Design the New VIScorp Logo!

VIScorp wants to show the world that it is more than just a set-top technology company with three capital letters in its name. We want to tell everyone that we own the Amiga, in everything we do.

What better way than to incorporate Amiga trademark images in the VIScorp logo? We'd like this to be a community project.

The specifications of the new logo are as follows.

  1. The Logo MUST be provided in a form that will show up in NTSC and PAL broadcast video. (avoid white backgrounds, etc.) We recommend, but do not insist upon, a battleship-grey background at 10% screen.
  2. The Logo MUST be provided in a form that will be color-separatable and printable.
  3. The Logo MUST incorporate the Amiga double-checkmark in the "V" of VIScorp.
  4. The Logo SHOULD incorporate the Amiga rainbow color stripes (as found on Amiga OS manuals, etc.) in the "o" of VIScorp. If you wish, you may ALSO submit a design with the Amiga boing ball as the o, but the rainbow "o" should take precedence.
  5. The Logo MUST be designed on an Amiga.

So, whether your bag is DPaint, Brilliance, AdPro, ImageFX, or Lightwave, we want to see your vision for the future of VIScorp and the Amiga. This will be appearing on all corporate information packages, memos, correspondance, etc.

The entries should be submitted to VIScorp. Disks can be provided in any format. VIScorp
111 N. Canal St.
Suite 933
Chicago, IL 60606

The winner will receive our undying gratitude and recognition on the inside flap of our official corporate information packet.

All entries will become the property of VIScorp.

Jason Compton
Communications Manager, VIScorp

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