Foobar | _Barrons:  Or Voyager
    Tracker | for the first time, the PowerPC's will have the OS they
              needed, and will be made by the big boys
     desrat | toolousy letrec?
   NightSpd | Tracker: IBM is using the Mac OS on it's PreP compliant
              systems.... the only thing these have in common with the
              PPC Mac is the processor.
    HammerD | vog, are you going to Germany as well?
      Cappy | NightSpd: That is incorrect.
   NightSpd | Cappy: Do tell.
     paulaM | i got a personal answer from sassenrath just now... he said
              "you will be pleased with what is about to happen.
    Tracker | IBM and Apple promised long ago what IBM is now about to
        vog | Hammer: not officially. But perhaps.  Is that where you
  BillyIdol | _Barrons Alynx! ;)
      Frotz | tracker: macos is NOT the os the powerpc needs. it's slow,
              outdated, and brings a fast cpu to its knees. duh. NT for
              the powerpc will crush it.
   snapper2 | vog..... sounds like hog.... you must use MUI :)
      Cappy | NightSpd: IBM is not using the MacOS on their systems.
    HammerD | vog, nope, I'm in Canada
     Foobar | _Barron:  I don't think any of the web browsers will run
              under 2.1 anymore.  Early versions of Mosaic would, but
              they all need the datatype library.  There's always ALynx
              if you really must
    Tweety_ | Holo: You work for HP?
      Frotz | paulam: talk to vog about that.
   rooster2 | Has NE1 on this channel got a graffiti or know of anyone
              that has ?
     Foobar | _Barron:  Anymore, I really suggest you get 3.1 ... all
              around a good idea
    Tracker | in case you haven't noticed, Apple is prime for a takeover
              bid, and their OS is still very popular
     Foobar | Sidey!
     turtle | Jkay : where is bawt? hols?
      Frotz | tracker: you're flat out spewing bullshit, now stop or be
              confined to the outside of this channel, i'm NOT in a good
    _Barron | Thankyou..
    Tracker | IBM wants System 7 to help take away some of the Win95
              market share
    Tweety_ | Tracker:  Apple is "ripe"  Heh, heh..
       Holo | Tweety: No.  But the concept is sound.  I don't care who
              does it.  Just that AT jumps ahead so far again that it
              takes 10 years to catch up.
    HammerD | vog, what amiga are you using now? an AT one ?
        vog | Snapper: headed this way.
      Frotz | tracker: under 5% of the market is NOT considered very
     ushooz | Tracker go home
      Frotz | tracker: ok, you lose.
   NightSpd | Cappy: I'm not going to say you're dead wrong, but I think
              you might be...
     paulaM | hahah
       Jkay | turtle: well, k-lined him, so Optic said "to hell
              with Efnet" He's in a far better place.
    Tweety_ | Holo: I just think that that could better be accomplished
              with a more popular processor..  And more cheaply....
       Davo | MEOW!
     turtle | Jkay : hell? :o)
   NightSpd | Thanks Frotz.
        vog | Hammer: Sitting on my desk here, I've got 2 3000's, a 4000,
              but this is on an A1200....
     egress | whoff
      Cappy | NightSpd: Frotz said it exactly as it's going down.
      Frotz | pardon me for a moment  FUCK THE MACINTOSH!
        vog | Hammer: wanted to see how well/bad it worked under
     egress | A1200 are lovely
    Tweety_ | Frotz: Apple has gone to a 5% share???
    HammerD | vog, what tcp/ip stack are you using?
   sidewind | WINDOWS95
   sidewind | now
   sidewind | jhehe
      Frotz | tweety: powermacs are barely at that.
     desrat | 5%?
   sidewind | hehe
   rooster2 | egress:Dont say that otherwise you may get a 4000 owner
              slagging you off.
   snapper2 | vog : Physically, or here as in IRC ?
        vog | egress: not so sure I like the keyboard....
     Foobar | Sidey:  heheh
      Frotz | desrat: powermacs, not 680x0.
      kolla | vog: cool, I have 3 A1200s and an A3000 here :) all with
              ethernet ;)
        vog | snappper: physically.
     Foobar | _Barron:  What happened?
     desrat | oh
      caldi | IMHO, the A1200 is great little machine, but I can't get
              used to the small return key to save my life.
     egress | vog:PC key board have no real feeling
       Holo | Tweety:  cool.  I don't.  Nice conversation though!
   rooster2 | egress:That is what happened to me.S o it's not only pc
              owners we have to look out for but other amiga owners
    Tweety_ | Frotz: wow....  Cool  <---(Certified Mac Hater) Macs don't
              like _me_ either BTW.
        vog | egress: this one is sponge city though.  Amiga keyboards
              used to work well for me.
     AztecC | hehe, vog is using a german key cap set! :)
      Frotz | tweety: sorry, had to vent that. and tracker was captain
    Spudboy | caldi: And that is your biggest problem with the
    tekmage | NAN: do yo uhave any Blizzard SCSI kits?
     desrat | well...time for sum newz...later...cya vog
     paulaM | spot>> i compromised, nd use an A3000 keyboard on my A2000
    Tweety_ | egress: Iv'e got an IBM keyboard at work that I just *love*
              nice positive click action, but not too firm of a feel.
   HammerD2 | re
        vog | Who was that that asked about asking questions?  I could
              not read your text.... running 1200 in PAL half res.
        NAN | tekmage: No. Blizzards have not made it over yet.
    Spudboy | tekmage: Hello
       Spot | Paulm: Me too :)
     egress | vog:It great for people up at 5:30am
        NAN | tekmage: I have 1260's on the way, the SCSI kits were not
        NAN | vog: That would be me.
    tekmage | re Spudboy
     Foobar | ALL:  This Saturday, Amiga Atlanta, Inc., will be hosting
              reps from both QuickPak and GVP-M..
      Emera | Does anyone have ver 3.4 of Shapeshifter...?
   rooster2 | Paulam:Did carl s give you any info in his message you
      caldi | Spudboy: Yep, in the little time I've used it (only at WOA
              shows, I don't use it at work/home much) :)
   HammerD2 | vog, do you think amiga development would stay in germany,
              or move to usa?
    Tweety_ | Frotz: Yeah, he pretty much deserved the boot.
   HammerD2 | re caldi
        vog | NAN: Sorry about that... the text showed in white here and
              the NAN ran together.
  TarlCabot | are 1200's still available?  price?
        NAN | foobar: Funny... The guy you are probably getting from
              QuikPak started the original GVP :)
   HammerD2 | nan, tekmage has a A1260. He is in usa tho.
     paulaM | yay amiga developers :)
    tekmage | NAN: whats the price on the SCSI kit?
   Commando | TarlCabot: arond $700 or so.
      Frotz | hammerd: you mean development is actually taking place in
              germany? i'd never have known. 8
      Frotz | 8)
     egress | tarlcabot:about 499 for a1200hd
      kolla | :)
        vog | Frotz:  This IRC client does scroll....
    tekmage | Commando: I think we lost connection
     desrat | bbl
      Frotz | vog: well there you go. 8)
    Spudboy | Venom: Hi
        NAN | $nacb tell tekmage price blizzard
       zygo | venom & spidey!! :)
     venom_ | Hiya Everyone! :)
       Jkay | vog: you'll have to get that fingerd running .. your
              machine is refusing links :)
   Commando | Does anyone know quikpak's rates on assembly?
     venom_ | Spudboy hi
   snapper2 | vog: Perhaps you should say why you are here to kind of
              organize the questions .
   Commando | tekmange: i pulled up a chat window ..
     venom_ | zygo :)
     paulaM | hi zygo :)
   HammerD2 | hi venom!
     venom_ | NightSpd hiya
    Tweety_ | Commando: probably higher than the rate of purchase.  For
     egress | chaaat T
      Emera | Shapeshifter3.5 crashed my system and locks up...I need 3.4
              to test something...
   Commando | erema: yes, i have 3.4..
    tekmage | Commando: do you want to play again?
        vog | snapper: I'm testing this 1200.  Not here in official
    HammerD | vog, you are at 640x256? I'm at 1152x900 on my A3000 :)
     Foobar | Emera:  I heard 3.5 is now harder to use whatever hacks are
              out there with..
   Commando | Tweety: i can go to zipperware and get Amiga 1200 internet
              w/ magic pack and scala for $720US
      Emera | commando: care to dcc?
    Tweety_ | vog: you have too many Amigas, care to ship me one? :>
   Commando | tekmange: sure!
    vntnrse | re
    Tweety_ | Commando: Then you should!
   Commando | tekmange: set your speed to max on the shooting..
       zygo | Hi vntnrse
      Emera | foobar: I have no need of hacks
        vog | Hammer: yes 640, 256.  Not much compared to what I am used
              to staring at.
   Commando | emera: well, i am playing a TCP game right now, can't you
              get it off of aminet?
     venom_ | Heya vntnrse :)
       Jkay | hell, I'm running this ancient 3000 at 740x482 :) on a 17"
    tekmage | Commando: OK
      Emera | commando: it isn't on there any more...only 3.5
      kolla | vog: the A1200 can do 912x628 you know ;)
   Nameless | Does anyone know occam2 here??
        vog | Hamer: but I was curious how the low end lives.   Does
              anyone really use the 1200 for this?
    Tweety_ | Commando: Wow, they have tcp games?
      NyxEA | re
    HammerD | vog, sometimes yes :)
      Frotz | re nyx.
     egress | vog:put 2meg more in up clock speed to 28Mhz and you have a
              great internet machine
        vog | kolla: thanks.... but not on a 1084.  I've blown them out
              like that. ;)
      kolla | vog: hehe :)
     egress | vog:yes me A1200HD 2meg
    tekmage | Commando: connect now
   Commando | Tweety: i have an Amiga 3000 w/ picasso IV24, CDROM,
              Emplant, etc. etc.
    HammerD | vog, have you used a 060 before?
        vog | egress: yes, but then this would not be a typical box.
   Commando | tweety: not with the Amiga 1200 :-)
    Tweety_ | Commando: Oh...  So, what were you asking?
     paulaM | sassenrath left me nice e-mail tonight
        vog | Hammer: no.
    vntnrse | zygo:  8D
   sidewind | WOOF!
    nomatez | Has NE1 looked into the AGAWxtender?
    tekmage | TWeety!!!  how are YOU???  Its BIll Borsari from NCAUG!
   Commando | tekmange: ok
      kolla | vog: well.. actually .. one of the A1200 here use
              ntsc-laced on a 1084s here.. not to much flickering
    Spudboy | paulam: what is the scoop???
   Commando | tekmage: ok
     venom_ | Heya sidey :)
     venom_ | Baaaaaah! :)
      Frotz | nyx, you name-dropper...
        vog | paula: Yes... sent lots of email today.  Took entire
              afternoon to catchup.
   sidewind | venom_ :))
   sidewind | moo to you too..
      NyxEA | Frotz: No, seriously.  I think we met once, but I can't
              remember when or what I was doing at the time.
   Commando | Tweety: dodm
   sidewind | paulaM Howdy
   Commando | Tweety: didn'yt ask anything ..
   snapper2 | vog: So how many email messages do you average per day
              since VISCorp announced their acquisition ?
      NyxEA | Frotz: I want to say MPEG stuff but i can't be sure.
    nomatez | I heard a rumour that VIScorp is interested in Fabio
              Bizzzetti's AGAExtender
   Commando | kolly: i think that mutliscan is a better deal
    Tweety_ | Commando: dodm???
      Frotz | nyxea: well ask him. i didnt know you knew anything about
              computers... 8)
   Commando | nomatez: true ..
      kolla | commando: on a 1084 ??
  TarlCabot | nomatez:agaextender?
        vog | Snapper: a few hundred a week on average.
     paulaM | vog>> ok :)  i just figured who you were :/
      NyxEA | Frotz: Feh
   HammerD2 | damn ISP, keeps hanging up on me
      NyxEA | ;)
   Nameless | ARGH!!! This shitty PC doesn't even multitask :-(
      Frotz | nyxea: come on, i wanna witness the teary reunion.
   Commando | kolla: forgot to add on a 1960 or so :-)
   HammerD2 | vog, approximately how many e-mails have you received since
              the VIScorp/AT deal announced? :)
     Foobar | Nameless:  DUH.. what did you expect?
        vog | Snapper: Most email asks the same thing, so it goes fast.
              But I do have to read them.... the shorter ones that is.
     egress | steve jobs to buy viscrop/AT!
      kolla | commando: :)
   snapper2 | vog: Doesn't responding personally to all of them slow down
              ED OS development ?
       Jkay | HD: I hate that; at least I have an external modem, so I
              can see when I get punted
   HammerD2 | jkay, my isp has hung up on me twice in 10 minutes.
        vog | Hammer: I have not counted.  Lots.
     AztecC | paulaM: vog = VIScorp OS Guy
     Inigo_ | Anyone have the game Twin World for Amiga?
   HammerD2 | Aztec, does ED use its own OS? or AmigaOS?
    nomatez | TarlCabot:The dox are on AMINET.It was proposed by Fabio
              Bizzetti of Virtual Karting.It is a gfx extender for aga
              machines.Supposed to be better than svga.
   NightSpd | Would someone define "set top box" for me. (As in "why the
              frak would I need/want one..)
     Foobar | Inigo_:  Nope.. Vut is it?
     egress | Inigo_:did you write Twin World maybe
        vog | Snapper: yes, but I've tried ignoring my email in the past
              (like in the old Amiga days) and...
     paulaM | aztecC>> yes, i figured that... i'm slow tonight :/ :)
     AztecC | HammerD2: Kickstart 3.1 in ROM.
   Commando | night: you set a box on the TV - restricting you to it's
              kioks functions...
        vog | Snapper: it was not a good thing....
     Inigo_ |'s a FINE platform game for Amiga from Ubisoft back
              in 91-92.  EXCELLENT.  Want it badly again.  Even called
              Ubi Soft -- they do not offer it any longer.  Gave all
              copies away.
   HammerD2 | AztecC, did you customize it at all or do you have software
              that sits on top of the OS ?
       Jkay | AztecC: vog= the man who forged the most important part of
              the Amiga OS, many years ago ... if I understand correctly,
              he's as important as The Padre.
   Nameless | foobar: Well, I DID expect netscape to allow me to STOP an
              xfer :-(
   Nameless | kolla: just convert it to jpegs :)
   Commando | nomatez: what is the file name?
      kolla | nameless: I though more for browsing ..
      kolla | cool ...
        vog | NAN: you've got that right.
       Jkay | current gif.dt bites it :/
    nomatez | Commando:AGAExtenderdoc.lha (I Think)
   snapper2 | vog: So Corel was wondering what was with them wierd lists
              the the extra pointers :)
     Foobar | Nameless:  Bah..   Which limbs I'd still have if I were
              taken away from any sort of multitasking..
      kolla | Eagle Computers joins the party =)
   Nameless | Inigo: better try the pirate market then, if no one sells
              it I mean.
       Holo | Please don't kick me (cower).  Anybody know if PowerPC
              Amigas will run NT?
   HammerD2 | vog, when did you leave C=? before 2.04 or after?
        vog | Snapper: you mean the back pointers?
     AztecC | HammerD2: Custom menu system for phone dialing, address
              book, etc. but with TV style look.
        NAN | holo: We'll get back to you on that :)
      kolla | Eagle Computers kick ass !! :)
     egress | ? could vog take bill gates in knife fight
   Commando | nomatez: in what directory? docs/hacks or sometning?
        NAN | vog: :)
   HammerD2 | kolla, gonna buy a Eagle A4000T ? :)
        vog | Hammer: yes.  Nov 1985.  Was pissed at Commodore.
       Jkay | egress: he'd whup his ass, of course.
    vntnrse | vog:  I've just one simple question:  Will we ever be able
              to laugh @ Microsoft's junk again?
    nomatez | I have a copy of the dox still.Who wants?
     AztecC | egress: =)
      NyxEA | Heh
      NyxEA | oops
      kolla | HammerD: well... ;)
     paulaM | hahah
     egress | holo:maddness has taken you
   snapper2 | vog: Yeah, they hadn't seen them before, but they bought
              something that used Exec Lists recently, so Ben just told
              them it allowd for easy removal :)
    HammerD | vog, must be alot of OS changes since you left.
   NightSpd | Commando: So could I further define it as "an interactive
              thingy that the cable company will want to rent to me for
              an additional 10 bucks, so that I can pay for thirty dollar
      kolla | HammerD: maybe buy tower for my A3000 and a better
              towersolution for my A1200..
  TarlCabot | egress: I could take billy boy in a knife fight  :)
      Frotz | nyx: you've been hitting the wrong window all day. isnt
              nextstep supposed to have advanced window controls or
        Nug | venom: Again?,
       Holo | NAN: Thank you.  I have a ton of Amiga stuff now.  I even
              have an Amiga 1000 that I don't use at all. (I use my 1200,
              and 2000)
   Commando | nightspd: right on the button
  TarlCabot | egress: probably any small boy could..
      NyxEA | Frotz: I'm using ircII on my Indy. ;)
      kolla | HammerD: and a pentium board to run linux on =)
        vog | Hammer: actually, a lot less than I thought.  Exec has been
              pretty stable.
