Bill Buck's Speech at Toulouse

Speech held by William 'Bill' Buck, CEO, VIScorp

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Toulouse-Show.

I want to emphasize that this Press Conference is a working conference. We asked you in the world of AMIGA show to give us your ideas and your initiate us. We`ve had so many ideas that we've put in on the web site, and we had even more ideas. We had over 2000 e-mails that have been provided by users for the future of AMIGA. What we want to do here today, is we want to map out a strategy to you and we think the future of AMIGA to be and we want to make sure that you understand and we want to hear your ideas and your opportunity to participate in that future. So, I want to say before we began too much that excuse me for not answering, excuse us for not answering all your e-mail. You can imagine that we had millions and millions of e-mail messages that if there`s something that you would like us us to respond to that we haven`t responded to yet. You can be sure that I am responding to my e-mail as well as the rest of us now. In some cases Eric as an example has done a fantastic job, he personally answered over 2000 e-mail messages himself and Carl was probably on the record for good 1000 himself as well.

I will try to speak slowly, I know I have got a funny American accent but so, I try to do that. First, I do apologize for the confusion about today. In the world of AMIGA show we`ve said that we will have a press conference in Germany around the end of the month. Because we had so many ideas come from you, in a community as a whole that said this kind of thing might be better, because we want to show the people and the press that we talking about what we are doing and we are doing what we`re doing. And so somehow on the process of that information I think we got a little confused and we still had some information on the AMIGA Technologies web site that was different than ours and I apologize for that, especially to the people on the German AMIGA community who I don`t want to feel excluded at all. We try to answer a lot of questions before we came here about what our intentions were for AMIGA. It`s our intention today to try to answer all the rest of the questions that you might have.

So I`d ask out of respect for everybody in the world to hold their questions until we get to that point of the presentation today. We want to give you as much information as we can, when I finish my conversation, Raquel Valesco will give you the high points in French and in Spanish. Raquel, stand up please. Raquel has been the driving force behind this conference. It was her idea and the way it was organized and we proceeded was to her credit.

We also have Eric Laffont. Eric, stand up please. Eric really is an employee, he has business cards and please take one from him. And Eric really is the man who devises the survey and who implemented it and he did such a fantastic job answering all the e-mails. Thank you Eric. In addition to that, there was a staff of people very nervous who also helped physically support today .I really appreciate what they did for us. We have the rest of Viscorp Team here, we start here with Don Gilbreath, Carl Sassenrath, David Rosen and we have Curtiz Gangi, so here he is, and we have Petro Tyschtschenko and Stefan Haas.

Let`s talk first about the AMIGA transaction. Bill Buck and Helmut Jost made a deal. It`s based on trust, it`s based on a handshake and it will probably based on this much paper when it`s all finished. It`s not finished. Bill Buck and Helmut Jost have a deal, and when it`s done, Viscorp will be the owner of AMIGA.

One more thing I like to say about this. Raquel and I last week were the guests of the New York Stock Exchange. And we stood in the member`s gallery with the treasury and the secretary of the New York Stock Exchange, the biggest capital market in the world. He told us that the reason why the Stock Exchange works is because two people have a trust. And trust is based on a "purple" agreement and for three days there`s nothing written. There`s no transaction. This agreement that Helmut Jost and I have at this point is we`re waiting for this is based on trust and that's why we don`t feel uncomfortable with this meeting today, and that`s why I'm sure that this transaction will be completed.

The second thing I like to say for the record is that Viscorp is committed to the future of the AMIGA computer. We`re committed to the AMIGA computer because we think the AMIGA computer represents a valuable choice to the market place and we believe it can be a profitable business. We think that means that we're gonna have to make some changes. We're gonna have to lever up the good things that have happened in the past and try to step beyond the things that everybody doesn't agree about. The difficulties that the platform has had in general don`t and we think we can do that and I will come back to that in a minute. Certainly, we believe in the operating system. We licensed it in December because we believe in the operating system. The fact that this opportunity was created for Viscorp because of the difficulties of ESCOM have anything to do with our believe in the operating system. We believe in the operating system. We think it still lives. The only multimedia and multitasking operating system in the world in our opinion.

