Amiga Informer Announces Special Subscription Offers

The Amiga Informer is gearing up for a subscription drive. To help en- courage Amigans to subscribe we have arranged a special deal with LH Publishing of England, publishers of the excellent DrawStudio drawing and illustration package. This offer is available to all current subscribers and anyone who subscribers to The Informer before March 31, 1997.

From now until March 31, subscribers to The Informer can purchase DrawStudio in either floppy or CD format direct from LH publishing at a 20% savings! Any subscriber can take advantage of this special offer. The CD version of DrawStudio also contains the full versions of ImageStudio and TextureStudio along with a wealth of textures, photographs, fonts, clip art, special effects, and more.

DrawStudio received rave reviews in the British Amiga magazines. It received 92% from Amiga Computing, 94% from Amiga Format, 89% from CU Amiga and 92% form Amiga Shopper. DrawStudio is a new breed of Amiga programs, destined to become a "must have" for Amiga graphics and publishing.

Here are the special limited time prices available to Amiga Informer subscribers.

DrawStudio CD
 Normal price               UK 74.95 (approx. US $120.00)
 Informer price         UK 59.95 (approx. US $96.00)
 Savings realized           Approx. US $24.00

DrawStudio Floppy
 Normal price               UK 59.95 (approx. US $96.00)
 Informer price         UK 47.95 (approx. US $76.00)
 Savings realized           Approx. US $20.00

These prices are in UK pounds and do not include shipping and handling charges. Savings in dollars are approximate and depend on the daily currency exchange rate. You must order by Credit Card (no American express). Ordering from England is easy. Your card will be charged in UK pounds and that fee will be converted to dollars by the card's bank. All orders will be shipped by Airmail and will arrive in under one week.

Here's what you need to do:

*International outgoing call codes may vary depending on your long distance carrier. If you have difficulty getting through on this phone number, contact your long distance company and ask them what the country code is for England an how you should dial it.

By making this special limited time offer we hope to bring you this exciting new program at a reduced price and introduce you to our new Amiga print magazine, The Informer.

More information is available about The Amiga Informer Zine at our web site. Or, send an email to the below address and request a subscription form. We also except Visa and Mastercard subscriptions by calling 914-566-4665.

Thank You,

Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer

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