        NAN | holo: I have stacks of Amiga's... and I only use 3.
    HammerD | kolla, cool!
     egress | vntnrse:i laughing now
    HammerD | vog, everyone was probably scared to fiddle with it :)
      NyxEA | HammerD: Yeah, but coolest part of it didn't change much
              over the years. ;)
     venom_ | Nug: Yeah I guess. Something bout Ibm using the Apple OS.
              Who knows? :)
    HammerD | nyx, you mean Exec, right? :)
      Frotz | nyxea: better off using it for radiance.
        Nug | venom: Ugh, don't want apple's OS. :)  I wanna know what
              Sony's new os is going to be like.
      kolla | HammerD: or maybe even something better .. an alphaDEC
              board would be cool =D
      NyxEA | Frotz: My P133 is faster. ;)
    HammerD | kolla, cool, but expensive :))
      kolla | HammerD: yup..
        vog | Hammer: no, actually Bryce was a blessing.  Very good.
      NyxEA | HammerD: Of course.
      NyxEA | Which is why I like 3DO's kernel.
      NyxEA | It's extremely Exec-like.  Dale did a nice job with it.
   Nameless | kolla: trasputers would be even more fun, Not that fast,
              but if you get enoug of em :-D
      kolla | HammerD: I _like_ expencive equipments :)
    vntnrse | egress:  ;)
    HammerD | kolla :)
     Foobar | BRB all
        Nug | Plus, 3D0's OS has good documentation.  A lot of consoles
              have very bad docs.
        vog | NyxEA: 3DO's kernel was by Dale.
      NyxEA | vog: And then Sinz got ahold of it.  Hehehehehe. ;)
    HammerD | vog, I hope you can arrange a IRC conference from France.
              That would really be great! :)
        vog | NyxEA: hehehe.
    HammerD | nyx, wasn't sinze good?
      NyxEA | vog: Darren found an interesting bog in the interrupt
              handling between 3.0 and 3.1 I think.
      kolla | Nameless: transputer? you mean emulating?
    HammerD | sinz even
    acadiel | hello all!
   NightSpd | Commando: Hmm, at least in the US with integrated
              communications on the horizon, it would integrate other
              functions as well... (and you could rent software for it to
              be distributed on a TV channel sideband?
        vog | Hammer: yes.  Get the whole group in the room.
      NyxEA | vog: Yeah, I know...
     ushooz | NyxEA: That was funny :)
      NyxEA | HammerD: Nah, Sinz is okay.  Except for 3.0's SAD debugger.
     Foobar | back
     Lakris | Argh! Anyone into Occam 2 programming herE ?
        vog | whew.... skunk outside.... windows open.
       Holo | NAN:  Hah!  Put them all together and make a BIG Amiga!
              7Mhz+16Mhz+40Mhz+50Mhz+14Mhz+40Mhz makes 167Mhz.  Beats the
              pants off of a 166Mhz Pentium!
    HammerD | vog, cool :)
   Nameless | kolla: Nope, real multitasking with several processors.
              Programming a machine with 8 transputers as we speak.
     egress | vog:get one of those court typest to do live IRC from
      NyxEA | Greg Miller had fun dragging Sinz over the coals on that
      kolla | Nameless:ah.. ok, like the bebox and others ..
    Trapper | re al
    Trapper | asl
   NightSpd | Nameless: I haven't heard of transputers in ages...
  Toecutter | Anyone been able to get Bane of the Cosmic Forge to work on
              a A1200? It keeps crashing on me right before combat.
    acadiel | Carl! :)
      caldi | Nyx: Well they he named it right then didn't he? :)
    HammerD | nyx, well one of the things i liked about C= was the
              direction of the just kept getting better :) 2.04
              was cool, 3.x was cooler :)
        vog | egress: something like that would be nice... but I figure
              it might end up being me.
       gish | hi
     Lakris | vog: Check out
     Lakris | :)
   snapper2 | NyxEA: Funny how Mikey still took the credit though :)
   Nameless | kolla: yeah, only that the trasputer is cheap, and you can
              have MANY of them (no limits in fact)
   Nameless | NightSpd. probably because they are slow :)
    HammerD | vog, nice job on the VIScorp WWW site. I'm glad you keep it
              current :)
        vog | Lakris: why?
      kolla | Nameless: hm.. cheap? why?
     egress | vog:how many word per min? :))
      NyxEA | Be back has arrived.
    tekmage | Commando:  ok ready?
   Nameless | kolla: I don't know... Because they can make then cheap??
      Frotz | nameless: but they dont share ram well, and ram isnt cheap,
              you know?
        vog | Nameless: THAT's the reason I left Amiga in 1985!
       Jkay | SpudBoy: TOPIC
     Lakris | vog: Why not ? :) Nah, it's just some work in progress...
      kolla | Nameless: :)
    acadiel | Vog:  anything you want to say to the international AMIGA
              echo that I can post? ;)
    nomatez | Lakris:What is the worl in progress then?
     egress | vog:how about a viscrop mailing list for AT news
   Commando | tekmage: er.. maybe.. hold.
       Trib | Anyone tried playing Battleduel with a TCP/IP connection?
              I guess a better question would be would someone like to
   Nameless | frotz:; ram isn't cheap?? What planet are you from?? :)
   Nameless | Frotz: and they CAN'T share ram, that is soem of the
              multiprocessor thingys.
    Spudboy | Jkay: Wow the Carl....? Trip -out
        vog | acadiel: Not yet.
     Lakris | nomatez: We're doing a C&C/DuneII like game as our thesis..
      kolla | Lakris: any TCP support?
     Foobar | #classact
     Foobar | Bah.
      caldi | haha
    HammerD | vog, why did you leave AMIGA ? transputers?
     Lakris | kolla: Maybe.. We've only been programming it for 3
        vog | egress: yes.... there's a lot that needs to be done on the
              net for VIScorp to properly support things.
       Jkay | SpudB: ya, now if DrGandalf, and Dave H wandered in, we'd
              all explode.
      kolla | Lakris: pretty please!! ;)
    nomatez | Lakris:Wahhooo!C&C is one of the only games on the PC I
              love.I'm glad someone is doing an Amiga version.I shall
              check out your page soon..:()
      kolla | Lakris: :D
        vog | egress: But, we've got a node that is close to the NA
              backbone.... so bandwidth should work out.
    Spudboy | Jkay: haha ;)
        vog | Hammer: yes, transputers.
    acadiel | vog: I hope someething comes out soon... no ETA or
     Wizird | Geezus is B5 good tonight.
     paulaM | i enjoued reading the haynie compuserve transcript a lot
     egress | but i tell you this parrot is dead!
    HammerD | vog, i think some developers have been complaining that AT
              hasn't done enough to support them. ... ie. no 3.1
              developer docs...
      Frotz | nameless: ram isnt cheap if you need 8-10 cpu's worth of
              it, and I'm pretty aware of the inmos chips and their
              problems, i did some undergrad work on 64-cpu butterfly
              back when that was the complete and totall balls-out shit
              in industry.
     Wizird | Kosh is DEAD :(
   Nameless | kolla: there will be some sort of netplay for sure... At
              least in v1.2 :)
     Foobar | Wizird:  Where is it?
     Lakris | nomatz: Well, don't look at it TOO soon... It won't be
              released until next summer :/
     egress | vog:deadly slow sometimes from UK
     Lakris | nomatz: If at all...
       Jkay | Wiz: um ... hush. I havenbt seen it yet. Saturday
    acadiel | paula: I was the transcriber ;)
     Wizird | Foobar: local station
   Tachyon_ | Cool, 69 users! It's an orgy
        vog | Hammer: after the OS, wanted to add parallel processors to
              the next Amiga.
     Foobar | uh-huh
    HammerD | tach, heeh.
    nomatez | Commando:You no want AGAExtender dox?
   Nameless | Frotz: Well, if you need 1 Meg for each processor. and you
              buy 8 processors, you just need 8 megs of ram.
     Foobar | Wizird:  Ok, I'm settng my VCR ro tape it tonight
        vog | Hammer: So I put in a purchase order for the transputer
              development board.
     ushooz | Rexxmast Dallas TX
     Wizird | Jkay: oops. :)
    HammerD | vog, you did, and they said no?
     paulaM | acadiel>> ah, cool :)  that was a real good conference...
              very 'up', and haynie had a lot of good things to say
   Tachyon_ | 70! kick someone
     venom_ | Hi Tachyon
   sidewind | sex
        vog | Hammer: Figured I better get started on the future
              multiprocessor Amiga.
   sidewind | sheep
      kolla | darn.. crash due to lack of mem
       gish | Baaaaaa!
   Tachyon_ | My merlin?
        tgg | SiDeWiNdEr!
    HammerD | vog, wouldn't it be hard to re-write amigaOS to support
     Lakris | Urk! How do you terminate parallel processes in Occam 2 ?
      Cappy | HammerD: Are you surprised they said no? ;)
      Frotz | nameless: i've yet to see an inmos OS that runs in under a
              meg of local ram and does anything of value. raytracing,
              which lends itself to parallelization, needs more ram than
              that just for partial octree data.
   Tachyon_ | Hey venom!
        vog | Hammer: Commodore was not interested in technology
        NAN | vog: Did those transputer cards EVER get released?
    acadiel | paulaM: heh ;)  That was 4 hours of quality Compuserve time
   sidewind | tgg!!!!
   sidewind | yohoho
     egress | 500Mhz PPC by end 97
    HammerD | vog, that would have been cool. C= had alot of cool
              technology that got canned over the years :(
      kolla | vog: hows the support from motorola?
        vog | NAN: was not a card.  Was an entire computer.
   Tachyon_ | Nameless: Then buy a Walker. it's already PPC capable
    HammerD | vog, AAA, 3D-RISC, 3000+.... :((((
      Frotz | nameless: the powerpc is VERY cheap.
     Lakris | Name: What about a CHEAP Amiga for a change ? THAT would be
              the day ... :)
   Nameless | Frotz: Well, if you split it up enough, you won't have the
              need of more. But then again, I prefer programming in C,
              not occam 2 :-)
        NAN | vog: Okay... Same question.. :)
        vog | kolla: good I hear.
        tgg | erg: read about that...funny how it will draw more power
              then the 500Mhz alpha though...and I thought the alpha was
              suppose to be inefficient ;)
   Commando | HammerD: my thoughts exactly!
     paulaM | it seems all the best C= technology never saw the light of
              day :/  (a3000+, etc)
     Lakris | Tachyon: My A4000 is already ppc-capable...
      kolla | vog: great..
   Nameless | Lak: Bah, you pay for what you get. I prefer having a good
              machine... just look at the ZIP trouble today :)
      Frotz | nameless: there are 2 commercial grade c compilers for the
              inmos range, and probably more by now.
    HammerD | vog, I think Dave Haynie is already outlining the specs for
              the PowerAmiga...
     egress | ttg:)
        vog | paulaM: Yes, and then there was the sad AAA story.  Whew.
   Nameless | frotz: Well, we only program in Occam 2, and to be frank,
              that language sucks bigtime.
        vog | Hammer: That should prove to be interesting.
      kolla | vog: always looked on the amiga as the only machine
              actually _using_ the 68ks :) The macs only abused it :D
    RMerlin | re all
     AztecC | re RMerlin!
      Frotz | nameless: agreed.
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin
    HammerD | vog, yep :)
        tgg | erg: its funny when CPUs start drawing 60watts of power ;)
              the power brick from the A1200 would die if you tried to
              add a 500Mhz PPC card ;)  plus I think the case would melt
              too ;)
       Spot | tooo fast
        vog | kolla: true.  Macs did abuse it.
      Frotz | nameless: but that's a school language, not a production
    HammerD | vog, amigaOS is really fast on a 040 40MHz.. :)
        vog | tgg: I once worked on an Apple cpu that took about that
              much power!
    RMerlin | Please guys, you are now three who are telling me who vog
              is.  I know, thanks :)
     paulaM | i found macs to be insulting, and ibm was boring... amiga
              was the only one that really impressed me :)
     egress | tgg:the power brick keels over from a 1230 sometimes
        vog | Hammer: yes.  I do like fast OS's.  Wish there were more.
        NAN | I have a printer that sucks 150W.. My lights dim when I
              turn it on.
   Nameless | Kolla: That is why the Mac's got all the professional SW.
     Lakris | Name: Ah.. You're so right... I mean, why are all those
              pc-guys slandering off the Amiga, besides trying to make us
              feel inferior ? THEY are the ones with the crappiest
      kolla | nameless: hm.. yes, guess so.
   Nameless | Lakris: Made it exit yet??
     paulaM | hi rmerlin :)
     Lakris | The Amiga needs some big-time advertising/marketing... Only
              the pro people have heard of it... :)
     venom_ | Hiya RMerlin
        tgg | erg: I had an microbotics 1230XA with 33MHz 030/882 and
              16megs ram in my A1200...with the stock PSU... ;)
    HammerD | vog, yah.
     Lakris | Name: No. YOU go figure out how to terminate parallel
              processes! :)
      kolla | vog: so sad..
       Holo | Buy a bigfoot A1200.  No problems here!  :)
   Commando | tgg: did it melt?
    RMerlin | Jkay: hey, I was already around earlier when he was :)
     venom_ | NightSpd: Sorry I never did see TheMaxx. :(
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: Well, you ready to belittle the 020 owners yet?
     paulaM | ha, get rodney dangerfield to be amiga's spokesman... cause
              neither of us get no respect :)
        vog | Frotz: great.... send me email with the subject: IRC
              moderate.  Will look for it.
   Nameless | Lak: We'll ask JAAP when he comes to school.
   NightSpd | Lakris: Sure it does, but how and where and when and how
              much will it cost are  the big questions.
        tgg | Com: works...afaik it still works...I sold it to
              a friend of mine and his house hasnt burned down yet so ;)
     Lakris | Hammerd: Well, AmigaOS on my 060 is instant :)
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Not yet.  Those %&&#&#%% idiots at UPS messed, so
              it's postponed to tomorrow afternoon.  My wall can testify
    HammerD | Lakris: must be! :)
    HammerD | vog, keep that web page current :) I hit it once a day :)
     Foobar | I should have a copy oif LightROM 3 coming in tomorrow..
              anyone have that?
     paulaM | hi tachyon :)
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: Hahah, told ya! Never trust anyone in a shit
              coloured truck.
     AztecC | RMerlin: :((
   Commando | tgg: hehehehhe..
        vog | Lakris: Wonder how many task switches an 060 can do in a
    acadiel | tachyon: '020 users? :)  I have one but it's not active ;)
   NightSpd | paulaM- I LIKE that...!
     egress | use sex pistols "i did it my way" for any amiga ads
     Lakris | Hammerd: Yep. Only slow thing on my machine is the chipram
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Never trust my usual bad luck too (I went through
              FIVE A500 in two weeks back then!)
    HammerD | lakris, yeah.
   Tachyon_ | Hey paulaM, anything I can give you tonight?
       Spot | I had a A1000 with an '020 ;-)
   Commando | Foobar: lightROM?
        NAN | rm: I have about 5 500's sitting in a closet..
    acadiel | hmm.. Voyager's on Aminet?
  Silvergls | sure is
    HammerD | lakris, my reads to ram are about 58 megabytes/second with
              this warp engine :)
     egress | vog:the amiga must live and grow, it is our last best hope
              for peace
     Foobar | Commando:  Yeah, lightrom 3 is a 3-CD set with DEM maps,
              nearly 7,000 objects, and another CD with mostly textures.
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: don't feel bad. My friends tease me because
              EVERYthing I ever buy has something wrong with it
     paulaM | tachyon>> yes, but a little later... theres still netlag,
              and vog is here too :)  i wanna read
    HammerD | egress: that sounds like something out of star wars... :)
    RMerlin | NAN: My first one had a few non-working keys, second one
              was obviously second-hand crap, third one blew the same
              evening I got it.
   NightSpd | Have a salesman selling PCs go home to his Amiga and say,
              "where to go today? Where Amiga was seven years ago" ;)
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Same here :(
   Tachyon_ | acadiel: I was kidding, poor RMerlin is waiting for his 030
              card to arrive.
     Wizird | EGADS, next week's B5 is gonna be a KILLER!!!!!!!!
    Jeffman | /whois nitefyre
    Jeffman | oops
    acadiel | Tachyon: I'm using an '030 ;)
   Commando | Foobar: oh oh .. ok, i was for some reason thinking that
              NewTek was releasing Lightwave on a ROM :-)
     egress | Hammerd:babylon5
   Tachyon_ | Wizird: Why? They not gonna show it? ;')
     Wizird | Shadows are gonna attack the station!
  EightBall | acadiel: yeppo
   Tachyon_ | HammerD: hehe, that's what I get. Sweet ain't it?
     Foobar | Commando: d'oh! :)  Naw.. that'd be a little hard (where do
              you put it?  Oh.. make your box a Lightwave terminal.. ;)
   snapper2 | Wizird: No more blips please :(
   sidewind | B5 ROCKS!!!!!!
   Tachyon_ | sucks rocks?
