New Service Sets Standards for Freeware Software

Press Release - 13.2.97
For immediate release

The Amiga Coding Excellence Scheme has just been launched with the sole aim of providing quality Freeware to Amiga users with little effort on their part.

The Scheme operates on a few simple rules. First, the programs concerned MUST be Freeware and secondly, they must be high in quality. Although this second point is a subjective issue, we work on the recommendations of actual users.

So, if you use a decent piece of Amiga Freeware, or you have written one, please submit it to us via the link on the page, or by email to

The Scheme is currently in a 'fledgling' state where it could work brilliantly, or fail miserably. What makes the difference is user input, so please do submit those programs. We already have a growing list of submitted programs building up and we are currently contacting the authors to liase with them.

These are some of the features we feel make programs worth using and the more of these a program fits, the more likely it is to be listed on ACES.

  1. Font sensitive GUI
  2. Keyboard shortcuts in windows
  3. Re-sizable windows (if at all possible - good on big screen modes)
  4. AREXX port
  5. Amigaguide help (on-line is obviously better)
  6. An Installer script (or a drag & drop type installation)

These rules are not strictly adhered to, in fact, any program could get in provided it is Free and good.

If you have any comments, please fill out the feedback form on the ACES pages, or mail

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