Iomega Shipments of Zip Drives Pass One Million Mark

Company Also Announces Escom To Be First European OEM To Offer Internal Zip Drives

Source: PR Newswire

HANNOVER, Germany, March 15: -- Iomega Corporation (Nasdaq: IOMG) today announced at the CEBIT tradeshow in Germany that it has shipped more than one million Zip drives in less than one year. The company also announced that it has shipped nearly ten million Zip disks.

"The Iomega Zip drive started as an industry phenomenon and is now a potential replacement for the floppy," said Stan Corker, director, Removable Storage Research, International Data Corporation (IDC). "With new games, graphics and online services demanding so much storage space, the current floppy is a sub-standard solution for saving, backing up and sharing computer information. Zip is changing that almost overnight."

Iomega Europe also today announced an agreement with Escom, which will become the first European manufacturer to offer computers with built-in Zip drives. Escom expects to begin shipping systems containing the internal Zip drive in the second quarter of 1996.

Available for both PC and Macintosh computers the Zip drive became an instant hit in the marketplace after it began shipping in March 1995. With its removable 100-megabyte disks available for as low as $14.95, the $199 Zip drive offers an ideal solution to home, office, school and on-the-road computer users by providing unlimited storage, portability and backup in one, lightweight and compact drive.

Buoyed by its success as a stand-alone product, the Zip drive and disks are now being sold on an OEM basis by two of the fastest-growing PC manufacturers -- Hewlett-Packard Company and Micron Electronics -- as well as by Power Computing one of the most influential of the new Macintosh clone companies, all of which intend to offer internal Zip drives with certain machines. Iomega Zip drives and disks have also become part of the product offering of leading vendors like Epson, Fuji, Maxell, Sony and others.

"Zip took the market by storm," said Timothy Hill, vice president of worldwide marketing for Iomega. "By focusing on consumer needs rather than bits and bytes, Iomega delivered a personal storage solution that revolutionized the way people manage, save and backup their computer stuff."

Iomega Zip drives and disks provide more than 70 times the capacity of today's floppy disks, giving consumers unlimited capacity, increased flexibility, and a built-in back-up system. Advanced data management software, through Iomega's Zip Tools software, is also available with the drive, making it easy for consumers to manage, share and save their information.

Iomega Corporation provides personal computer storage solutions that help people manage their computer stuff -- anywhere. These solutions include: Zip drives and disks; Jaz one-gigabyte drives and disks; Ditto tape backup drives and tape cartridges; and the Bernoulli line of removable drives and disks. Used in homes, business, government and education, and by creative professionals, Iomega storage solutions are available through computer retail stores, resellers and major distributors, The Company can be reached at 800-MY-STUFF (800-697-8833).

NOTE: Iomega and Bernoulli are registered trademarks of, and Zip, Ditto, Jaz and the Iomega logo are trademarks of, Iomega Corporation. All other product and brand names are the property of their respective companies.

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