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In July, in Montreal, the first annual PowerPC Convention will take place! This convention will gather the PowerPC community together from all across the world to show its support for the PowerPC platforms! (BeBox, PIOS-ONE, A/Box, Amiga (PowerUP), PowerMac (& clones), IBM, Motorola) We hope to make this show an event that will demonstrate the "POWER" behind PowerPC's and their operating systems (BeOS, pOS, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, AIX).

 WHY: We are putting on the PowerCon'97 to support our favorite computers. We feel that there is a place for the PowerPC platform within the "WINTEL" monopoly.

 WHERE: The Howard Johnson Hotel in Montreal,


Howard Johnson


475 Sherbrooke West Street

Montreal (Quebec)


H3A 2L9

WHEN: 19 & 20 of July 1997

TIME: 10:00 - 20:00 (8:00 PM) Saturday 9:00 - 18:00 (6:00 PM) Sunday

ENTRANCE COST: 7 Canadian dollars



Software Coding

1st place: $800

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $100


COST FOR RENTING TABLES: $150 - 1 day, $250 - 2 days, for one table of 6' by 3' and chairs. These tables are aimed towards dealers and developers.

FREE TABLES: We will also have free tables, for anyone who wishes to BRING THEIR own PPC system, whether to show off something cool, or just to help someone else who might need one at the time. However, at the free tables you get less space than the pay tables, it is first-come first-serve, and you cannot sell products at the tables! That is strictly for the rented tables.

ACCESABILITY: The show is easily accessible by bus and subway, as well as having lots of parking space in the vicinity for cars.

WHY DEALERS SHOULD COME: We offer tables at an incredibly low rate, a price that includes electrical outlets and electricity. You also get the chance to show and sell your wares to a crowd of PPC owners, all of who have money to spend and are influenced by how big a presence you have at the show.

WHY PEOPLE SHOULD COME: We will have stands from many major dealers and developers. We will also have a lot of friendly PPC owners there, plus a booming sound system and TV setup that will show crazy demos and products. It will be a wild good time for all!




Please contact the hotel and specify that you are coming for the PowerCon'97.


To get the latest info about the PowerCon'97 and get more details about it please check out our WWW sites at:

If you want to reserve a table, get more information on the show, or just talk to the organizers, e-mail us at:





(514)-649-9756 (in Canada) and ask for Frederic (514)-933-8095 (in Canada) and ask for Jeremie regarding the PowerCon'97. You can also mail the organizers at:

Frederic Tessier

922 Deschamps

Sainte-Julie (Quebec)

J3E 1N9



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