Topolino Connects Your PC Mouse to the Amiga

Ingenieurbuero Steffen Raach
Hauptstr. 66
88379 Unterwaldhausen
Tel: 49-(0)7587/1201
Fax: 49-(0)7587/1202
fido: 2:246/2320.13

The engineering consultancy Steffen Raach has evolved a converter which makes every commercial PC Mouse connectable with the Amiga.

The converter is installed in a 3x5cm housing, which contains a microcontroller and an interface-changer.

The TOPOLINO mouse converter is simply connected directly with the Amiga mouseport and it is immediately ready for operation. No driver software is needed, therefore the PC Mouse works as well in the early-startup-menu as with games-software.

The protocols used by the companies Logitech., Mouse Systems. and Microsoft. are supported, therefore every commercial input appliance can be connected. Trackballs, Glidepoints or radio-controlled mice do not cause any problems. All the specific features like third button, high resolution ... are fully transmitted to the Amiga.

TOPOLINO can be ordered at for DM 49.-.

When used with the A2000, a mini-adapter is required (for the cost price of DM 3.-).

A test report has been written in the german Amiga Magazin 2/97 and another one is planned in the german Amiga Plus 3/97.

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Steffen Raach

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Ingenieurbuero Steffen Raach   Hauptstr.66   88379 Unterwaldhausen
Tel: 07587/1201        Fax: 07587/1202       email:
fido: 2:246/2320.13                 

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