     Foobar | Indeed
       Jkay | Wiz: ... ahem ...
     egress | wizard:babylon 5 is fast becomeing better than startrek
        vog | Zonum: thanks.  Been somewhat strange to drop in here.  Not on IRC.
     paulaM | hiya SW :)
   sidewind | its a real story
   sidewind | hehe
     Wizird | egress: its beyond ST now.
    HammerD | tach: YEP:)
       Spot | Egress: I Always thought it was better!
     Wizird | Jkay: bah, thats next week, not tonight!
   sidewind | egress: exactgly
   sidewind | exactly
   sidewind | sheep like
   Commando | Foobar: in the Amiga ROM socket...
   RexxMast | yo T-Hatch
   RexxMast | :)
     Wizird | So many things happened on B5 tonight.. :(
     egress | spot:it is a lot less warm cuddle than ST
    T-Hatch | yo RexxMast!
      Zonum | 'Nite all!
   RexxMast | bye zonum
        vog | Anything else from anyone listening from the corners?
   Commando | tekmage: I actually WON A GAME!!!
     venom_ | Hiya T-Hatch! :)
     turtle | wizird : any guru`s?
    T-Hatch | hiya venom_: Pissed? ;)
     paulaM | uh-oh
     Foobar | Ack.. only 14M free on my HD.. ack!  BEen downloading too
              many of Sidewinder's MODs :)
    acadiel | Foobar: I've got 8 MB left ;)
    acadiel | re t-hatch!
     Wizird | turtle: ummm ?
     Foobar | Acadiel:  Ack!  Well, I remember just a few days ago Ihad
    tekmage | Commando: only because I'm watching vog :)
    T-Hatch | hehe darxide should have Cussing protection ;)
       Jkay | vog: you know we'll buy whatever you produce, so don't let
              us down :/ ... wow; how honest.
   RexxMast | venom_mmmmmm! :)
    HammerD | vog, good luck in france :)
      AdamH | Aaaaaahahh. They did it....
   Tachyon_ | vog? is that like German fog? ;')
      caldi | vog: Any plans for a US/Canada developer meeting? :)
    T-Hatch | acadiel: We dumped AMIRC...
     egress | vog:give a shit load of software away with the amiga, like
              imagine 3-gives them a upgrade path
    acadiel | Foobar: Darn! :)
   sidewind | can we get B5 tapes?
     Foobar | :(
   sidewind | here?
     paulaM | its just nice to see people in here finally who can really
              make a difference :)
    Spudboy | Vog: Just a comment...if AT & VisCorp quit making Amiga's
              it will be one sad day...
        vog | Jkay, Hammer: thanks.... france will be interesting to
   sidewind | vog: who are you? :)
     paulaM | yes, dont forget the us/canada :)
   NightSpd | paulaM: ditto to that sentiment.
       Jkay | sidey: TOPIC
    HammerD | side: /topic
        vog | Spud: yes. a sad day.
       Puer | howdy
       gish | long live Amiga!!  amen :)
     venom_ | Heya Puer :)
       Jkay | I would buy an AT 4000t, but at the price they want; I feel
              so USED. :(
       Puer | hi venom :) *hug*
        vog | paula: I won't forget US or Canada.
     egress | vog:if viscrop/AT stop selling amigas could i have the
              rights and make them in my gargage
     paulaM | yay :)
       Puer | If I hadn't bought my 3000 last summer I would buy an
    HammerD | egress :)
   snapper2 | vog: Canada, how could you :)
     JacobE | jkay: i totally fucking agree :)
       Puer | im waiting for Power Amiga next
        vog | egress: no... I'll make them in my basement.  ;)
     paulaM | cause i'm itching to upgrade to the new model... just put
              it out & i'm there :)
       Spot | COmmodore Canada MADE a SHIT load of $$$
      kolla | hm.. masse mennesker her jo ..
     Wizird | Someone's gonna wait a long long time.
      caldi | vog: Perhaps you can attend Amiga Convention '96 in
              Montreal this coming August...
   TheCrow_ | hi #?
   sidewind | vog: hi Carl Saggenrath :)
   Tachyon_ | We need networking too. Like a netbios protocol, and
              netware  in addition to TCP/IP
    RMerlin | caldi: What a great idea! :)
        vog | Jkay: yes... prices AT had were pretty high from what I was
     egress | vog:i'll work for nothing :))))
   NightSpd | vog: egress and I will be there with our soldering irons;)
       Jkay | I fully understand the Amiga's particular market/price
              quandry, but 020 machines for $700 ... I wonder if the
              salesman will ask me to bend over too ..
      Cappy | I'll be interested in seeing what VISCorp/AT can pull outa
              the hat that will attract new users.
   snapper2 | Spot: C= Canada goes down in history as the only sales
              company that showed a profit EVERY quarter
        vog | sidewind: hello.
       Nuuz | Power Amiga, RISC Based, running system 7 OS, compaible
              with the new Apple/IBM standard
      caldi | RM: I bet Fred would even pay for it. :)
    HammerD | vog, after you speak french in france next week, montreal
              should be a breeze for you in august :)
   Tachyon_ | Gee if you go to AC 96 in Montreal, you'll even get to meet
              me! ;')
        vog | egress, night: great, I'll make some space.
    RMerlin | caldi: Might be, if we harrass him enough for it ;)
     paulaM | amiga needs affordability, and a high low-end model
    acadiel | bbl8r
        vog | AztecC: go to france?
    RMerlin | caldi: He said no to Jason, but who would say No to the
              exec's Father? :)
   Commando | yes ethernet and tcp/ip ...
   Tachyon_ | snapper2: Of course, we do everything right!
     AztecC | vog: Montreal!
     venom_ | ta T-Hatch :)
       Nuuz | amiga needs customers who aren't computer programmers
       Jkay | vog: Sidewinder may seem like a lamer, but he's one of the
              best MOD artists out there.. he has his own Aminet dir ;)
    HammerD | aztecC: we'll be there in montreal august 3/4.
    RMerlin | vog: Montreal, Quebec.  Eastern Canada.
   NightSpd | vog: seems to me an Amiga that can be used to develop third
              party apps for the dedicated model might have some appeal,
              assuming the set top unit is adaptable enough?
       Jkay | what's the path, sidey?
      AdamH | Sidewinder *is* a lamer, no doubt about that one :)
        vog | AC: missed that.... sounds good to me!
    RMerlin | vog: The infos are on AT's home page.
    T-Hatch | bye ;)
   snapper2 | vog: Don't worry, I;m not close enough to Montreal for it
              to be a problem :)
   sidewind | Amiga needs real men.. uh.. oops sorry thats sheep
        NAN | snapper: C= Canada was the last remaining C=.
     paulaM | hopefully enough set-top boxes can be sold to keep
              component prices low for amigas too :)
   NightSpd | sidey: baahah!
      Cappy | vog: What are you're feelings on Java?  Everyone else seems
              to be moving that direction.
     Foobar | Sheep!
   sidewind | Jkay: hehe
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Look for the longest ponytail, that'd be me :)
   LowLight | re
   sidewind | AdamH: i try to remind myself :)
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: Bah, it'd be ME
     venom_ | Heya LowLight :)
    RMerlin | Tachyon: They we can't miss each other :)
    RMerlin | Then
      AdamH | Sidewind:)
   Commando | Tachyon: good idea :-)
    tekmage | vog: do you ever get to Washington D.C.?  if so how about
              to come and talk to our users group???
    HammerD | re AdamH!
   RexxMast | nah it would be my sister! :)
        vog | Cappy: Oh, good subject: JAVA.
   LowLight | Venom_: Yawn!!!
      AdamH | 'ullo there, HammerD
   Commando | re lowlight
        NAN | Adam..
        vog | tekmage: Bill Buck's your man!
     Foobar | ack!  Javalert
      AdamH | Excellent new B5 episode tonight
     Lakris | kolla: Var det fine screenshots ? :)
      AdamH | NAN!
      kolla | aner ikke jeg vel
      kolla | :D
     Lakris | 640x512 mener du vel
     venom_ | Hi RexOrient
    tekmage | vog: will he come?
      kolla | sikkert
    HammerD | snapper :))
  RexOrient | hiya's
     Lakris | kolla: GURA du ?
     Lakris | hahaha
    sunrise | now all we need is a browser that understands VRML :)
   sidewind | Jkay: my new site is
      Cappy | yeah JAVA...lazy fingers. ;)
      kolla | lakris: heh.. jeg har jo saa mye minne da husker du.
   TheCrow_ | EAGLE did what? any german speaker/reader, here? can U
              translate  from AT's  home page?
   NightSpd | sunrise: heck I'd settle for one that understands HTML ;)
      AdamH | sidewind: Why're you using a Oregon based WWW server?
    HammerD | commando, its slow on my P-100 with 16 meg ram.
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Darn.  Around 12-14 inches here :(
      kolla | lakris: gurua ikke, bare .. poing .. svart.
        vog | AztecC: What do you think of Java?
     JacobE | adamh: which was that?
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Maybe 15.
   sidewind | AdamH: rents cheaper?
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: hehe, well I am older. So I had a headstart I
   Fastlane | laaaaag
   snapper2 | vog: Hey, thats cheating :)
   NightSpd | RMerlin: Only 15 inches here.
      AdamH | JacobE: Er, which of my comments are you replying to?
  Silvergls | What about P'Jami has it had any further developements?
    HammerD | snapper2, i assume you adore java? :)
    RMerlin | Tachyon: I also cutted them three years ago.
      AdamH | sidewind: That'd be a good reason :)
    RMerlin | Tachyon: Or else, I'd be MUCH longer.
   Tachyon_ | JAVA, great concept. overly complex implementation
      AdamH | gish: August sometime
     AztecC | vog: nice if you're doing stock reports and spreadsheets.
    HammerD | gish, august 3/4 I think. its on AT's www site
  Phantasm1 | Could some one DCC me the Mailcap and MIME envs for AMosaic
   sidewind | hehe
   Commando | HammerD: i thought that was what was required?! damn.
       gish | cool
        vog | Tachyon: Well said.  Well said.
   Tachyon_ | RMerlin: Yeah, i just ditched about 4 inches a couple
              months back (end's patrol)
   Commando | tekmage: i am on a role!
     JacobE | adamh: the excellent b5 episode
    Mr_Bill | rehi.  I found my 2.04 disks and manual from when I had my
              a1000, and am wiping/reinstalling my 3000
        vog | AztecC: ;)
       Puer | re...
      AdamH | Jacobe: Oh, Interludes and examination. aka JMS does some
    RMerlin | gish: Early August.
     venom_ | Hi Mr_Bill
    HammerD | vog, you'll have mega jet-lag if you are flying from
              california to paris, france :)
   Tachyon_ | vog: THey might as well just added a netscape API to C ;')
       zygo | HammerD:  Love Java or hate it, that was THE hot topic at
              Internet World in Santa Clara last week.
   snapper2 | I recognize Java for what it is, it's things like the Win
              Kit and other native glue that cause it problems and severe
              security risks.
     venom_ | Hey Puer what's up?
    Mr_Bill | hm, seems this used to be a superkickstart machine but now
              it's got ROMs, or something.
     venom_ | Hiya Bagder :)
    vishart | I have an A2000 with a 2630/2632....will WB3.1 be any good
              to me ?
    tekmage | Commando: I need to go to bed :)  I'll play you later!!!
     Bagder | hi venom!
    RMerlin | Hey Bagder :)
    Mr_Bill | I hold down both mouse buttons when I boot and I only get a
              menu where I can pick which disk partition to boot from.
   TheCrow_ | did AT licensed anything to EAGLE?
       Puer | hello?
   Fastlane | hi Dan
    Trapper | hiya Bagder
   Commando | Java nfeeds to be revised...
   Commando | tekmage: yea, you do!  cya
        NAN | vishart: It will work if that's what you are asking..
   Commando | re badger..
        vog | Hammer: yes, jet lag.
     egress | java on PC will prob. need 16Meg min
        NAN | $log off
     -NACb- | DOWNS:IRCLOG closed.
    HammerD | zygo, with the plethora of "plug-ins" out there, one can
              easily get lost. Half of them are probably junk. Java
              sounds promising, but I have yet to see a real need for it.
              Plus at 28.8 it wasn't that fast.
   Tachyon_ | I had hoped that JAVA would be sorta REXX like. I think
              REXX would be good for that job anyway. And codeable by
     Bagder | hi trapper, rmerl, fastlane, eetu!
  EightBall | Anyone using Yoyager yet?
  EightBall | I mean Voyager!
   Tachyon_ | hey Bagder!
     Bagder | wow all friends !
    vishart | net Voyeur ?
        NAN | (doh!)
   Fastlane | YES!
     paulaM | hei eetu :)
    sunrise | any web application requres ISDN to really blaze. That's a
              fact of life. We need more bandwidth thatn the
              infrastructure can currently supply
   NightSpd | BBE.
   Fastlane | YES YES YES!
     Bagder | hi comm and Tachyon too
     Bagder | and paulaM!
   Landrius | EightBall: yep.  Good for images... And that's about it.
   snapper2 | ?
      kolla | TheCrow: as I got it, EAGLE got the license to sell A4000T,
              that is eagle get motherboards etc from AT and stuff
              whatever they like into the their towers aswell before
              selling it off :)
        NAN | sunriese: I just had an ISDN line installed for that
      AdamH | NAN: So the ISDN line is actually in now?
   Fastlane | <--- now has his OWN personal DOMAIN :)
    Mr_Bill | cool - my 2.04 disks were still good after 3 years in the
              closet. 8-)
    HammerD | :)
    sunrise | so Eagle will be selling a4000/pentium towers now?
    Mr_Bill | Fastlane:  I have 3 domains of my own.  feh.
        NAN | adamh: Been here for a week and a bit.. Just no damn
              BitSurfer yet.
       zygo | HammerD: It's also unpleasant to program but it seems to be
              what people want in their web pages lately
       Jkay | Fastlane; like :)
     egress | vog:you remmber that '1984' ad for apple, do the same thing
              but against mircosoft
   Fastlane | Mr_Bill: yeh.. right.
       Jkay | fasty: congrats
   Fastlane | Jkay: nah.. :)
      AdamH | NAN: Grrr (putting up with 28.8 hrtr)
   TheCrow_ | kolla: thanx, I really can't understand any german...
     paulaM | hiya bagder :)
    vishart | mirkosoft ?
   Fastlane | you usually need to be a company or have a business number
              over here..
      kolla | TheCrow: hehe
    vishart | Mirk O' Soft ?
        vog | egress: yes... always liked that ad.
       Trib | I've got my BattleDuel running in Server mode if someone
              wants to try it.  The address is ""
  Darkheart | Rmerlin: I have been looking at E.   seems interesting.
              I'm not sure if there are any significant advantages over
              C++.  Do you know any?
        NAN | adamh: 28k is slow for everthing that runs through this box
    HammerD | vog, do you like the macOS ? ?
      kolla | HammerD: no he doesnt
        vog | Commando: yes?
    sunrise | trib is there a PC vversion of battleduel?
      kolla | HammerD: :)
    Mr_Bill | Fastlane:,,,
              do you need any more?  I help run an ISP.
   Fastlane | good day all round.. also got my 8MB simm..
     paulaM | geez, i was on FTP a dinnertime, and it took me 25 min to
              get a 200k file... and my ISP is T1!! :/  so yes, the net
              itself needs an overhaul
     egress | vog:most important part, the girl had great tits
      AdamH | NAN: :)
   sidewind | hehe
   Fastlane | Mr_Bill: they're not bottom level domains though :P
       zygo | fastlane:  So do I :)
        vog | Hammer: Did you know that I went to work for Apple after
    RMerlin | Darkheart: You don't have to do OO stuff, and it's less
              bloatted than C++.
   sidewind | way to damn slow 14.4
    HammerD | nan, that must be hard to wait out.. :)
      kolla | HammerD: he said the MAcOS abused the 68k, so cannot like
   sidewind | ::sigh::
    HammerD | vog, yes. didn't they ask you to re-write their kernel? :)
       Puer | ah... i think i got a better connection
      kolla | HammerD: thats my oppinion aswell btw ;)
       Trib | Java looks cool. I want P'Jami!
        NAN | hd: Every day I call the distributor to remind them to
              check and see if they are in..
    vishart | The Lurker's Guide ?
    HammerD | nan heeh :)
     venom_ | Hey Puer: Probs? welcome back. :)
   Tachyon_ | sidewind: JAVA almost makes sense if the `WebPC' got
              popular for use with them.
     paulaM | amiga can do everythingf  else... why not java too?? :)
        NAN | hd: I ordered a purple one and a black one... Just to see
              which one makes it first.
   sidewind | then i can play
   sidewind | more
    sunrise | nan a purple what?
        vog | Commando: yes... they exist out there somewhere.
      kolla | any gifanim viewers for amiga yet?
   Commando | mac os is still too much like WB1.3 ..
    sunrise | I wish I had enough EE knowledge to make a zIII ethernet
        NAN | sunrise: BitSurferPro.
    sunrise | nan: ahh.
    HammerD | vog, what happened to videostream?
