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Press Release 2-20-97
Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 97

The newest exhibitors at Amiga 97 are: Anti Gravity Products, Brewster Productions, Scharp Designs and Micro R. & D.

Anti Gravity Products will be selling their vast wares of Amiga items at the show. They are a retailer from California, and will be well stocked for the show.

Brewster Productions is a new company to the Amiga market. They will be launching two new Amiga products at the show: An address list program that is suited for organizations and individuals called "Organize Pro." The second program is a business payroll program entitled "Payroll Plus." It is a flexible, easy to use, highly capable payroll program that has been used in business for several years. Both of these products run with the SBase4 database program. The latest update of SBasePro4, not widely available prior to this show, will be included with these products. (The latest update to SBasePro4 is also available from Mr. Hardware, in Central Islip, New York.)

Scharp Designs exhibited at the last Gateway Computer Show, selling their first in a series of porcelain Amiga show mugs. They are now unveiling their second in the series of Amiga mugs for this special show. They are a five color porcelain mug with a four finger handle and a gold rim. Truly beautiful and microwave safe too. The original mug was featured in Amazing Computing/Amiga magazine in the January issue on page 45.

Micro R. & D. is a developer, famous for their bigfoot power supplies. They are also retailers of fine software and hardware such as Directory Opus, GPFax, Wizard Mice etc.

Other exhibitors are contacting us, and the latest information is available

on our show web page:

Press Release 2-23-97
Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 97

More exhibitors sign up for Amiga 97, the Amiga Show of the Gateway Amgia Club, Inc. FASTRAX and National Amiga are on board for the best Amiga show we've had. Coming March 15 & 16 at the Harley Hotel in St. Louis.

FASTRAX will be selling their Amiga hardware and software Amiga items.

National Amiga is a Canadian dealer,who will bring a vast assortment of items to sell at the show.

Other exhibitors are contacting us, and the latest information is available on our show web page:

If you are an exhibitor, please be aware that space for exhibitors is almost gone. We only have a few booths left. So if you haven't signed up yet, and wish to do so, don't wait any longer. Email Bob Scharp, show chairman at the address below. Don't wait and be disappointed when the show is sold out of exhibiton space.



Bob Scharp, Chairman

Gateway Computer Show-Amiga97

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