Statement By Petro Tyschtschenko
October 23, 1996

Petro Tyschtschenko is the President Of Amiga Technologies, Bensheim.

When Commodore International went bankrupt in May 1994, my goal was to keep the AMIGA technology alive. After eight months of negotiations and with the financial help of ESCOM AG I had managed to obtain all patents, trademarks and all of the AMIGA technology for ESCOM. At that time it was also clear to me that just buying Commodore/AMIGA was not all there was to it. This was only the beginning. It would take at least a hundred million DM to get the AMIGA products of that time back into production. ESCOM financed and I became the president of the new company AMIGA Technologies, which was formed in June 1995.

Days and nights of hard work changed my life and in September 1995, as promised, the first A1200 computers appeared in the shops, followed by the A4000T in November.

Up to the present, AMIGA Technologies sold almost 50,000 A1200s, about 4000 A4000Ts and almost 15,000 monitors. The strategy was to bring the then current products back to the shops in 1995, to advertise the AMIGA by January 1996 while starting the development of a new generation which should be ready for the market by the end of 1996.

But things went quite a different way: ESCOM got into a financial chaos, even with SIEMENS-NIXDORF and QUELLE as shareholders. AMIGA Technologies' budget was cut completely, plans could not be realized any longer, the staff had to be reduced in size, and in the end ESCOM had to file for bankruptcy in July 1996.

Up till now, VIScorp Chicago has invested at least half a million DM in buying out AMIGA Technologies. Salaries of personnel had to be paid, lawyers, traveling-expenses, etc.

During my more than 12 years at Commodore, and now two years at ESCOM as well, I learned how one can reach goals by hard work. I'm still optimistic that it will all come to a successful end between AMIGA and VIScorp before the end of October 1996. Trustee and banks want to keep the AMIGA alive and that's great. As soon as there's news, we'll make it public through the press and on the Internet.

I sincerely thank you for your loyalty and patience; after all it's thanks to the users we're still here.

With kind regards,

Petro Tyschtschenko

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