   Commando | sunrise: battleduel is really cool...
     venom_ | re NightSpd
       Eetu | hei kaikki, hi all !
      NyxEA | mmm
      NyxEA | .bak
    Mr_Bill | crap, guess this machine IS a superkickstart machine.  feh,
              gotta do the install over again.
       Jkay | sunrise: um .. Z II has plenty more bandwidth than ethernet
       Trib | sunrise: I don't think so.  I just got the lastest version
              off on Aminet, and I want to try its TCP/IP network game.
      kolla | macos is newbiefriendly but stupid, to easy to make stupid
   Tachyon_ | NAN: How do you like the BS-Pro? and what is the server?
    Tweety_ | Commando: re:macos :> :>
        vog | Hammer: VideoStream, that cutting edge ITV company?
       Trib | wants
      NyxEA | C++ sucks or something.
      NyxEA | ;)
        NAN | tach: I'll let you know.
        vog | Hammer: Gone.  All gone.
    Tweety_ | kolla: hate the way IT tells you what to do...
    HammerD | vog, yep. hidden away in the northern californian
              mountains.. :)  do you still live there, though?
      NyxEA | vog: I'm sorry. ;)
      kolla | Tweety: yes
   Tachyon_ | We need Z3 100Mbit e-net cards, and 45Mbit ATM.
  Darkheart | re Rmerlin
    sunrise | jkay: What I'm saying is a Z-II/II compatible  ethernet
              card that doesnt cost $300
        vog | hammer: you are tuned.  Yes.  Sitting there right now.
    RMerlin | Darn is EFnet slow tonight...
      NyxEA | MacOS..... 
      Lorna | Hola amigas
      Lorna | hahahahahahaha
      NyxEA | BeOS......
  Darkheart | the apparent ease of making .library files is what is
              enticing me with E
    RMerlin | NyxEA: The other guy also talked about SeePlusPlus earlier
      kolla | sunrise: I got all my 4 a2065 cards for free from a school
              here, hehehehe :D
       Jkay | sunrise: ah. supply n demand. if you want a cheap E-net
              card, buy a used one from NAN.
    HammerD | nyx, you don't like beos ??
        NAN | sunrise: I told DKB make an ethernet card I can sell for
              less then $200CAD. Dean said he'll see what he can come up
      AdamH | The Lurker's Guide is perhaos the most comprehensive source
              of information on Babylon5 there is; makes for fascinating
   Landrius | RMerlin: You seem to say that a lot... Is EFnet EVER fast?
        vog | Hammer: to continue my Apple story:  They wanted me to
              implement an object oriented OS that multitasked.
    RMerlin | Landrius: Yes, it was two nights ago :)
   Tachyon_ | NyxEA: YAY, some else not in the Be cult
   sidewind | Tachyon_ it makes sense if your Bill Gates.. heh.. well its
              here anyways lets hope
    sunrise | Nan: Really? Cool. Shouldt be that hard. There are plenty
              of stock ethernet chipsets out there
   Commando | vog: does quikpack manufacture these?
       Trib | 100 megabit ethernet
        vog | Hammer: I figured, if they threw enough money at it,
              perhaps it could happen.
    RMerlin | darx split
  -Darxide- | *.fi split 10 minutes and 56 seconds
              ago (partly healed)
    HammerD | vog, i guess it never happened, right?
  -Darxide- | split 21 minutes and 57
              seconds ago (partly healed)
   sidewind | Tachyon_ if we all can get along and preserve bandwidtg :)
   sidewind | bandwidth
    Mr_Bill | I've got a 3.1 kickstart image on a DOS machine . . now HOW
              can I get that to my Amiga?
      NyxEA | HammerD: No.  I think it's scr00d.
   Landrius | RMerlin: Just the once?  :o
     egress | sheep
       zygo | vog:  I used to be an Amiga dealer in the San Francisco
   Tachyon_ | NAN: PLEEZ tell them to put an AUI on it!
    sunrise | tach: AUI???
        vog | Hammer: They purchased a cray xmp48 to program it on.
      NyxEA | HammerD: I take offense when they call it Amiga '96
    sunrise | Mr_Bill a terminal program?
   snapper2 | vog: I don't think it would take THAT much money....
  Darkheart | Mr-BILL: easy. floppy disk
    Mr_Bill | sunrise: no modem (or cables) to the Amiga.
    Mr_Bill | Darkheart: PC format?
    HammerD | nyx: yeah.
        NAN | tach: He wanted to put just 10-base-t on it... I don't know
              where Dean does his networking, but 10-base-t ain't too
              common for networking Amiga's to Amiga's.
    sunrise | Without the 3.1 WB disks the rom is worthless to you.
              Mr_bill - buy the thing
   Commando | sunrise: you might like FlopNET then ... :-)
    HammerD | vog, did you start work on it?
        vog | Snapper: yes, less would have been more.
  Darkheart | mr_Bill: sure.
    sunrise | commando: Flopnet?
   Commando | MrBill: copy it on to a PC disk and put it on the Amiga.
     paulaM | cya vnt
     egress | vog:ad header for Power Amiga "Bigger Better Faster More"
        vog | Hammer: yes.  But the cray is a pretty unfriendly place to
      AdamH | NAN: Bizarrely enough, Wonder's offices used 10-base-t
              rather than 10-base-2.
   Commando | what is the command arguments on sc in SAS/C which compiles
              and links?
   Tachyon_ | NAN: no kidding, at least with an AUI, you just add
              whatever transceiver your net uses. WOrks on anything.
   NightSpd | Does anyone know of a CGI that supports the PUT code.
   sidewind | shop till ya drop
       Davo | wow, what an enlightened statement paula :-)...
      kolla | :)
    Tweety_ | Sidwinder:  Ewww that's gross, spit it out already!
   sidewind | Amiga Super Mall!
        vog | Hammer: The guy in the office next to me, Sam Dicker, also
              one of the original amigans...
   sidewind | wall to wall products heh
    RMerlin | PowerAmiga: What do you want to use tomorrow? :)
     paulaM | hiya davo :)
        NAN | tach: I know. The WildFire doesn't even have a standard AUI
              port on it. It's just a jumper block.
    sunrise | egress then they get sued by 4 non blondes.
   Tachyon_ | sunrise: Yeah, a REAL ethernet connector, not &^$&#
              telephone cable RJ45 nonsense
    HammerD | vog, what was the amiga coded on originally? unix?
     egress | sunrise
       Puer | :)
     egress | shit
      kolla | hm.. 4 ethernetcards and a ISDN card.. all for free.. am I
              priviliged or what? :)
      space | when is the power amiga coming out?
        vog | brought in his Amiga... to the Apple Advanced Technology
              group, because he could not stand using a Mac.
    sunrise | Hammer: It was written in BCPL originally
     egress | really
      AdamH | voy: An Atari 800? :)
      NyxEA | HammerD: Eventually Sun workstations.
    HammerD | sunrise, exec was in bcpl?
    RMerlin | sunrise: Only the DOS was.
       Davo | peaches
      NyxEA | HammerD: No sure what they used before that.
   Commando | sunrise: an ethernet compatable networking device i am
              working on - it will not support 10M/sec ethernet
              connections, but it will work :-)  it will be around $50 a
              node or so .. .
    RMerlin | HammerD: No, only DOS.  It was TripOS, written in BCPL.
    sunrise | Hammer the whole effing OS in 1.0 was in BCPL
   snapper2 | caldi: YOu still have that file I sent you last week ?
        vog | He would hook up from the cray to his Amiga!  Geeze that
              made people mad around apple.
  Darkheart | Nan: not you.  the OTHER ones.
      NyxEA | sunrise: No it wasn't.
      Essej | i hate to ask, but does anyone know a channel or site to
              get some relatively safe PC shareware/pd stuff?
        vog | I just laughed.  Man did I laugh.
    sunrise | Commando why wont it support 10m/sec?
  Darkheart | NAN: ever been to Comspec?  (idiots)
     paulaM | yay amiga :)
     egress | Essej:WHAT
        vog | But, anyway.... things got complicated very fast.
    sunrise | Nyx: I thought it was. Sorry. What was exec written in then
              68000 asm?
        NAN | dark: Was there just last week.
   Commando | sunrise: the floppyport can not handle such a feed.. :-)
     paulaM | you know amiga is good... it makes people mad :)
     venom_ | Hi Mustitask
      Essej | egress: i know, but this is the only channel i know of
              wotrth ts salt
       Eetu | Hiya monk
      NyxEA | sunrise: Exec is 100% exec assembly.
  Darkheart | NAN: last time I was there I asked if some game would work
              on the A4000. the sales person told me he doesn't know much
              about the 'Omega'
        vog | Apple didn't want to do a multitasking OS.
    sunrise | Commando you're doing it on the floppy port? Ewww. Cool
              idea tho. How about the paralell port?
       Trib | Commando: Floppy is what.. About 50k/sec?
  Multitask | Howdy
      NyxEA | sunrise: Very tight and fast 68000 assembly I might add.
   Tachyon_ | Essej: Bah, forget IRC for that stuff, hit Aminet
     _Monk_ | Hi all
     _Monk_ | Hi Eetu!
  Multitask | YO Bagder
    Mr_Bill | i cant even remember what the name of the text editor is .
              . .
   sidewind | Darkheart: alot of C= activity in that town
     venom_ | Hi Monk
  Multitask | Hi ya Venom
     egress | Essej:you want #windows95
        vog | Or, should I say, they didn't want to break all the apps
              that were out there in order to accomplish that end.
   Commando | Trib: yes, but there are ways around that to double and
              even tripple the bandwidth by using more data lines on the
   sidewind | Darkheart: back when..
    Mr_Bill | can anybody help.?
        NAN | dark: Comspec used to build Amiga hardware.. Bad hardware,
              but still..
   Commando | sunrise: floppy is faster then paralell..
    Mr_Bill | I'ts been 3 years since I used an Amiga.
      Essej | egress: for old windoze systems??
     _Monk_ | Hi Venom
    sunrise | nyx: Hence the problem with porting exec to PPC :)
   HammerD2 | Sorry guys, my damn ISP keeps hanging up on me (snapper is
              that you? :)))
        vog | Hammer: (did you get all that?)
  Darkheart | NAN: well Comspec used to have a dedicated Amiga store.
   HammerD2 | vog, no, please repeat
       Puer | :)
      NyxEA | sunrise: I wouldn't port it.  I'd redesign it similar to
              how 3DO did.
     venom_ | Hi Puer :)
    RMerlin | Why don't we put up some conference?
        vog | Hammer!
  Darkheart | Comspec used to have a cool Video Toaster on display
        NAN | dark: Oh I know... :)
     egress | Essej:#window1985 :))))
       Puer | hiya venom :)
   Tachyon_ | Commando: Hmmm serial to parallel converter basically.
              instant 8x speed increase. good plan
   HammerD2 | vog, my ISP is hanging up on me :(( (its prolly snapper we
              use the same isp :)
    sunrise | Nyx: Whatever, as long as you have functionality for the
              68K based apps.
   sidewind | sex
      NyxEA | sunrise: I'd emulate it.
     venom_ | Puer: Finally, adjusted to your server? :)
       Jkay | vog: it'll be in the logs .. i'm sure ther are 10 people
              here recording everything you say ... "speak into ze
              mike-row-phone pleese"
   sidewind | on the net. gees
      Essej | egress: i think it's a bit newer than that, but oh well
      AdamH | HammerD: Possibly trying to get back at you for one reason
              or another :)
    sunrise | If you did the amigados libraries and exec in PPC...
     AztecC | HammerD: I'll email a transcript! :)
   HammerD2 | nyx: well i'm old enough to have programmed lots of cobol
              code in university :)
  Darkheart | Trib: BattleDuel?
        vog | Hammer.... oh well.  It was a good story. I'm sure snapper
              doesnt want to hear it again.
      NyxEA | sunrise: 3DO's protected PowerPC kernel has faster task
              switch times than the fastest Amiga.
      space | wil there be any new amigas coming out or is it basically
    RMerlin | JKay :)
      kolla | anyone know how to connect two amigas with nullmodem and
   HammerD2 | aztecc: ok,   (very easy email address :)
   Tachyon_ | Trib: You're kane? DOH, I dinna know that.
       Puer | venom, i finally found an unlagged server :)
    Mr_Bill | ack is there a noclick program with "factory" wb2.04?
   snapper2 | vog: I 'm busy looking for afile for you, go for it.
     paulaM | space>> bah... its the second coming :)
      AdamH | Nyx: Do you still own an Amiga these days?
       Trib | Darkheart: Tank game from Aminet
       Trib | Tachyon: Thats me!
   Commando | tachyon: hmmm.. interesting idea.  Under the idea of the
              floppy port being 44k/sec, i can speed it up to 352k/sec
        vog | so... who else was trying to get my attention?  There was a
              dealer out there?
     venom_ | Puer: Very bad lags lately. :(
  Darkheart | Trib looking for it now
    acadiel | oh man, I'm getting rid of IBrowse and Aweb.  Voyager kicks
              REAR END! :-)
   Tachyon_ | Trib: I just e-mailed you about using your page in a link
              on my page last week,
     venom_ | Hi acadiel
   Commando | tach: as fast as some CD-ROM drives...
   HammerD2 | vog/AztecC  do you like the PowerPC?
    acadiel | re venom!
      kolla | acadiel: no it doesnt
      kolla | acadiel: not proper html2 support
   Tachyon_ | Commando: which is what many 10Mbit enet ppl get anyway
       Puer | Voyager is slow...
       Puer | but nice...
    acadiel | kolla: it sure as heck is way faster than IBrowse ;)
      kolla | acadiel: erh..
       Trib | Tachyon: That was you?
      kolla | acadiel: not on this box
     venom_ | Puer: You like Voyager the best? I think I like Aweb.
  Multitask | koalla: wrong.. it's 100% html2
   Tachyon_ | Trib: Yeah. I also asked about MP 1.4. You get it yet?
      kolla | Multitask: nope
       Puer | i like both
      kolla | Multitask: I _tried_ it
  EightBall | acadiel: What kind of amy do you have?
    acadiel | perfonal preference... Voyager is faster and more reliable
              than any other browser I've seen. ;)
        vog | Anyone else want to chat?
       Puer | Voyager is way slow...
  Darkheart | Ibrowse was a lot faster in a side by side comparison on my
      kolla | Multitask: I dont trust it
     AztecC | Hammer: Sounds good, haven't looked too closely at it.
   Commando | Tachyon: yea, appletalk is even slower .. :-   but since
              ethernet cables usually only have 4 channels, not 8.
       Trib | Tachyon: I checked UUI BBS, and 1.3 is still the lastest.
              (At least of two days ago it still was)
     venom_ | Puer: How bout IBrowse6?
     egress |
      NyxEA | vog: Is it still too "late" to email Viscorp with
              "suggestions"?  BTW, do you remember if we ever met at C=?
              (Ken Dyke)
   Commando | tachyon: it would be card to do.
       Puer | IB is faster...
    acadiel | EightBall: A1200/030/40mhz/8MBram
        vog | AztecC: Still there?
    RMerlin | vog: Nyx here said that VisCorp were buying AT because you
              wanted to hack at the exec source.  Is it true? :)
      AdamH | vog: Any ideas as to when you'll be able to announce things
              (i.e. when the legal matters ar eunder control)
     Foobar | IB is not faster.  It uses MUI.  It defaults to SLOW.
    acadiel | vog: any ETA on anything?
   Tachyon_ | Trib: typical, they told me a month ago it would be out the
              next monday.
      NyxEA | vog: I think we did, but I don't remember.  Seems like you
              poked your head into my cube once....but damnit if I can
              remember when. ;)
      NyxEA | vob: In the 1992-1994 timeframe...
        vog | RMerlin: wow, good one.
   HammerD2 | rmerlin: I think everyone is scared to touch it...if they
              do they might screw it up :)
  Darkheart | vog: who are you?
  Multitask | koala: being that I don't knwo the html2 codes.. are you
              SURe that what you're telling me is html2 and not nhtml or
              something else?
       Trib | IBrowse 6a has run great for me.
    RMerlin | HammerD2: hehehe!
      NyxEA | RMerlin: I never said that. ;) Quit that. ;)
    DocSane | Who's tried out Voyager yet?
   Tachyon_ | Commando: still, it sounds like at least a neat experiment
      kolla | Multitask: YUP :)
    acadiel | DocSane: I have... it rocks ;)
    RMerlin | vog: he was joking of course :)
      AdamH | Doc: I was on the beta group
      Cappy | vog: You living around Chicago?
  EightBall | acadiel: Are you using an 8bitplane screen?
        vog | NyxEA: where was that?
     Foobar | acadiel: [pls wake up..
      kolla | Multitask: aweb does it right.. even amosaic did it right..
              but not voyager
   HammerD2 | nyx did you hack exec?????
   Commando | vog: do you answered my question on 23pin connectors at
    acadiel | eightball: yep.. still faster than IBrowse ;)
  Multitask | koala: then write to Olli, if it's wrong, he'll fix it..
      NyxEA | vog: West Chester
  Darkheart | .whois vog?
      NyxEA | HammerD2: Me? No.
