More Boing Logos Discovered--And DevCon Posters

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Intangible Assets Manufacturing's Boing Ball logo promotion was so successful that el Presidente Dale L. Larson went out in search of any remaining stashes of these valuable collector's items. His quest is complete. IAM is again offering an assortment of these valuable collectors items free with any paid order direct from IAM, while supplies last.

Customers will receive, as long as they are available, a metallic square boing logo, and metallic rectangular logos. One of the rectangular logo designs has the boing ball with the word "Amiga," the other has a rainbow checkmark with the word "Amiga." Both are supplied in two sizes. They all have an adhesive backing. These logos were originally produced for the A1000, but Commodore changed the logo design just before the first A1000s were manufactured, leaving these as surplus. They have been prized by Amiga insiders throughout Amiga history. They have been described by the Amiga Web Directory as "the quintessential Amiga collector's items."

Also while supplies last, IAM customers placing a direct order for merchandise totaling more than $100 can get one of the few remaining historic 2nd Annual Amiga Developers Conference posters. These full-size art posters from 1987(?) feature a print from "RoboCity". Being nearly 10 years old, the posters are not in perfect condition, but should still look great in a frame. IAM has more than a dozen to give away.

These offers apply only to new orders. IAM will not sell these items separately or ship them except with a new order. Offer subject to withdrawal at any time, our lawyers are bigger than your lawyers, etc.

To hunt down more logos, Larson asked several dozen former Commodore engineers and sales people, and he unearthed two new sources for these logos. As far as he knows, these are the only remaining available quantities of these logos on the planet. IAM estimates that we have a few months supply, and we will update our web site immediately when the supply runs out. Thanks to Randell Jesup (Senior Software Engineer at Commodore, now at Scala), and Jeff Porter (Director of Advanced Systems at Commodore, now VP of Engineering for Scala) for giving up their supplies so that IAM could make them available to you. (And thanks to Bryce Nesbitt and Dave Haynie, who made their supplies available earlier.) John Orr (formerly of CATS) provided the supply of posters.

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