Haage & Partner News January, 1997

NEW StormC 2.0, ArtEffect 1.5, DrawStudio 1.1 and more ...

HAAGE & PARTNER is proud to announce some new versions of their software:

StormC 2.0

StormC is an award winning C/C++ compiler system for 68xxx Amiga systems. The readers of a prominent German Amiga magazine voted StormC 1.1 "Product of the Year 96"and it got some other high ratings too: 94% Amiga Plus (Germany), 92% Amiga Computing (UK), 89% Amiga Magazine (Germany).

Among many new features, StormC 2.0 has received a new Profiler, to make speed optimization easier. We also enhanced it with a second editor: the famous GoldED 4.0. Other new features include hierarchical projects, external ARexx control, persistent break points, disassembler, CPU register display and stack checking.

StormC for PPC

At the German Amiga show in Cologne in November of '96 the beta version of a new PPC code generator was introduced. It works fine, although it is still in beta to get better optimization.

StormC for p-OS

The new Amiga-like Operating System p-OS was also introduced in Cologne. p-OS is done with StormC and now the core library of the GUI system StormWIZARD is ported to p-OS. In some weeks the native p-OS version of StormC will be finished. This will enable programmers to port an Amiga version to p-OS with very little effort.

ArtEffect 1.5, AE PowerEffects, AE SuperView, AE Gimmicks

HAAGE & PARTNER has now release a new update of ArtEffect, its award winning ("Product of the Year 96") paint and image processing program. Its main features are HAM8 support, which is essential for owners of an A1200 or A4000 without a graphics board. Especially during image processing they will now have a very good impression of what really happens to their pictures.

There are also some new Plug-Ins like MotionBlur (the picture will look like it is in motion), Tile (this module fills the complete picture with the current brush), MakeTile (this module creates a tile that can be used with the module tile to create an "endless" texture), ScanQuix (this module calls the external scanner software ScanQuix if it is installed on your computer).

Version 1.5 also supports the pressure sensitive pen and the eraser of the Wacom tablets (e.g. the ArtPad).

AE PowerEffects and AE SuperView are the first two extension packages. The first one adds new effects like PageCurl, Wave, Wobble, Ripple, Polar, Warp, ObjectMorph, Smear Blur, Prism, Alien, Shift and Lightchange. The second one adds about 32 new loaders and savers like PhotoCD, IFF-ILBM, IFF-ACBM, IFF-YUVN, IFF-DEEP, IFF-PBM, PCX, GIF 87a/89a, QRT/POV Raytrace, BMP (Windows, OS/2), JPEG (JFIF v6), TIFF, PNG, PNM (PBM, PGM, PPM), IMG, WPG, MacPaint, C64, PostScript(TM) etc.

On the support page of ArtEffect there are various files to patch older version to current 1.5. There are also some free Gimmicks for ArtEffect like 4 new toolbox icon set and 2 program icons (MagicWB and NewIcon style).

DrawStudio 1.1

DrawStudio is a very new structured drawing program for the Amiga. The main point on DrawStudio is the sophisticated combination of bitmap and vector-based graphics. All vector objects can be filled with a color, a gradient, a pattern or a bitmap.

Done by Graham and Andy Dean and published by LH Publisher in UK. HAAGE & PARTNER are the exclusive distributor of the German version and also a distributor of the English one. There is a new version of DrawStudio out now. It is localized for English and German.

Demo versions and patches of StormC 2.0, ArtEffect 1.5 and DrawStudio 1.1 are available on the home page of HAAGE & PARTNER:


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