   Commando | tachyon: :-) it will be fun .. .
   TheCrow_ | anyone tested any browser with series of 50 gif images?
      kolla | multitask: I plan to do so
   Commando | any SAS/C users out there at all?
      NyxEA | vog: I seem to remember you visiting once, but I could have
              imagined it.
        vog | Commando: yes.
      NyxEA | Perhaps for CDTV/CR stuff?  Dunno.
    DocSane | I downloaded it tonight.  Seems to be a lot better than
  EightBall | DocSane: Got it going right now!
      AdamH | Dark: vog is.. Carl Sassenrath
      kolla | multitask: its stupid cause its in the RFC
    acadiel | Docsane: I definately agree with ya there ;)
    DocSane | TheCrow:  Try a browser on the cache loader page on the B5
              Lurkers Guide.  That has a ton of gifs.
     Foobar | Commando:  I'm still using SAS/C
       Trib | 71 users!
      kolla | multitask: anyway, html3.2 is set now. :)
      AdamH | vog: Interesting nick; how did you choose it?
     egress | vog:the amiga will live, it has a sole
        vog | NyxEA: Ah..... a Commodorian!  Hmmm.  Do you work for scala
   RexxMast | night all
   Commando | vog: i must have missed it ... did you answer yes, no or
              maybe? :-)
    RMerlin | sole?
  Multitask | kolla:  it may be.. and it's always possible that it's not
              in there because he can do it better/faster in V2
      AdamH | egress: Sounds fishy to me
     AztecC | Cappy: we both live in CA on opposite sides of the central valley.
     Foobar | Darkheart:  Uh.. yeah!
    DocSane | acadiel:  Downloads files very well, is very quick at
              opening images.  And it has a cache that actually WORKS!
      NyxEA | vog: No, Electronic Arts (Hence the nick)
      NyxEA | vog: I worked on the Envoy/AS225 stuff and on cd32's MPEG
        vog | vog = VIScorp OS Guy... a secret alias.
     AztecC | AdamH: vog = VIScorp OS Guy
  Multitask | kolla: nope.. like I said, i don't know the code
     Foobar | msg commando SC myfile.c LINK
      AdamH | vog/aztec: Ah :)
   Tachyon_ | I like using Voyager to browse news groups (ie the one I
              just read.) though I still do Thor for all my binary
      Cappy | AztecC: ahhh...bummer.
        vog | Commando: yes those 23 pin connectors are out there.
     venom_ | heheh :)
       Puer | :
   Landrius | Voyager has the slowest most annoying go back programming
              I've EVER seen on ANY browser.
       Puer | :)
     AztecC | Cappy: ???
  Darkheart | the 060 cards are starting to actually look decently
              priced..... *hrmm*
      xterm | Where's the guru?
      xterm | ooooh
    Mr_Bill | and its' been 3 years since I used Amigas, so I have *no*
              clue as how to mount a PC-filesystem disk from my PC.
   Nameless | Anyone know anything about the PowerUP project from Pahse
    acadiel | Tachyon: I wonder how I can tell voyager to look at earlier
        vog | Rex: Ah.  ok, send me mail.  Want to hear more.
    DocSane | Landrius:  I think that's because it reprocesses all
              pictures from the cache when going back.
      kolla | ordered lines
      Kosh2 | Hi all!
    Mr_Bill | I've got a freshly-installed A3000, 25mhz, 50mb HD, running
  Darkheart | Mr_Bill: well if you have OS 3.x you don't need a clue
    HammerD | vog, do you do just software? or hardware too?
    DocSane | Landrius:  On the plus side, unlike IBrowse, it doesn't
              frag my Chip Ram all to hell.
  Darkheart | mr_Bill... ahh... well get crossdos then
    Mr_Bill | Darkheart: I have no idea where to get 3.x around here.
      xterm | heh
      Cappy | AztecC: Was just curious if any of the VISCorp folks might
              be interested in the near future to come down to
              Champaign-Urbana, IL to talk to CUCUG about the Amiga and
              where they might be going with it.
      xterm | all the Undernet weenies came here after they heard vog was
  RexOrient | vog: will do :)    atleast now I know who to direct my mail
              to :-)
      AdamH | vog: When did VisCorp decide that it was worth using the
              existing Amiga technology instead of developing your own?
   Tachyon_ | acadiel: I dunno exactly what you mean. THough turning off
              Dump NNTP server option makes it useful
    fallous | xterm: weenie THIS, monkey boy ;)
  Multitask | kolla: hmmm... well.. like I said.. let him know.. he'll
              either fix it, wait for V2 to fix it , or tell you why he
              didn't do that
       Puer | :)
  Darkheart | Mr_Bill: NAN sells it
       Trib | Mr_Bill: You need Workbench 2.1 or higher, or CrossDOS to
              read PC floppies.
    acadiel | Tachyon_ ahh.. I'll try that
     Saiful | G'day mates
        vog | Hammer: I'm an EE, but try to stick with software.
    acadiel | saiful: goodday?  what time is it? ;-)
     paulaM | hei saiful :)
      kolla | multitask: :)
     Saiful | acadiel, almost nine am!
     AztecC | Cappy: Talk to Flo, Bill Buck may very well if he's
    acadiel | saiful: ah.. it's almost 1AM ;)
        vog | AdamH: they had already developed hardware.... about three
              years ago.  I wrote their OS.
     Saiful | xterm, ouch!
       Eetu | welcome back kosh
   Tachyon_ | acadiel: Err Dumb NNTP server actually, DOH
    acadiel | anyone know where I can get a SurfSquirrel in the US?
     dcowan | Does anyone know where I can get (FTP, Telnet) Voyager. ???
     paulaM | saiful>> ouch! its almost 2am here :/ :)
    sunrise | adam: Colelctive caffeine
      AdamH | vog: How come the change of heart?
    acadiel | dcowan: I'm gonna write a mailscript for sendmail ;)  and
              try ;)
      Kosh2 | Not too many nicks I recognize anymore that aren't already
              from undernet ;o)
      Cappy | AztecC: Thx for the tip.
     Saiful | paulaM, just came to work. :-)
  Darkheart | Mr_Bill: well 2.04 is not significantly worse than 3.x
              anyways. just a bit slower and uglier
       Eetu | Hiya EXec
      AdamH | sunrise: Too many Jolt colas I guess...
  Darkheart | a lot uglier.
    sunrise | Adam: Grin
     Bagder | Exec!
      borph | all: anyone have version 12 of MUIMASTER.lib...?
    HammerD | dark: isn't 3.1 faster than 3.0 ? I think so...
      xterm | paulaM: get a Zip drive!
     venom_ | Heya Exec
       Eetu | Exec: no, not yet
  Darkheart | but there are hacks to make 2.04 look nicer
        vog | AdamH: Apps.  They needed apps that could fit into a
              smaller amount of mem.
    RMerlin | Exec: Your creator is here :)
  Darkheart | Hammerd: I'm comparing 3.x to 2.04
    sunrise | borph did you just install MUI 3.x?
     paulaM | xterm-- i need one badly... gotta keep piling up the mods
      NyxEA | vog: Heh, you sure don't see useful 5K binaries on too many
              other OS's these days do you?
    fallous | vog: I'm waiting on you guys to hire me.  I think the
              letter might've got lost in the mail.
    _Swatch | re all
  Darkheart | I don't know if 3.1 is faster than 3.0. I'm using 3.0
       Spot | vog: is it a REAL product yet (ED)? or is it still in the
              Testing stages?
  EightBall | Landrius: yeh it works funny sometimes
    HammerD | vog, wasn't your OS small and efficient as well?
      borph | sunrise... umm... a long time ago.. I have muimaster
              version 11.3xxx
       Exec | re Achiles, Bagder, Commando, Eetu, HammerD, RMerlin,
              sidewind, turtle, venom, zygo, Tachyon (phew, that took a
      NyxEA | (okay, 5K is a bit extreme...but I have a term program
              that's that small)
    _barron | Does anyone know where I can get (FTP, Telnet) Voyager. ???
     venom_ | Hi Sibbster
    HammerD | Exec :)
   Commando | Exec: heheheheh.
      AdamH | AztecC: Feeling left out with all the questions being
              chucked at vog? :)
    _barron | cd ..
       zygo | Good evening, exec :)
        vog | NyxEA: that's the truth. I used to run motion video demos
              on CDTV that were 8kB.
    Spudboy | Someone should change the Topic.
       Exec | RMerlin: Yeah, I think I was here earlier when my creator
              signed on.
    acadiel | _barron:
   Tachyon_ | Re exec
        vog | NyxEA: (the programs that is).
     venom_ | _barron:
  Multitask | barron: it's on aminet now
       Puer | :) hi exec
      NyxEA | vog: Yeh...heh.  I have a HD video player I wrote
              somewhere...It's a couple of K.
   Sibbster | re everyone
  Darkheart | vog: so tell us about PPC Amiga.
    JosefGV | danke
       Exec | re Puer
     AztecC | AdamH: hehe, I know nuthing, nutthiing!
   snapper2 | AztecC: So what's it really like working for the likes of
              Mr Sassenrath ?
      STMan | Mustang Charlie are you out there?
     paulaM | it may take time to catch up... amiga users have years
              worth of questions to ask :)
    HammerD | nyxea: the cd32 mpeg driver was pretty small also I think?
      xterm | Darkheart: maybe he doesn't give a damn about it
  Darkheart | xterm: I do.
      xterm | Nyx: whoa...steal that domain
      xterm | Darkheart: so?
        vog | AztecC: do you work for me?
    Spudboy | Vog: How is it that you wrote the best OS that there ever
              has been or will be?
   cowgirl- | howdy all
     Saiful | NyxEA, lemme guess: it uses console.device?
     AztecC | vog: I thought you worked for me!
        vog | paulaM: yes, years... and decades.
      NyxEA | Saiful: The term used console.device and serial.device
     paulaM | hi cowgirl
     venom_ | Hi cowgirs-
       Puer | hehehehehe
     Qwerty | Hello friends!
      AdamH | AztecC: Ever going to revive your C compiler? With SAS out
              of the picture, it looks like you might have a clean shot
              at the field :)
        vog | Spot: yes.  But that is the old product.
    HammerD | oh no, cryo is back! :)
     venom_ | Hello Qwerty
     egress | vog:thanks for takeing the time for us ranters and ravers
       Cryo | hi HD.
        vog | AztecC: oooh.  Good one.  Aztec's Phoenix!
     Qwerty | re venom
    acadiel | jkay: thx.. why'd he de-op me?
   Tachyon_ | Geez, what a crowd.
    HammerD | Cryo- long time :) my WE still works great ;)
      NyxEA | Saiful: The HD player yanked data off the drive and DMA'd
              it right to the screen buffers, altho I never bothered to
              generate useful data for it.  Always wanted to make it
              drive DCTV animations.  Would have been cool.
   snapper2 | AztecC: I've heard he's a real slave driver, takes weekends
              off and makes the hired help slave away :)
   Commando | vog: i think the next Amiga system should have an MPEG unit
              of some sort (like the CD32 had seperatly)..
     paulaM | vog>> really... C= never gave much of a damn... even their
              alleged 800 number never picked up for me in all the years
              i tried to call it :/
       Jkay | CRYO? jesus h christ on a pogo stick.
        vog | egress: hey, core group.
   Commando | vog: add an e to seperately.
   cowgirl- | SUNRISE ?
       Cryo | hey, if Carl can show up out of the woodwork, so can I ;-)
     Qwerty | Venom: arent you a member of a famous crackers group?
    sunrise | I'm here. I'm just... overwhelmed
    fallous | cryo: who let you out of the cage?
      Kosh2 | re Cryo
     AztecC | AdamH: My bandwidth is limited at the moment, but I have
              considered calling Manx and see if they'd let me have it!
    HammerD | cryo :)
        vog | Commando: did someone pay you to say that?  It's my
              favorite line!
    HammerD | cryo, I remember when you used to kick me all the time,
              when i was a newbie :)
     venom_ | Qwerty: Crackers group?
   Commando | sunrise: everyone wants sunrise .. in the #wetsex, etc.
              channels :-)
     paulaM | commando>> that'd be cool... built in anti-flicker too
      AdamH | Aztec: It's not as if they're doign much with it at the
              moment :)
    acadiel | So nobody has seen a vendor with the SurfSquirrel in the US
              yet? ;)
   Commando | vog: hehehe ... :-)
       Jkay | Cryo kicked everyone all the time. Dont feel special, HD.
    fallous | heh
    HammerD | JK :)
     Qwerty | Venom: yeah, fairlight, melon design?
       Cryo | heh
      AdamH | Remind me, who was Cryo? My memory doens't stretch that far
              back :)
     AztecC | AdamH: Yeah, not since I sold my interest! :((
  Darkheart | Commando: how about a read-write optical drive too?
        vog | paula! how funny, I used to call the 800 number too, and
              when it didn't pick up, I would call Irving to complain.
              Kind of silly, but every bit helped.
  Darkheart | everyone needs an optical drive
       Cryo | who _was_ Cryo? geez
       Cryo | I'm not dead
   Commando | paulaM: anti-flicker is not good when things move .. but do
              you mean in the MPEG playback or the system?
      AdamH | Cryo: :)
   cowgirl- | back
       Eetu | Querty: Melon Design ? Crackers group ?
    fallous | adamh: he's best known for calling Cyclone a bunghole
              during the CBM auction conference.  oh yeah, he wrote scsi
              shit for the WE as well. ;)
     venom_ | Qwerty: Nope, I got a liking for venom and Spiderman, my
              son uses the nick spidey. :)
    JosefGV | haha
       Cryo | Bill Coldwell.. WarpEngine, CSA 40/4 Magnum, CSA 12 Gauge..
       Cryo | etc etc
   Commando | darkheart: that would raise the price up a bit..
      NyxEA | vog: So is the suggestion box at Viscorp still open? ;)
       Cryo | general neat guy
   Commando | darkheart: ah.. who gives a crap..
      AdamH | fallous: The first I can sympathise with :) The latter
              could have hs a lower price tag 
       Jkay | AdamH: cryo ... amiga oldbie, now passed beyond the Rim.
    RMerlin | NyxEA: Getting more hopefull about our baby so? ;)
    HammerD | cryo, damn that WE 060 hasn't come out yet! :)
        vog | AztecC: Are you planning a PPC version of Manx?
     paulaM | vog>> ha... 1-800-247-9000... i still remember it :)  how
              sad is that?? :/  :)
       Cryo | JK, no.. we're Rangers now.
     Qwerty | eetu: okay lets say then Amiga Phreaks,  thats better?
     JacobE | jkay: swallowed by the dark side
       Cryo | We're forming at the edge of the Rim for the New Amiga
   Tachyon_ | Oh THAT Cryo! Hi Bill
      NyxEA | RMerlin: You know, me.  Mr. Cynical.
    sunrise | Docsane probably not. Is a viscorp person on the channel at
              the moment?
      AdamH | Doc: They like peanut butter is the only thing I can think
    acadiel | DocSane: you should see the movement in FIDOnet AMIGA ;)
        vog | NyxEA: sure.  Email though.
      NyxEA | Cryo: Wouldn't that be Shadows? ;)
       Cryo | heh, hi tachyon
    RMerlin | NyxEA: Sorry, I must have some McCoy in my blood these days
    sunrise | Cryo Grin
      caldi | Cryo: So, you need a new ad "WE will WE will - rock you."
      NyxEA | vog: Okie dokie.
    fallous | cryo: I musta missed that memo
       Cryo | nyx, shhh
     AztecC | vog: Not likely, there's several in the works already!
     paulaM | i left mail at the elaffont box too
      AdamH | Caldi: When was the last time you made a good one then, eh?
       Eetu | Qwerty: yep ;)
  Darkheart | vog: is Phase5 working *with* AT on PPC amiga, or as some
              rumours have it 'in spite of' AT.
    RMerlin | caldi: Since it's so crowdy, why don't you take the
              opportunity of advertizing your FIne Product [tm]? :)
      xterm | Cryo is part of the Amiga Special Forced
     Qwerty | any AMIGA and PSX phreaks here?
      xterm | Forces
    DocSane | By the way, does anyone here know what a "proxy server" is
              and why I should set one on my web browser?
      caldi | AdamH: Um, last week. cleared the room...
    RMerlin | Jkay: This is The Gathering, we are going back :)
        vog | Snapper: what was that?
   Commando | jkay: !!!!! i am coming with you!!! don't let them take
              your fingerprints and put computer chips in your head!
     AztecC | Darkheart: :)
    fallous | xterm: I thought that was Special Ed
  Darkheart | DocSane: no you don't need one
       Cryo | Carl, get me, Steve Kelsey, Ken Dyke, you, Dale, and
              whomever else we can coax into it.. to design new Amiga
              _hardware_ and OS.
    sunrise | Docsane dont bother with them. THey'll mess you up
       Cryo | heh
      xterm | fallous: oh yeah
     Saiful | /kick #amiga noyb AUTOAWAY
  Multitask | Qwerty: nope.. no one here uses Amigas
   Tachyon_ | Cool, Cryo, Kelsey, and vog on the new Amiga team. Do it!!
      kolla | multitask: now.. sendt him a mail with clips from rfc1866
       Davo | MEOW!
        vog | mramiga: yes.