The second thing is and probably the most important thing is we believe in you. We believe in the community. Without a community of people like AMIGA has AMIGA will be just like everybody else. You guy are fanatics ! You can believe the thousands of e-mail messages I got. We asked you for your ideas at the AMIGA show and we were amazed by how many ideas came back to us. It was overwhelming. So, what we realized is that there is a future for AMIGA that absolutely no doubt about it like any development community. There had to be support, but this was going to be a little different in this case. Your ideas from everything you can imagine and we`re gonna take advantage of all those ideas. The first step we wanna make to you, the community, is that we are ready to listen. We think we demonstrated that we have the capacity to do that and that it's not our intention to change in that respect at all. The second thing we want to share with you are the results of our survey. We think it`s very vital information and we intend to do that on our website. That's in fact how we intend to get a lot of information to you in the future. We hope in the next few weeks to post documentation on the website that will support you. We know that there are people who can`t find this vital documentation that they need to do the things they want. We`re gonna try to get back and use our website as our best means of communication to the community. You can't imagine all the different places in the world that we're talking to people about us.

We have a clear vision for what we want to do in the future and we believe we can support that vision. Let me just say from the outset that we think that in 1997 there will be more AMIGAs sold than we ever had been before. Most of those AMIGAs are gonna be our products and in products. It`s not gonna happen because little Viscorp makes them, it`s gonna happen because big companies decide to license the technology and put technology into existing products that they have. In the next few weeks there will be an announcement from us about a big company that makes TV-sets. We`re gonna put these things inside the TV set. First, as we get ready to talk about the ED and I'm sorry to say that we just have the ED in NTSC-version today because we had to develop our own operating system in the beginning which Carl wrote too by the way. It only works in this environment right now. That`s the great thing about AMIGA, it works in all the other environments. You`ll be able to see that product very shortly, but today we want to show you our ED, in black and white only, sorry.

Two things to remember here: The first thing is with all you AMIGA guys, we know you have a great imagination, so pretend it`s in color. The second thing is that television technology hasn't changed in four years. It's a great thing about what we are proposing to do. The computer changes every week, there`s a faster processor, there`s more memory and there`s a new version of windows 95, it takes 95 megabytes. There`s lots of different things that are happening. This environment hasn`t changed. It`s a stable environment. It`s a very fertile field for us to do something, fantastic things. One more thing I would like to say before I get into the little demonstration of our ED. The past is the past, I don't care about what happened before. This is a new deal. Don`t whine on me about this or that. Look, I know that I`m not talking to you people because you are here on sunday morning but there are a lot of people in the community that are still upset about things that happened before. This is something new. We`re going forward, we`re going to demonstrate it every step of the way we`re going to go. That as an example that there are specific things that when we know we`re gonna do we will tell you.

I can tell you right now a walker before Christmas, I don't think so. I think there may be some other company that may decide: It was a good idea. We won`t have a power PC port ready for Christmas. We got to do something, we have parts and hardware that can take advantage of the OS. We got to show these people that we are moving. Great idea, it`s a prototype, if somebody wants to pick up the ball and run with it. We`re ready to try to support that person. And in the same way, still even this month there were people at AMIGA Technologies that were talking about the walker being introduced this year. All I can say is that this person in particular doesn't work at AMIGA Technologies anymore. There are a lot of people that don't work at AMIGA Technologies anymore. The ones that we feel have something to add to what we`re doing in the future are still there and work silent about then. And we have to put all that stuff behind us. That was just a little example.

Now what is Viscorp going to do for AMIGA? First thing is, we're gonna introduce a new operating system by the fourth quarter. If there are companies on the high end that have an interest in porting over the AMIGA OS to another processor, maybe the power PC. We're happy to support those people. No problem. We think there's another solution to this. We've been in conversations with DEC about the Alpha Chip, that can do 300 megahertz right now. We think that might be the right way to really boost the video. I think that`s something that we are going to be working on and you might see something about that in the middle of 1997. Also on the low end we have our products. Our products are ready. We're gonna talk to you about them later. These things can be adapted in certain ways that can add new functionality to the A1200 level products. And we think there are some ways so that we can tweak the A1200 too. Or we can speed up the bus or something like that to help us get the chipsets to work a little faster. We think we can do a lot of things and that's why we wanna hear from you people because we think you might have ideas we don't know about. And we want to leverage off those. We're happy to let you participate in those idea`s success. So, before I start talking about the ED, I`m going to ask Raquel to cover the main points in French and Spanish, just to make sure we're all together before we go to the next step. Raquel, please.

Thanks very much to Simone Pawletzki for listening very carefully to the tape and typing that much in a foreign tongue.

Thanks must also go to Christoph Guelicher for helping, deciphering, guessing and contributing to the 'missing parts' in the transscript.


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