Issue 6 of The Amiga Informer Now Available

Issue #6 of The Amiga Informer is now available and ready for reading!. What's The Informer? The Amiga Informer (ISSN 1089-4616) is a B&W Amiga print Zine full of information and contacts that help readers stay connected with new developments and products. It features reviews, interviews, announcements, contacts and news. The Informer's staff are all committed and passionate Amiga users, and are proud to produce the entire newsletter using only Amiga computers. Issue 6 represents our first full year of production. During this year we have grown from an 8 page newsletter, to a 24 page mini magazine.

In this issue you will find cover stories detailing QuikPak's bid for the rights to the Amiga and Carl Sassenraths' new LAVA programming language. Inside we present the winner of the prize drawing (MRBackup and Megaball 4) along with announcing the prizes up for grabs in the next issue (Capital Punishment and The Avalon CD).*

*Note: Prize drawings are of course open to anyone as detailed in every issue and on our web site. Just send your name, address, phone number, email address and the date to the below address and you will be entered.

This issue's news stories include an interview with Jim Drew of Microcode Solutions (formally of Utilities Unlimited). Other news items include: VillageTronics new Picasso 96 graphics card software; the Team AMIGA database; the AHI audio system; NewTekniques magazine; IAM's low pricing; the new pOS operating system from ProDAD; PCx 80x86 software emulation; and the Nova Design video.

The "Developments" section profiles Expansion Systems and their products. The "Announcements" section highlights over 13 new Amiga products and services and we provide info on the Amiga 97 show.

In the "Enhancements" section, Brad Webb continues his Workbench Extras column, detailing useful programs no Amiga should be without. This issue Brad examines X-Trash and the like. The "Site Seeing" column, by Davis Sprague, details the use of FTP and compares AmFTP and AmiFTP. Under "Site Seeing's" PD Pick section, Davis summarizes and compares the many currently available HTML editors. If you're looking for a web editor, you'll want to read this.

We have 4 reviews in the "Evaluations" section. First is a review, by yours truly, of Expansion Systems new CD-XDS external CD-ROM chassis. Next is Brad Webb's assessment of SofTalk, TransMaker and Phon- Maker from Parth Galen, followed by a Bill Schuck review of Frankenstein Software's Power Football. We complete our "Evaluations" section with a summery of the Utilities Experience CD-ROM.

Issue 6 finishes off with the "Action" section suggesting that readers email a certain editor (not me, folks) with their comments. The "Contacts" section lists some excellent Internet sites, BBS numbers and fine Amiga dealers. A nice selection of used Amiga products can be found for sale from our subscribers in the "Marketplace" section.

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