       Davo | peaches
    RMerlin | 37th kill...
   Commando | HAHA..
    JosefGV | vog: It would be great if you would visit us here
              occasionally to keep us updated :)  It's encouraging to see
              you here.
    mramiga | vog   good
  Multitask | kolla: hehe..
      AdamH | Persumable not Dale Larson unles you want the "Wild Thang"
              Amiga :)
   Tachyon_ | DocSane: If you can get to any web sites, you don't need a
    fallous | cryo: could you stop messing with kali long enough to
              actually get some stuff done? ;)
       Cryo | no Larson
       Cryo | no Jackson
        vog | Jose: glad it helps.
    JosefGV | though the noise/signal ratio seems to be somewhat high at
              times :)
    HammerD | kelsey rules
    fallous | vog: although next time try /server ;)
     venom_ | Hiya ushooz
      Kosh2 | Jeez, this is channel is every bit as noisy as it was when
              I first joined almost 4 years ago
        vog | Cryo: the smaller the team the better the OS.
      AdamH | Fallous: Nah, don't keep them all to yourselves :)
      Mordo | Hey Carl, glad to see ya
     Laire2 | darkheart: that was BEFORE Pedro Tschernobyl started his
              dirty tricks
      NyxEA | Cryo: I'll only agree if it's Objective-C and DO based. ;)
    RMerlin | vog: As long we get the Creme de la crme to work on it.
     Saiful | Kosh, what did you expect?
    HammerD | laire: haha.
       Puer | :)
        vog | Mordo: thanks
      Kosh2 | Glad I have a scrollback buffer.
  Darkheart | Laire!!
    fallous | adamh: they're mine, ALL MINE! muhahahahaha
       Cryo | vog, yes.. but I think we've all learned a lot from that
              lil' ol' 256k kernel ;-)
      kolla | hm...
      NyxEA | Anyone mentions C++ for it and I'd kill them.
     paulaM | and keep ibm lamers away from amiga... expecially pc-jr
              ones ;)
       Cryo | nope.. _MUST_ be Obj-C
      AdamH | fallous: until xterm /kicks them anyway :)
      Kosh2 | Saiful: I don't know, I've spent time on sabatical on
              undernet ;o)
      NyxEA | Cryo: 13k.  8000 lines of code.
       Cryo | this is the 19's
      xterm | someone shuttle vog over to the Innernet
       Cryo | er 90's
        NAN | $quit
    RMerlin | NyxEA: How about E? :)
    HammerD | nyx, exec is 13k?
    fallous | erf
       Exec | Bagder: Did you get my response to your dancer-list EMail ?
    fallous | E..huhuhuh
     Qwerty | pualua-m: PC-jr?
     Saiful | Kosh, oh yeah, that's the one where nobody says anything,
      NyxEA | HammerD: Actually, that was the 1.3 size.  I think its
              larger now.  I'd have to look.
     Saiful | Bagder's got a dancer-list?
       Jkay | GROWL ... bill sydnes grrrr
       Nuuz | the PC-jr was cool
        Ezy | JAVA!!! buahaha.. (evil laugh)
      NyxEA | 24k maybe?
       Jkay | KILL!
   Commando | nyxEA: i have the 3.1 rom file list :-)
    DocSane | Has there been any news from Pase 5 about the PPC project?
      kolla | anyone know if cygnusEd can edit files through the
              rexxport, without opening the gui?
     Foobar | Nuuz:  The Tandy1000!
     Saiful | mramiga, just another net, no thanks.
      AdamH | Out of interest, why was Sydnes hired?
  Darkheart | Laire:  is Phase5 still commited to PPC Amiga?
        vog | Those of you in the talent pool out there: if you are
              serious, please email me. I'll hold if for THE DAY.
    HammerD | syndes was evil
     Saiful | Somebody change the topic, please?
      NyxEA | Hold on, I'll go look.
       Trib | If you write it in Java, then Mac and Win people can use
              it.....  :)
    acadiel | heh.. I hit the "read newsgroup list" button ;)
    mramiga | saiful  alot better then thisone :)
       Cryo | exec rocks, even after all this time
    sunrise | Nyx: Would it be possible to write 'work alike' libraries
              that are native ppc for the dos-supplied libs?
      Kosh2 | Saiful: Not at all - people talking there all the time.
              larger signal/noise ratio though occasionally ;o)
      NyxEA | Cryo: It beats the shit out of Be's kernel.
       Jkay | Medhi Ali brought him in to reduce the production cost of
              the A500 .. the 600 is the result
   Commando | NyxEa: the Exec library,etc. are all around 100k.. work
              bench is 70k..
       Spot | Hammderd: ohhh 'common the 600 was the BEST :)
    acadiel | i jet peple... later
    RMerlin | Exec does it's job in a damn efficient way, not trying to
              be fancy for no rrason, not kludged with crap.
      NyxEA | Commando: Exec is most certainly NOT 70k. It's only ~8000
              lines of assembly code.
     Saiful | Kosh, yeah right :-)
    fallous | Nyx: quick, hit vog with the "unbundle the damned OS"
              argument before Laire exerts his evil influence. ;)
    HammerD | rmerlin, you think exec ported to PowerPC would be just as
        Ezy | somewhat, altho exec also likes to crash during development
       gish | c-ya
     Laire2 | Darkheart: sure:-)
    RMerlin | HammerD: If done WELL, of course!
      Kosh2 | Saiful: I did say 'occasionally' ;o)
       Cryo | hey, come on now.. let's not bring this party down by
              talking about certain ex-Commdore employees
        vog | 13K plus.
       Nuuz | oooh yeah, a Tandy 1000, 640k, 2 360k drives, a dot matrix
              printer, the dream system (of 1984)
     Saiful | Kosh, once in a violet moon? :-)
   Commando | NyxEA: 23 pops out of my mind ..
        vog | Of course, you could take out ROMWACK.
      Mordo | vog: Can something similar to the "SCARAB" that Dave Haynie
              was working on at CBM become a reality?
        vog | And the printf stuff.
      Kosh2 | Saiful: Violent moon more like ;o)
    RMerlin | vog: It's now SAD :)
      AdamH | I heard that CAOS had a few problems? Other than being
              unfinished, what were they? (Just curious)
   Commando | vog: i like ROMWACK...
      NyxEA | Commando: Sounds about right.
  Darkheart | laire: is there any information available on progress?
     Saiful | Kosh, hahhah, that thought crossed my mind, too. :-)
      kolla | lynx rules
      NyxEA | vog: I think that got nuked and replaced with SAD for 3.0
              didn't it?
        vog | RMerlin: what is sad.
       Nuuz | God bless Jack Tramiel - the C-64 king
    RMerlin | vog: The new debugger since 3.0.
      Kosh2 | Saiful: So I guess mama pretty much died out here?
   Commando | NyxEA: if the Amiga 500 was boot up i would be able to
              print the entire ROM directory listing up ... :-)
     Qwerty | thanx exec, ill find my own door:-)
     Qwerty | Offcourse I'm using Windows9@$#^...............(CLICK)
      NyxEA | vag: It's a new debugging interface Sinz added for 3.0
    RMerlin | vog: System AMiga Debugger or something like that.
        vog | Commando: No, I didn't mean take it out. I meant that's
              part of the 13K.
      NyxEA | vag: Let you patch into it and debug over the net...was
   cowgirl- | not all of us use amiga
   cowgirl- | that's the greatest part
      NyxEA | babylon5> ls -l *.ld.strip
      NyxEA | -rw-r--r--  1 kcd        14560 Mar  5  1995 exec.ld.strip
   Commando | NyxEA: how do you use SAD?  Never figured it out ... it
              sits there and sends SAD?SAD? over the nullmodem
    RMerlin | vag: You should really get the 3.1 NDK one of these days :)
     paulaM | i love my amiga :)
    HammerD | nyx: wassat
       Jkay | exec
       Nuuz | amiga os needed to be more ROM dependent, i hate accessing
              the disk so it can figure out what to do when you ask it to
              load something
      NyxEA | hammerD: Exec's .o file effectively.
     Laire2 | dark: expect a BIG announcement this month
   Commando | vog: oh :-)
    RMerlin | vog: You should really get the 3.1 NDK one of these days :)
      NyxEA | oops, vog. ;)
        vog | RMerlin: from where?  NDK?
    HammerD | rmer: if AT would release it...
      NyxEA | Vag...heh...been playing with the PSX too much.
    RMerlin | vog: Native Developper Kit.
       Jkay | NUUZ: 'resident'
      AdamH | Nyx: Hope you don't want to work with/for him now :)
    HammerD | nyx: what's the psx kernel like
    RMerlin | vog: AT should have them, tho they ain't available yet.
   Commando | Vog: what about something like Snoopdos with the next
              AmigaOS update?
      NyxEA | HammerD: It sucks rocks.
    HammerD | laire, delays ?
    RMerlin | vog: It's always "real soon now".
      kolla | snoopdos is a must
       Nuuz | residential, commercial, whatever.
     ushooz | NyxEA: Better than the Saturn thoe :)
  Darkheart | Laire2: hope so!
   Tachyon_ | Laire2: BIG good, or BIG bad? ;')
    HammerD | commando, snoopdos rules.
      NyxEA | ushooze: Yeah, but with the Saturn you can at least throw
              out the OS and write your own.  YOu can't with the PSX.
      Mordo | Are shadows for the workbench windows possible?
  Darkheart | hey anyone wanna design a CPU card switcher for the A4000?
    RMerlin | vog: Or ask anyone here to ship youu the Autodocs V40.
   Commando | hammerd/kolla: i agree fully..
     Laire2 | Tachyon: well...guess what
       Trib | Shadows are evil!
      kolla | anyone checked out html3.2 ?
       Jkay | nuuz: ... um .. make the commands you MOST USE resident in
              RAM .. no disk access.
     ushooz | nyxEA: Very true. I guess a co like EA has the resources to
              do that :)
      AdamH | vog: Reckon AT/VISCorp will be able to procduce a low cost
              PPC equivalent of the 1200?
      NyxEA | Tachyon: Sell your Amiga right now, while it's still worth
              something. ;)
   Achilles | Anyone know if the ASDG Ethernet Card will handle 10baseT?
        vog | Attention: an idea I would like to bounce around:  What do
              you think about posting all this developer stuff on the
      NyxEA | ushooz: We _could_, doesn't mean we have. ;)
   Commando | vog: the autodocs should not be charged to obtain ... ..
    fallous | vog: brilliant
    RMerlin | vog: All the way!
  Darkheart | VOG: YESYESYES!!!!!!!!!
      NyxEA | vog: Very good idea.
  Darkheart | oops
      AdamH | vog: Yes. Good idea
    JosefGV | VOG: YES
    RMerlin | vog: That's what we need: DEVELOPPERS.
      NyxEA | vog: Be is doing that now.
      Mordo | vog:Yes, please!
      Kosh2 | vog: That idea was tossed about by AT too, and it SHOULD be
   Tachyon_ | NyxEA: Never, it's always worth something to me at least
  Darkheart | do I get kicked now?
    mramiga | Vof   VERY GOOD IDEA
   Achilles | vog: Yes
   Commando | vog: YES!
     ushooz | Vog: Please do
    JosefGV | Vog: it can't hurt in ANY way.  It will only bring MORE
    mramiga | er vog
        vog | In other words: everything is out there... dynamic,
              updated, current.
    RMerlin | NyxEA: A bright idea of Be I'd say.
     paulaM | sounds cool to me :)
      Liam2 | vog: just do it :)
      NyxEA | Tachyon: It was sarcasm in light of Laire's comment. ;)
    RMerlin | NyxEA: I really like the way they instaled theyr Web site.
    HammerD | vog: oui  (getting your french ready :)
  Multitask | I say NO...   JUST KIDDING
      kolla | hm.. what did vog say ?
      NyxEA | RMerlin: Their ONLY one, too. ;)
  Darkheart | hey... I suggested that. do I get royaltees?
        vog | Sounds like you like it.
  Darkheart | ;)
    HammerD | laire: you can say "ja" :=)
    RMerlin | NyxEA: Eh.
      kolla | what?? what??
       Puer | hehehehehe :)
   Tachyon_ | vog: GREAT idea. GIVE away all Amiga developer tools. It'd
              only help Ami
      kolla | tell me!! :)
  Darkheart | Vog YES!!
      Mordo | vog: I could actually start my own development on stuff and
              have my own support with everything out there...
       Puer | yay :)
   Commando | i am having a hard time spelling tonight ..
     paulaM | amiga needs more developers... too many are sitting on
              their hands since C= dive-bombed  :(
    RMerlin | vog: AT are already supposed to put up an FTP site.
       zygo | vog:  As a former Commodore developer/dealer, I'd like to
              see as much information as we can get.
       Nuuz | Amiga needs to be compatible with the industry standard of
              today.....the Sony PSX
     Saiful | Wow I'm lagged.
        vog | Liam2: (actually, I was trying to get VIScorp to post
              sources for all the devs an libs too, but they said NO. )
    RMerlin | vog: but as usual, things are progressing VERY slowly :(
      NyxEA | Nuuz: No, it doesn't.
              IMMEDIATELY *** <-- er... ?
      NyxEA | Nuuz: The playstation and Amiga have NOTHING in common.
     ushooz | Nuuz: Go home :)
    mramiga | Nuuz: th3e amiga is not a games machine
     AztecC | vog: While you're at it you might want to see if anyone
              wants the job administering it, hehe!
       Eetu | COmmando: change servers
      NyxEA | vog: To the OS itself?
     Saiful | Commando, you lose. :-)
    JosefGV | well I don't know about the source to ALL the libs, we
              don't want 200 custom OS's out there :)
      Liam2 | vog: aghrrr... why not?
       Nuuz | the amiga of tommorow is not necessarily the amiga of
       Puer | We need new Amiga's and support... so I can open my damn
              Amiga shop :)
    DocSane | MrAmiga:  As is evidenced by the stunning dearth of games
              for it.
    RMerlin | Posting OS source would be a bad idea.
      NyxEA | vog: I shudder to think of Jim Drew getting ahold of OS
              source. ;)
    RMerlin | I can see all those unsupported hacks appearing... Eeeek!
      Kosh2 | re oleg
        vog | NyxEA: that was the idea.  A lynx kind of deal.
       Spot | quit
      NyxEA | vog: Ah.
     ushooz | Nuuz: neither is the PSX
   Achilles | Nyx: hehehehe...
    mramiga | Doc:  games are jsut games
    JosefGV | Now most of the libraries would not be a bad idea.. but
              keep intuition, exec, and such all private :)
     Saiful | There goes
      oleg_ | re
     paulaM | re... this is no time for my server to dump me :/
       Puer | re paula
      AdamH | Vog: When's proper resource tracking going to make its way
              into AmigaDOS?
    DocSane | MrAmiga:  True, but most people would rather run them than
              a word processor or a rendering engine.
  Darkheart | posting OS source would be a cool idea.   IMHO
      oleg_ | best SUCKS :)
     venom_ | re paulaM
      NyxEA | vog: I suppose that's good and bad.
     ushooz | try 6665 to 6667
      caldi | vog: Unless it was an organized effort, it could end up
              going in to many incompatible directions...
     paulaM | hi puer & venom
       Nuuz | try 6667
  Darkheart | but OS source is not necessary...   just the technical
              information,. RKM's etc
   Commando | ahhh.. back..
      NyxEA | vog: As long as there was some group of people "in charge
              of it", coordinating development and releases, it'd be
      NyxEA | vog: Like how NetBSD and such are handled.
      NyxEA | vog: Otherwise it could turn into a mess.
       Nuuz | is amiga selling well in germany?
        vog | NyxEA.  You got it.
    JosefGV | Nyx: true
        Ezy | what? thinking of turning amigados into a public project?
        vog | But, that option is history now.  So don't get your hearts
              set on it.
      NyxEA | vog: If nothing else, releasing it would probably help to
              clean it up a bit.
  NeoDinian | RMerlin:  The channel is all F^#ked up now.. :(
   snapper2 | caldi: But next you you could be crying for it.
      Kosh2 | re Jkay
   snapper2 | caldi: But next year you could be crying for it.
   Commando | Workbench source would be nice >:-)
      Kosh2 | Jkay: (just noticed you were here too ;o)
       Nuuz | lots of amiga games and applications on the software
              shelves over in old Deutchland, i suppose
      NyxEA | vog: The downside would be keeping people from hacking the
              OS to suit their own product's needs... (like Emplant,
    mramiga | a re writen workbench that multitasks would be nice
     JacobE | nyx: put jeremy in charge of it :)
    RMerlin | AztecC: Too many cooks spoils the meal.
      AdamH | RMerlin: Broth. Not meal :)
    fallous | Nyx: this is starting to sound suspiciously like a
              discussion we had about future AmigaOS developed ala Linux
    RMerlin | AdamH: In french, it's the "sauce" we say :)
     Laire2 | vog: so you basicly say...Viscorp gives you a present to
              shut up that they have no interest working on own Amiga
              "computer" that a good interpretation ?
