New USA Amiga Print Magazine Launched


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Eldritch Enterprises and their new Amiga print publication called The Amiga Informer. The Informer is produced entirely on Amiga computers by devoted Amiga enthusiasts. From start to finish, everything we do is 100% Amiga.

The Amiga Informer is squarely aimed at bringing users, dealers and developers together. Instead of reporting only on the latest news, our focus is aimed on brining you the latest information on Amiga products through reviews, announcements, interviews and profiles. Of course, the latest news is available to our subscribers through direct emailings of Amiga Update on-line newsletter. We also provide a link to AU from our web site.

We feel the best way to keep users involved with the Amiga is to keep them informed of all developments taking place. The Informer is designed to do this and aids every aspect of the Amiga Community. We solicit developers to submit information on their products and upgrades. By announcing and reviewing these products in print, we help the product get exposure to consumers, thereby helping the developers. When consumers are informed of a product, they are more inclined to purchase it, thus helping dealers. Consumer want to know about the choices available to them so they can make an educated purchase. The Informer helps the consumer by providing them with this information. Through insightful columns, The Informer draws attention to some of the excellent programs available for the Amiga, again helping user, dealer and developer alike.

There is a serious lack of print information available to Amigans--especially North American users. If a person doesn't have web access--and many do not--they are missing out on 90% of Amiga information. We want information to be in the hands of all Amigans and that is why The Amiga Informer is a print publication. Print publications cost more to produce than their electronic counterparts but there are features of a print publication that cannot be achieved by the electronic versions. Print pubs can be read on a commute to work, at the breakfast table, in bed and in the reading room­-the bathroom :-). They can be handed to friends and passed around groups of enthusiasts. They are convenient, portable and easy to read. Electronic medium is great, but will never fully replace the need for print.

The Amiga Informer is the perfect place for small developers to offer their products. Currently, many of the Amiga's commercial products are produced and distributed by the same small developer. Getting exposure for these products without going broke is difficult. The Informer not only offers small developers a medium for announcing products, but we also offer very affordable advertising rates. In conjunction with a print advertisement, The Informer offers unique web page advertising. So for the same low advertising fee, a developer can get exposure in both our print publication and on our web site. Furthermore, our web site is always active because we advertise our site on the Amiga Web Directory and through other Amiga web sites.

We are working hard to bring subscribers even more benefits and are even making plans to offer electronic coverdisk subscriptions. Our plan is to offer exclusive tutorial disks on popular Amiga programs like Image FX, LightWave and 2D paint programs. Excerpts of these tutorials will be printed in a regular column and those interested will have an option to receive the full Amiga guide versions of the tutorial complete with graphics, scripts and step-by-step instructions.

The Amiga Informer is growing too. We started out as a small 8 page newsletter with a 1500 issue print run. By Issue 7, we hope to be 24 pages and will have at least a 5,000 issue distribution. We currently distribute The Amiga Informer through subscriptions, shows and promotional handouts. Many dealers have agreed to include The Informer in every order they take for Amiga merchandise. In this way, each issue is virtually assured to land in the hands of an active Amiga user.

If you would like more information on The Amiga Informer, please Email or phone our office. You can also visit our web site to get more information or review selected article that appeared in past issues. Our web site also offers several subscription incentives and on-line subscribing. We hope you will give our new publication a chance. We think you'll agree that it's what the Amiga Community needs.

Stay connected...Stay Informed, Fletcher Haug
Voice: 914-566-4665

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