The Lair! Web Site Announces Launch


"The Amiga receives yet another boost and statement of support with the arrival of a new Internet-based e-zine. The Lair! has been recently launched into cyberspace - proclaiming the qualities and durability of this resilient platform.

In its premier issue, The Lair! boasts an exclusive interview with Steve Jones of HiQ Ltd., creators of the acclaimed Siamese System and other award-winning products. Also gracing its digital pages is a thought-provoking analysis of America's most notorious hacker, Kevin Mitnick.

This issue also features a topical look at the Amiga's position in the computing world today, a selection of links to recommended sites and a "Media Page" offering links to some of the best news-sources on the Internet.

Future enhancements to the publication include a German translation and a complete down-loadable copy for off-line reading.

Future issues will feature a extensive review of the Amiga's newest web-browser - Voyager-NG, a regular "Short Story", "A Day in the Life of a SysOp" and an analysis of the Amiga's best Internet software."

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