News Date : 25 Jan 97

For the eighth straight year in a row, the North Alabama Society of Amiga Users (NASAU) will be on hand to demonstrate the Amiga and its capabilities to the public at Huntsville Alabama's IEEE Computer Fair (February 7-8. 1997). This two-day event, sponsored by the Huntsville section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), is designed to showcase the latest in computer technology and typically draws attendance of up to 25,000 people. Best of all, there is no entrance fee.

Think the Amiga's all but forgotten? SURPRISE!! For the last several years, NASAU has been able to put together the largest, most exciting User Group exhibit of the entire fair, regularly stealing attention (and interested bystanders) from the likes of Silicon Graphics' "Magic Bus" and other professional players. This year is setting itself up to be even better with running demonstrations and one-on-one instruction in several Amiga predominant areas:

Desktop/Broadcast video
Several volunteers will have their Desktop Video Equipment available to demonstrate the capabilities of the Amiga, Video Toaster, and Flyer. ProWave, the authors of ProMix, AudioBlackBox, and RenderFX will be on hand to demonstrate their products and how to create professionally mixed audio/video from start to finish!

Wanna Be a Star?
In a new twist designed to emphasize the capabilities of the Amiga, NASAU will be creating a real-time, computer rendered short film in which we can make you the star of the show!*

Professional Software Displays
So, you think that there isn't any "real" software for a "games machine"? You couldn't be further from the truth! There will be running exhibitions on everything Amiga, from Word processors and CAD programs, to how to install TCP/IP stacks and dial-up networking. We'll even show you step-by-step how to use your Amiga to build and maintain your own website!

One of the many strengths of the Amiga is its ability to emulate other platforms. Come see the Amiga emulate a Macintosh, PC, and other systems while still giving you complete access to its native operating system.

Audio and MIDI
John Evans, our local MIDI, music and .MOD affectionado will be on hand to demonstate the Amiga's offerings in the way of audio mixing, sampling, and output..

For more information on the 1997 IEEE Computer Show, check out its web site at:

If you're within reasonable distance, and even if you're not ;-), We heartily invite you to attend what's sure to be a great show!

For more information about NASAU or anything at all, please contact

* There will be a minimal cost to cover the expense of the tape.

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