VIScorp Establishes World Wide Web Site

CHICAGO, June 10 -- Visual Information Service Corp. (Nasdaq: VICP Bulletin Board), has established a site on the World Wide Web, located at, to provide information on the company and updates on new developments related to its Interactive TV (ITV) technologies such as the Universal Internet-Television Interface(R) (UITI(R)) set-top device, which the company anticipates will be in retail stores by the 1996 holiday season.

The Web site provides resumes of key company executives, and easy click-and-point e-mail access to company officers. Because VIScorp's interactive device utilizes the Amiga operating system and chip sets, the site also offers a hot link to an Amiga Web site so visitors can find out more information about the Amiga system.

In addition, the company has been using the site to keep Web visitors informed on developments related to VIScorp's pending acquisition of Amiga Technologies GMbH. VIScorp announced on April 11, 1996, that a letter of understanding had been signed with Escom, AG to acquire Amiga. The companies are currently in negotiations. VIScorp already holds a license to use the Amiga operating system and chip sets in its ITV set-top devices and is developing several products that utilize the Amiga technology. The company is exploring numerous possibilities for distribution of its set-top device, as well as licensing opportunities for the Amiga technology.

"The site receives a significant amount of 'hits' every day from Amiga users, those who follow ITV developments, and interested potential investors," said William Buck, Chief Executive Officer. "As we introduce new ITV products, we see the opportunity to obtain rapid feedback from consumers using our Web site. We anticipate that the site will also facilitate dialogue with a broad audience, including software developers, distributors, suppliers, and customers."

The company has announced that it intends to begin marketing the UITI(R) in the fourth quarter of 1996. According to VIScorp, the device will give home television viewers new and exciting home entertainment options by giving them access to Internet, World Wide Web and on-line services, dramatically expanding the capabilities of the family television set with options such as e-mail, on-line chat and Net surfing that has, until now, been available only to those who own personal computers.

The UITI(R) is designed to be placed on top of or next to a television set and connected to a standard telephone line. It comes with a built-in 14.4 BPS modem and, using special fonts and graphics, presents text and graphics through the television set that can be easily enjoyed at normal viewing distances. Viewers can control extensive functions with an enhanced remote control. The device also features local memory storage to enable users to download text and graphics. The UITI(R) runs on the proprietary Amiga operating system, which VIScorp explains has long been recognized for delivering superior graphic quality. The device can overlay graphics and text on the television picture so viewers can continue to watch their favorite shows, or bring up a solid background to facilitate viewing of text.

In addition to the UITI(R), the company says an enhanced set-top device, the Electronic Device(R) (ED(R)) is scheduled for roll out in 1997, and will feature capabilities such as telephone reception and dial-up, facsimile, pay-per-view options, electronic mail, access to on- line services, including the Internet, and more.

Visit the company's Web page at, and direct e-mail to

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