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Date sent: Sun, 26 May 1996 11:48:47 +1000
Subject: IAS: IRC meeting with Viscorp
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John Mackenzie, an enthusiastic IAS member has arranged an IRC meeting with some people from Viscorp. So everybody make sure that you, your friends and their dogs attend. Here is the message that I received from John. Please note that the time is in GMT which is English time, please adjust for your part of the world.

> Ok, everyone, just got mail from Eric at Viscorp.
> Things are definitivly settled.
> The IAS will hold an IRC confrence with Viscorp on May 31st 22:00hr GMT
> on channel #VIScorp.
> I, will moderate it, but after a few initial statements it will be a
> free flow discussion. Statements about the Amiga and ideas for the
> present and future will be discussed. The past should be talked
> about in a context of mistakes of the past not to be repeated, not blaming
> Viscorp for Commodore or ESCOM activites.
> So, please James, tell the IAS membership. Everyone, I look forward to
> seeing you there. If there are any volunteers to be repsonsible for
> creating a log of the event, please mail me. Thanks.

James Burton,

Secretary in absentia

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