Amiga 97 Show Growing, Gaining Worldwide Attention

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February 8, 1997 - The Gateway Computer Show Amiga 97 which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri on March 15 & 16, 1997, is gaining in momentum and growing in size, according to its sponsors, the Gateway Amiga Club, Inc. (GAC), also located in St. Louis.

The excellent organizational and promotional efforts of the venerable St. Louis club are paying off greatly this year and the show promises to be their best ever, according to industry observers. "Many shows do not go to the efforts these folks do to promote themselves. GAC has pulled out the stops and is utilizing direct mail, flyers, the Internet and television as well," said Kevin Hisel, of the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) another club located in neighboring Illinois which is also promoting the show on their popular web site, The Amiga Web Directory.

A long list of Amiga-oriented companies have already committed to attending the show. According to show organizer Bob Scharp, the confirmed list includes Amiga Report Magazine, Compuquick Media Center, Intangible Assets Manufacturing, MoneySmart-Grafica Software, NewTek, Nova Design, Oregon Research, QuikPak, Silent Paw Productions and SoftLogik Publishing Corporation with more to come.

"We also just received word from two more companies: Ozware, makers of unique video editing tools designed for NewTek's Flyer will exhibit. In addition, P.J. Nordmann - FX will also exhibit their fine video work at the show. P.J. Nordmann is the company producing the television ads for the Gateway Computer Show - Amiga97," Scharp commented.

In addition to the companies, show attendees will include famous Amiga personalities from all over the world.

According to information from GAC's web site, popular Amiga video hardware/software maker NewTek has agreed to sponsor classes in some of its popular products and Amiga computer manufacturer QuikPak is expected to donate an Amiga 4000T (Tower) computer to the show as a door prize.1

"CUCUG plans to attend Amiga 97 again in full force. We'll be chartering a huge, luxury-equipped bus and make the trip down to St. Louis this year just as we did for the last show. Our members had a great time and we are anticipating an even better show this year," Hisel said.

Paul Nordmann, head of P.J. Nordmann - FX stated, "I can't wait for the show. It is going to be very exciting!"

"With your help, we can make the Amiga shine, and the entire community know that Amiga is not only back, but on the attack," Scharp commented about the show.


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1 Door prizes are subject to substitution.

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