     Saiful | OzDuDe, why put Java in the OS?
    RMerlin | NyxEA: That's also my fear.
       Nuuz | its only been a year and a half since escom bought it,
              surely they have started mass production of their low end
      NyxEA | vog: Perhaps someday Viscorp could make the source
              available when they no longer need it, or wish to provide
              it for educational use.
   Commando | Saiful: Why not just write the ENTIRE OS in java??? :-)
   Tachyon_ | JAVA in the OS, DOH!
      Mordo | vog: Keep OS development within VIScorp/AT, but release
              everything needed for application development to Amiga
   Commando | saiful: that would really speed up operations by -%32329327
        vog | This is getting somewhat difficult to keep up with.... any
              way to switch to a moderated channel?
    JosefGV | duh
     OzDuDe | Saiful: becaus MS are doing it and it's truly "cross
              platform" amongst other things. The Amiga is also a perfect
              deveopment platform for Java Apps as it is.
    RMerlin | vog: Could be arranged.
   Commando | vog: maybe create a new one ..
        vog | Laire: no one buys me like that.
      AdamH | vog: I'd recommend opening up a new channel for that
    mramiga | oof
    RMerlin | I'll tell Darx to not touch it, wait.
        vog | RMerlin: thanks.
       Jkay | ok .. who's moderating?
     Bagder | rmerl: you change mode instead
        vog | Whew.  That was getting crazy.
    JosefGV | Jkay: you go :)
    RMerlin | Bagder: I did.
     Bagder | rmerl: status 20+ ppl are allowed to change it
       Jkay | oh hell .. it's 2am; I'd normally do it, but I'm bushed
        vog | Ok, what now?
    RMerlin | We need a question taker.
    RMerlin | Who wants to take the question?
        vog | RMerlin: I'll take it if you like.
     Laire2 | vog: sorry..but that would be the most logical explanation
       Jkay | vog: normally, someone would volounteer to take a queue of
              names, and then announce "who's next" to ask a question
    RMerlin | vog: Would be easier to have one person getting them and
              submitting them.
    fallous | Cryo has a well-known track record for being patient and
              understanding with questioners.  let him do it
    RMerlin | vog: Makes less traffic, and easier for you to manage.
        vog | ok.  Just let me know.  Never done this.
     Laire2 | rmerl: haha:-))
     JacobE | acutally, this would all be better if there was an
              announced conference/etc. kind of rude to just takeover
              #amiga like this
        vog | Pretty cool how the channel went quiet.
       zygo | Shouldn't a seperate channel be set up for a conference so
              that this channel isn't interrupted?
   Fastlane | fallous: hahaha.. ala bunghole?
    fallous | fastlane: why yes, that was just the incident I had in mind
    HammerD | only operators can talk now.
        vog | That is what I was thinking.  Perhaps we should move off
              frequency slightly.
  Multitask | I agree with zygo
    mramiga | #viscorp
     venom_ | zygo is right. :)
    RMerlin | zygo Has a good idea.
       Jkay | sounds good.
     Greebo | yep, I agree with that too.
     venom_ | Hi Greebo
       Jkay | split off, and join #viscorp
  SmknDHerb | thanks zygo :)
     Greebo | hi venom
        vog | QSY.
     Greebo | cheers zygo
       zygo | You're welcome, guys :)
  RedDomino | Might you know where I could get the src to rz/sz?
  RedDomino | What is Exec?
   Commando | arggg. wrong channel
    HammerD | vog: type /join #viscorp
    mramiga | vog  join #viscorp
      kolla | something wonderfull
       Exec | RedDomino: It is me, and also the root of the Amiga OS.
      AdamH | Numbers in #viscorp are slowly climbing...
      kolla | too bad.. still no  tag in html3.2 :/
  RedDomino | Hrmm....vog = programmer with Viscorp, I take it?
   Tachyon_ | kolla:  why?
    HammerD | red: vog = original amiga team member, he wrote exec, the
              amiga's kernel.
       Eetu | kolla: I think  is in 3, but haven't seen it
              implemented anywhere :(
    HammerD | red: now he works for VISCorp.
  RedDomino | Now I follow.
      kolla | hm.. I read from here .. no 
  Darkheart | who is going to moderate #viscorp?
       Eetu | kolla: oh.
   Tachyon_ |  wouldn't be really usefull anyway. Since you cannot
              choose the typeface used by the browser, it's results would
   sidewind | WOOF!
      kolla | Tachyon: well...
       Eetu | Tach: well used with discretion it would be nice.
      amino | Tach:  Use a fixed-width font
  RedDomino | SideWind: That newest mod from Aminet is nice! ;)
       Eetu | Tach: Of course some would produce uuugly pages with it.
     Foobar | Justlike?
   Tachyon_ | amino: that's the point. You cannot force the client
              browser to use a particular font.
   sidewind | RedDomino: thanks
      kolla | Tachyon: fixed size in tabs and an option to choose the
              length of it
     Saiful | Umm, we lost +m?
       Eetu | Saiful : on purpose. the conf is on #viscorp
     Saiful | Eetu, goodie.
      kolla | Tachyon: hehe.. with .. explorer you can =)
      kolla | Tachyon: windings is a cool font :)
   Tachyon_ | kolla: explorer BAH
     Saiful | Eetu, thought that it's be a bit stupid to stop the chatter
              altogether just because of some conference.
    sunrise | Eetu what conf?
       Eetu | sunrise: Carl Sassenrath there
      kolla | Tachyon: I know .. thats what I mean, put in the tag that
              let you decide the font for explorer, and let it point to
              use windings, hehe =)
   Tachyon_ | kolla: And I'm not positive Explorer implements it yet
              either, I just think they proposed it
      kolla | no other browser will care but explorer..
   Achilles | Hmmm... 52 users in #viscorp now...
    HammerD | join #VIScorp !!!! :)
   Tachyon_ | kolla: Yeah you could really screw with Explorer people.
              Serves them right too
      AdamH | 55
    _Swatch | Achilles: 55! :)
      kolla | hehe :)
   Achilles | Swatch: Yep...
      Cappy | whee!  Conference time!  GA ;)
     _Monk_ | bbl
    HammerD | shit i gotta work tomorrow :(
      AdamH | Too many channops screw up the conf :)

New channel: #VIScorp

          * | _Swatch thinks that with AztecC working for VIScorp,
              there'll be no more updates to SAS C... ;)
damH\#amiga | Eeek. Long, long line from Nyx.
        vog | Ok.  Well, actually, the JAVA reply is a long one.
        vog | I see we lost Merlin....  Is he coming back?
     JacobE | vog: i think he'll try, i know he wanted to ask you a
              question :)
        vog | Ok.
        vog | So, on to JAVA, or to Nyx questino?
     JacobE | vog: ozdude would like to know about JAVA
        vog | (I kind of like that typo... questino.  Would be a good
              product name.  No?)
         -- | kscully3 is now known as kscully.
        vog | Ok.  JAVA is important.
        vog | But, JAVA is by no means a success yet.
        vog | I've been coding interpreters longer than OSs.
        vog | VideoStream (my last company) had an interpreter at its
              core.  It was called MIME.
        vog | Not the MIME you are thinking of.
        vog | Machine Independent Multimedia Environment.
        vog | So does that sound a bit like JAVA....  it should.
        vog | I wrote that interpreter back in the CDTV days... it was a
              variant on another language of mine, an fully object
        vog | language called ABL.
        vog | The problem with ABL was one of performance.
        vog | What I needed for CDTV whas real-time scripting.
        vog | So MIME was born... actually about the same time Gosling
              was creating OAK, the proto for JAVA.
        vog | The concept behind MIME or JAVA is very good.
        vog | A virtual machine model that can run on anything.
        vog | Just think, you can put code on the net or on a CDROM that
              would be machine independent.
        vog | Problem is, software these days tries to solve everone's
        vog | It does not focus on just one element or domain of a
        vog | It tries to be general purpose.... and as such it become
        vog | It gets complicated, hard to understand, hard to
        Nyx | Like C++? ;)  (Sorry, couldn't resist)
        vog | Ok, so back to JAVA.
        vog | Yes, like C++!!!!
        vog | (I have another complete story about C+- at apple... for
              some later date).
        vog | The bottom line:
     JacobE | queue: rmerlin, nyxea, mramiga, silvergls, mordo, sunrise,
              lostman, kosh, antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot
        vog | If JAVA brings apps, we will see to it that JAVA is on the
              system.  But,
       Cryo | C++ sucks
        vog | I am not so sure yet.
        vog | Take a look at the rise of HTML.
        vog | Look at the rate of change.
        vog | If a language does not gather speed within a year or two
C/#viscorp) | or any of a number of MicroSoft products!
        vog | it is probably doomed to a struggle.  Smalltalk is a
              perfect example.
        Nyx | Or Objective-C  (sigh)
        vog | (sorry for the typos, I am typing all this on an A1200, and
              my hands are not used to it).
        vog | So that is the way of languages.  JAVA has a few more
              months.  But
     JacobE | vog: no problem :)
        vog | if you compare it to HTML, it has only accomplished .001
              percent of the acceptance and widespread use.
        vog | I don't think it was quite the right solution.  What the
        vog | needed was something much simpler.  Something like my old
        vog | Oh well, that's history.  GA
     JacobE | queue: rmerlin, nyxea, mramiga, silvergls, mordo, sunrise,
              lostman, kosh, antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8
     JacobE | rmerlin: your turn :)
    RMerlin | vog: AT recently fired a lot of employes.  I heard it's
              standard procedures before the new owner comes in, so they
              can hire back who they want.
    RMerlin | vog: Now, do you think that some current VisCorp employes
              (like you) who already knows a great deal about the Amiga
              might step in and take an aactive part in direct Amiga R&D?
        vog | Yes... I think that will happen.  I don't know what VIScorp
              has promised AT and its employees.  But I don't
        vog | think we can endure having too many chiefs running the
        vog | Does that answer your question?
     JacobE | queue: nyxea, mramiga, silvergls, mordo, sunrise, lostman,
              kosh, antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*
    RMerlin | vog: Yes, Thanks :)
     JacobE | nyx: you're up :)
        Nyx | (I'll paste my Q. this in digestable chunks)
        Nyx | oops
        Nyx | It would seem that AmigaOS would lend itself well to
              building cheap
        Nyx | Internet terminals that just so happen to be able to use
              hard disks
        Nyx | and run applications available via a cable/Internet
              connection.   It
        Nyx | would seem though that you would need more power than a
              680x0 processor
        Nyx | could provide if you want to do Web related stuff, and thus
              a low-end
        Nyx | PowerPC system would need to be developed, or alternately,
        Nyx | hardware acceleration for things such as JPEG.  Do you see
              an Amiga
        Nyx | based "set top" system as more of an Internet terminal
              which acts
        Nyx | amazingly like a home computer, or as only an interactive
              TV device,
        Nyx | or both?  It would be nice to see an affordable low-end
        Nyx | market re-emerge, even if it's not sold as a "computer" per
        Nyx | P.S. Would you agree that adding multi-processor support
              would be
        Nyx | nearly impossible?  I've gotten into that argument more
              times than
        Nyx | I care to think about, and want it settled once and for
              all. ;)
        Nyx | GA
     Phase5 | firing Pedro Tschernobyl would be my first action if i
              would be Viscorp CEO...:-)
         -- | Phase5 is now known as Laire.
      Laire | personal opinion
        vog | Ok...
        vog | Yes, the box is underpowered with a 680x0.... but... the
              cost of the box is  critical....
        Nyx | (You need $15 PowerPC 602's or something)  ;)
        vog | I think it will be much more like an internet "terminal" (I
              don't like that word because that is a limitation of HTML,
              not the internet)
        vog | but also a simple computer device for sending messages,
              playing games, reading news, etc.
        vog | Remember, most of our target audience is consumers, not
        vog | ... scrolling back...
        Nyx | (I.e., not just a trackball hand-held controller with a
              game console looking box, I'd assume)
        vog | Affordable... that is the correct word.  Yes, if you can
              get a box under $300 US, something
        vog | magic happens.  The US is primed for this to happen.
              Everything you
        vog | watch on TV now runs a during its
              presentation.  If you watch
        vog | the news here locally, every channel is pushing its web
              site constantly...
        Nyx | Yeah, as if 80% of the people in the US are connected or
              can afford to be.  And they can't, which is sad.
        vog | if you watch the net news, ABC, NBC, CBS, all of them do
              the same.
        vog | I've got a little story, short....
        vog | I've got some masons working on the rockwork for my house.
        vog | They've been working on it for several weeks now, and we've
              gotten to chatting.
        vog | They asked what I did.
        vog | I simply told them: "You know that www stuf you see on TV
              every night?  Ever wonder what it was?"
        vog | Immediately, smiles.  All of them.  They want the box. They
              don't own computers.
        vog | So, if our marketing can reach them, we might have a chance
              to succeed.
        vog | Did I cover your entire question?
        Nyx | Yeah, except for the SMP part. ;)
        vog | *Also, am I taking too long in these replies?
        Nyx | A simple "yes" or "no" would suffice on that one. ;)
        vog | What was that?  Multiprocessor support?
        Nyx | vog: yeah.  It sorta breaks the entire MT model.
        Nyx | Definitely breaks exec.
        vog | Yes, exec would need to change for that.  not impossible,
              just needs some hardware support.  If you have
        vog | any kernel of "disabling" or "serializing" you can make it
        vog | But.
        vog | The cost of mp is much too high for a low end box.
              However, I would like to
        vog | see it in a high end Amiga.
        vog | If the OS has to be rewritten, might as well add that.
        vog | GA
        Nyx | Interesting.  Seems like Forbid()/Permit()'s entire concept
              is flawed for SMP.
     JacobE | queue: mramiga, silvergls, mordo, sunrise, lostman, kosh,
              antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh, moxnix,
        Nyx | But for a rewrite that could be fixed.
        vog | Yes.  But that is common in OS design.
        Nyx | Thanks.
        Nyx | vog: AS for reply length, maybe a bit shorter, or longer
              lines. ;)
    mramiga | Will we see a real attempt at marketing the COMPLETE LINE
              OF AMIGA  COMPUTER  in the USA..  not some half hearted
              attempt  or no attempt at all.  IE  aggresive priceing,
    mramiga | support for graphic cards  and true 24 bit on the WB?..
              and is the Amiga checkmark gonna be brought back?     like
              uh GA and stuff
        vog | You need that little kernel of non-preemptino.
        vog | Sometimes it is a processor instruction... or in the
              Amiga's case, an accident in the chip design (bet you
              didn't know that).
        Nyx | Accident? Heh, I'd love to hear about it sometime.  Not now
        vog | Ok, mramiga..... let me read question....
      Laire | vog: why do you think a consumer of such internet box would
              accept a not real display of the web pages he want to
              access....web pages in 256 colours is a bad joke
              today(let's ignore the slowness of AA at the moment)....
      Laire | If i would a consumer of such box i would demand that
              documents are shown in the same quality they are produced
        vog | Hold on Laire.  Mramiga:
        vog | I've had to think about how to answer this question,
        vog | VIScorp is not a big company.
        vog | If it succeeds in what is trying to achieve, it will likely
              partner or merge with a larger company that will bring
              money to the USA marketing.
        vog | On the technical questions... yes, those are important.
              RTG related.
        vog | I don't know about the checkmark.  There is a marketing
              person at VIScorp.
        vog | He will make that decision... with perhaps some of our
              influence.  ;)
    mramiga | Well in my opinon and many others   if you cant grab at
              least a minor part of the US market  then you shouldnt even
              try. and just let the amiga die
        vog | Markets don't happen that way.
        vog | Take a look at anything.... CD, CDROM, PCs.  They all grow.
        vog | They start small and build.  That's what will happen here,
              if VIScorp can get a good partner.
        vog | And, I should say that MANY big companies are interested in
        vog | GA
     JacobE | queue: mordo, sunrise, lostman, kosh, antigrav, x-isle,
              d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     JacobE | mordo: you'
     JacobE | mordo: your turn :)
      Mordo | The Questinos Are: Will future Amigas be SVGA friendly and
              not require an expensive and rare multiscan monitor (I hate
              NTSC boot screens)?  And will most of the hardware
              accessories (disk drives, hard disk, etc) be standard pc
              fair, no
        vog | JacobE: didn't Laire have a question before this?
     JacobE | vog: laire asked out of turn
        vog | Oh... ok.  Mordo:
        vog | I'm all for bringing down the prices of hardware as they
              relate to the Amiga.
        vog | I think there are a couple ways to accomplish this.  And
              VIScorp is considering them.
         -- | _Tachyon is now known as Tachyon_.
         -- | AztecC_ is now known as AztecC.
         -- | ushooz2 is now known as ushooz.
        vog | I think the PPC has a lot of applicatons in a high end
              Amiga as well.
        vog | It would be good to see it with several processors, if the
              memory configuraton can be made to work.  (Keep in mind
        vog | parallel processors don't buy you anything if they cannot
              run at the same time.  This is done by caching
        vog | main memory or by interleaving it.
        vog | Also: Don't forget Amdal's (sp?)rule of parallel
        vog | GA
     X-isle | what exactly is Anti Gravity Products?? I have a 1200
    sunrise | what is amdahls rule?
        vog | Sunrise: I'm not sure... my clock is broken  ;)
    sunrise | Vog: Grin :)
     JacobE | queue: lostman, antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*,
              stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     AztecC | hehe
        vog | The rule is fundamental: if you've got two processors, the
              largest gain will be
        vog | 2 times.  But most of the time, due to overhead, and serial
              code/events, you get less that 2 times.  So...
        vog | if you consider the cost of the extra processor, it might
              be better to invest in
        vog | faster memory or better caches, as they might yield better
              improvement in performance.  Parallel
        vog | processing is not new to me.  It has been on of my favorite
              hobbies/jobs since the early 80's.  At Apple
        vog | I was writing my OS for a 4 processor CPU that shared a
              very large interleaved cache.
        vog | It was as fast as a cray.
        vog | GA
     JacobE | queue: lostman, antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*,
              stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     JacobE | lostman: your turn
    Lostman | vog: What plans (if any) are there about users and user
              group support. Will QuickPak be resposible for that? Will
              they be doing the marketing *for now*?  There is some
              consern about VISCorp going up aginst the big boys
    Lostman | Vog: lastly...
    Lostman | I have a marketing buisness proposal to make to viscorp.
              Who should I contact? I Assume that the aquisition of AT is
        vog | No, actually the AT deal is still in the works... or I
        vog | So far your questions have been good, general technical and
        vog | but given you things to consider.  With regard to QuickPak,
        vog | There are a lot of sensitive issues on things like that,
              and it is not my area of the company.
        vog | With regard to general support, I am hoping to see that
              happen over the net.  As we discussed earlier tonight.
        vog | As for the big boys....
         -- | c958316 is now known as Archie.
        vog | How often have you seen them succeed?  Was Netscape a big
        vog | History gives us hope.  The big boys are always slow off
              the block.
        vog | GA
    Lostman | thanx.
     JacobE | queue: antigrav, x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh,
              moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     JacobE | ok, antigrav has left the building
        vog | Oh, ... on the business proposals: you can send them to
              Bill Buck at VIScorp.
     JacobE | queue: x-isle, d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh, moxnix,
              trapper, shenlong
        vog | Regular mail is probably best.
     JacobE | so has x-isle :)
        vog | GA
     JacobE | vog: if you want to give the address/fax, go right ahead :)
     JacobE | queue: d_pilot, fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh, moxnix, trapper,
     JacobE | vog: i have about a 40 sec lag to you
        vog | VIScorp, 111 North Canal Street, Suite 933, Chicago IL
              60606 USA.
     AztecC | :)
     JacobE | fair enough :)
     JacobE | d_pilot: ok, your turn :)
         -- | MELETH is now known as [_V^C^M_].
    D_Pilot | I was going to ask about user group support, but lostman
              beat me to it, unless you have anything to add to that.  It
              would be nice to see an improvemnt in usergroup relations.
        vog | Lostman: Bill is the best person to send them to.  David
              works on new markets.... so if that makes sense, send it to
              him as well.
        vog | GA
        vog | Yes, user groups need a lot more support than what they
              have been getting.  It is a good way to leverage the effort
              and distribution
        vog | of information.
        vog | GA
     JacobE | queue: fntc, u4ia-f8*, stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     JacobE | fntc: your turn :)
       Fntc | I'm still preparing my question, I'll go after U4ia.
        vog | (JacobE: how do I kill the Join messages?  AmIRC.)
     JacobE | vog: i don't think you can in amirc
        vog | Ah, a flaw.
        vog | AztecC: how you holding up?  Am I going to get fired?
     JacobE | vog: myself, i just have server messages a dim color :)
     AztecC | where's my notebook? join messages...
     JacobE | ok, u4ia couldn't stay, but he wanted to ask...
     JacobE | vog, u4ia wanted to know what improvements would be made to
              the audio system on the amiga (he's a musician)
        vog | AztecC: I expect they are being joined as we speak.  I
              expect to read them in the WSJ this morning.
     AztecC | Heh, I'm on Texas now, 0 second lag to vog!
     JacobE | ah he's back :)
    U4ia-F8 | ta
    U4ia-F8 | hi vog,
    U4ia-F8 | As a 'musician' i am always interested in the sound aspects
              of computers
    U4ia-F8 | the amiga sound chip is way out of date now
        vog | Good deal.  BTW: AztecC is Jim Goodnow, author of Manx
              Aztec C and many other Amiga programs, another VIScorp
              software guru, and an old friend.
    U4ia-F8 | what plans are there for upgrades? etc..
    U4ia-F8 | ie. 8 bit don't cut it anymore.
        vog | Ok, back to U4ia:
        vog | Yes, Amiga audio has been out of date for too many years.
              The original designer of the
        vog | audio chip, Glen Keller, completely updated the audio
              system about five years ago.  he
        vog | swung by the mountain and told me about his upgrades.  Very
              nice.  But, they never were manufactured for reasons that
              only Commodore can know.
    U4ia-F8 | i heard it was only 2 channels of 16 bit though
    U4ia-F8 | surely that is ridiculous is this day and age
        vog | What can we do?  Fix it!  We have to... but it will take
              time.  (I had not heard that... two channels.  I would
        vog | find it easy to believe, however... keeping the DMA
              channels as the are).  But
        vog | it does not matter much now.  If the PPC happens, all of
              this will be addressed.
        vog | .
        vog | GA
     JacobE | vog: just as a side note, a few people have asked if the
              plans for the upgraded audio exist anywhere :)
        vog | (whoops.... who can tell that I'm an old unix emailer).
       Fntc | Am I clear to go? :-)
     JacobE | just a sec
        vog | Probably in the archive held in Trenton.
    U4ia-F8 | vog: sorry about this.
     JacobE | u4ia would like to comment to the last comment :)
    U4ia-F8 | basiccly all you just said was this
    U4ia-F8 | "when the amiga turns into a PC, the sound will be sorted"
    U4ia-F8 | ie. shove a soundcard in like everyother pc user
    U4ia-F8 | so surely the Amiga is damned?
        vog | No, stop. Stop.
    U4ia-F8 | ok.
        vog | PC sound cards are for the birds.
        vog | But, there are a LOT of good chips out there that don't end
              up on mainstream PC sound cards.
        vog | I would guess that those might be worth consideration for
              future machines.
        vog | GQA
        vog | GA
         -- | sascman is now known as SASCMan.
     JacobE | fntc: when you're ready :)
       Fntc | OK
       Fntc | Vog - Several questions.
       Fntc | 1) It has become apparent that the current VISCorp
              hierarchy intends to use AGA in their set-top box.
              Unfortunately as we all know, AGA is rather sluggish,
              especially when hi-res hi-color modes start sucking DMA
              time. One possible solution
     JacobE | (not too many :)
       Fntc | itself, would be to clock the CHIP bus at a higher but
              synchronous rate, giving more bandwidth over to the CPU,
              while having custom PALs handles AGA's DMA
       Fntc | itself, would be to clock the CHIP bus at a higher but
              synchronous rate, giving more bandwidth over to the CPU,
              while having custom PALs handle AGA's communication with
              the CHIP bus. This would only break software that didn't
              count on CHIP
       Fntc | amount of time.
       Fntc | 2) At the WOA show in London, the VISCorp representative
              wasn't exactly inspiring. After reading transcripts of the
              conference I find that the heckling wasn't entire
              unwarranted. What the heck was going on there?
       Fntc | 3) VISCorp has recently made rumblings about p-os. This
              concerns me. While p-os has some similarities to AmigaOS
              (as well as some compatibilty), it doesn't appear to be as
              comprehensive as AmigaOS 3.1, let alone what AmigaOS should
       Fntc | AmigaOS in favor of p-os? While this might certainly make a
              good set-top box, IMHO it would not be a step forward for
              the Amiga.
       Fntc | 4) Can we come visit the VISCorp offices in Chi-town? :-)
       Fntc | GA
        vog | Can you clock the CHIP bus faster without revising the
              chips?  Isn't there a slew time limit on the internal
              driving transistors?
        Nyx | You run into other issues with running higher clock rates,
              like sync timing registers in ECS/AGA start to overflow.
       Fntc | vog - I mean, SEPERATE the CHIP bus from AGA (sort of like
              what was done with AAA)
        Nyx | Spencer shanson spent a LOT of time fixing problems with
              AGA on DoubleNTSC's a nightmare.
       Fntc | vog - Not an actual bandwidth increase of AGA itself. Only
              the CPU would get extra bandwidth.
        Nyx | (just some sidebars from watching the gfx guys work on AGA
              at C=)
         -- | Nyx is now known as NyxEA.
        vog | If it can be done with existing chips, I would like to hear
              more about it. Please email me separately, soon, and we can
              consider it.
        vog | Ok, on to 2)
        vog | I wasn't at WOA, but I did read about it.  Bill is trying
              to walk a careful line right now.  Many things are up in
              the air.
        vog | I think he's just being extra careful, as this is a
              critical time and we could lose a lot.
        vog | Question 3):
        vog | As far as I know, it would have to go through me first...
              and I have heard zero about it.
        vog | As you can guess, if we are going to hop to a different OS
              implementation it
        vog | would get major examination and a critical eye from me.
              (Where does this info
        vog | get started?  Perhaps from the P-OS folks?)
     JacobE | (i think that was rhetorical)
     JacobE | but fntc wants to answer
       Fntc | vog - From Viscorp's web page.
        vog | 4) finally, sure.  But you won't see much there.  The rest
              of us are hidden away....
     AztecC | A truly distributed company :)
     JacobE | queue: stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
        vog | *waiting for fntc...
       Fntc | vog I'm through.
        vog | Oh... what was that about our web page?
       Fntc | vog - That's where the P-os rumour got started (the page
              was casually mentioning P-OS)
        vog | RanXeroX: Really.... what part of Xerox?
        vog | Fntc: where???
       Fntc | vog - I'll have to go check later. :-) Of course maybe the
              whole thing is a figment of my diseased imagination (I
              could've SWORN I saw it mentioned on vistv though)
        vog | ranXeroX: good nick.
        vog | Fntc: could be on a link.... but not intentional.
        vog | GA
     JacobE | queue: stevekh, moxnix, trapper, shenlong
         -- | sascman is now known as sighsalot.
     JacobE | ok steve, you've waited this long :)
    SteveKH | OK, thanks. And thanks for the conference. I'm not as
              prolific as Fntc: I only have two questions.
    SteveKH | 1) Is the STB design fully digital, or is it a
              digital/analog hybrid?
    SteveKH | 2) If the AT acquisition goes thorugh, will there be
              another restructuring of the developer suport?
    SteveKH | GA
        vog | 1) I would expect there might be more than one STB....
              depending on the application.  We would like to see it be
              extra flexible.  But that is all I can say right now.
        vog | 2) I am not that familiar with the current developer
              support.  I have not heard very much positive so far....
        vog | If we can make it better, we certainly will.  I would like
              to see it all go on the net.  You cold
    SteveKH | I'm actually hoping for a restructuring of the developer
        vog | (could) download new libs, devs, docs, etc.  Much like
              other companies that support their developers (eg. Sun) via
              the net.
         -- | sighsalot is now known as SASCMan.
        vog | I really think that the net is the best way to do this kind
              of support.  Having a group of people
    SteveKH | Yes, I've been looking for a cheap way to get the
              includes... So far I've been typing them in from the RKMs
              (very slow going). GA
        vog | sending out floppies or CDROMs is sort of a waste.  Perhaps
              major archive releases on CDROM a few times a year.
        vog | GA
     JacobE | queue: moxnix, trapper, shenlong
     JacobE | ok, no moxnix :)
     JacobE | trapper: go for it :)
    Trapper | hi Carl & aztecC
    Trapper | I have a two part question.. I'll paste pt1
        vog | (Ran: sure thing.... me neither.)
    Trapper | You have been quoted as saying you want to see a 'Killer'
              Amiga... true?
        vog | Trapper:
        vog | Yes, I have said that.
        vog | GA
    Trapper | Will this mean you will see that the job is done thoroughly
    Trapper | releasing it on the market? Even if it meant delaying the
    Trapper | Going on what facts you have so far,will the OS be
              radically changed from
    Trapper | what we have been used to,or just a quick port to RISC with
              some added feat
    Trapper | res?
    Trapper | (no need for you to repeat what you have already stated,but
              in a your own words)
    Trapper | feat res = features
    Trapper | GA
        vog | Yes, as always, the job must be done thoroughly before
              release.  But, for the rest of the question,
        vog | I cannot answer yet.  But, it is best to take small, sure
              steps.  Perhaps
     JacobE | oops, lost trapper there
        vog | it would make the most sense to make the hop with as few
              changes as possible, then expand into the new domain.
        vog | That way, people get both the old system, and a newer
              system... as a progression.
        vog | GA
     JacobE | ok
     JacobE | last question :)
    SASCMan | thank you
    SASCMan | One statement, and two related questions.
        vog | Ok, just one thing first:  I want to let everyone know that
              this is
     JacobE | geez, sasc & aztec
        vog | not the only IRC that we will hold.... there are plans for
              a more formal IRC with VIScorp in the next couple weeks.
              At that session I expect to have
        vog | Bill Buck, Don Gilbreath and others from VIScorp to answer
              your questions.  I have
        vog | already proposed this to Bill, and he is very open to the
              idea.  I hope we can find a good server in France to work
              it through, so if you know of something, please tell me via
    SASCMan | Try innernet
        vog | Again, this has been an informal, unplanned IRC.  Much more
              to follow.
        vog | GA
    SASCMan | Okay, my statement
        vog | Go ahead SASCMan, but don't get too close to Jim (manx) or
              something bad might happen.
    SASCMan | I have noticed that VIScorp has been, for the most part,
              unwilling to refer to the Amiga as anything more than a
              'chipset' or 'technology'
    SASCMan | that makes us shudder...
    SASCMan | My questions:  1) Is VIScorp going to make set top boxes?
              or 2) Is VIScorp going to make set top boxes and computers?
              (please refer to the Amiga as a computer)
    SASCMan | perhaps to 'upgrade' box owners to full blown Amiga's
    SASCMan | GA
        vog | That's just the suits way of talking... buzzwords.  Don't
              read anything into it.  As for your questions:
        vog | Ah, a trick question.  This is multiple choice. (2) is the
              plan.  We MUST make both an STB and a Computer to survive.
    SASCMan | (in hopes of selling them up to computers, I hope)
         -- | sidey is now known as sidewinde.
        vog | No, in hopes of expanding the Amiga into 10's of millions
              of locations worldwide.
        vog | I should point out to everyone on the channel....
    SASCMan | good enuff... I'm somewhat relieved.  My thanks.
        vog | we want 2 things:  1) a high volume of Amigas, posing as
              STBs and 2)
        vog | good quality Amiga computers for a range of budgets.
    SASCMan | CDTV
    SASCMan | hmmm...
        vog | SASCMan: CDTV?
        vog | Ok, here are the emails: (me, software)
    SASCMan | CDTV was Commodore's STB, btw
        vog | (VP engineering) (hardware)
        vog | But, better yet visit our web site:
     AztecC | Carl, any sign of carpal tunnel yet? :)
        vog | SASCMan: Yes, CDTV was my work also.
     JacobE | vog: one last thing, a few people want to know if there's
              anything juicy you can tell us about amiga's upcoming
        vog | AztecC.... yes, tired.
     JacobE | (well, i'm sure more than a few want to know :)
        vog | No, all I can say, is it is going to be a surprise.  :)
     AztecC | ... you gotta wear shades!
    SASCMan | a good surprise, I hope
     JacobE | hehe
       CTCP | PING reply from Cryzz: 51 seconds
        vog | Good night, and good morning all.  Thanks for the ride.
              Was a fun first moderated session for me and gives me an
              idea what
     JacobE | vog: thanks for the conference, i know all of us here
              really appreciated it
        vog | to expect in france in a few weeks.  Later, 73s  Carl.
     JacobE | aztecc: you too :)
        vog | Thanks Jacob for all the help.
     JacobE | ok, going to unmoderated status
        vog | nite all.
       Fntc | Thanks for being here vog!
    SASCMan | nite
   Achilles | g'night...
   sanjiyan | byebye!
       Fntc | Gnite!
        YRU | thanks
     paulaM | thanx vog... i love my amiga :)
   RanXeroX | nite
    RMerlin | G'night, and thanks a lot vog!
          * | Zzzzz cheers!
    SteveKH | nite
   RanXeroX | Buh Bye
      Eetu- | Ungagged at last ! ;)
     Greebo | thanks vog, g'night.
    commish | thanks
     Cowboy | g'nite vog!  THANKS!
          * | JosefGV notes the "73s" and wonders if vog is a ham radio
              operator :)
    SASCMan | vog, read my E-Mail's  ;)
    Trapper | Well done lads ;-)
       Vacu | Se ya.
      Optic | die
      Mordo | Thanks Carl & Jim
            | vog, thanks for the conference & bye!
     paulaM | thanx :)

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