The Independent Amiga Rejuvenation Survey


"It will be very insightful to see the results" - Carl Sassenrath

"We hope that the IARS project is successful and gets the response from users worldwide that it deserves" - Wolf Dietrich, Phase 5 Digital Products

"This is the chance many of us have been waiting for to truly influence the future direction of the Amiga." - Michael Webb, Amiga Monitor

"It gave me the ability to say everything I've always thought about the future of the Amiga." - Survey visitor

The Amiga Community is known for its fanatic dedication to the Amiga platform, and that has led to several quarrels with PC and Mac users over the years. Our dedication has maybe been strengthened by the fact that the Amiga has never gotten any real chance to prove its advantages over the major platforms, perhaps mostly due to mismanagement by its holders.

The last years has been an endless waiting for answers. Who owns the Amiga?, who will own the Amiga?, what will become of the Amiga? etc. This has, to say the least, been very frustrating for those of us who strongly believe that there still is a future and room on the market for our beloved Amiga. However, one side effect of the waiting is that tons of ideas have evolved in the minds of the Amiga Community, a community which indeed is rather superior in its technological skills compared to the PC- and Mac-users. The vast number of high quality shareware programs on the Aminet proves this fact.

The problem is, as always, to make the manufacturers/developers of Amiga hardware and software listen to the opinions and ideas of the Amiga Community, or rather benefit from them. One major reason may be the fact that the Amiga Community is rather disorganized, no common views have ever been presented. Of course one can't expect that everyone should agree upon a certain topic, but it would indeed help our cause and put a lot more wieght behind out arguments if we could at least be rather agree upon some major topics.

I strongly believe that if the often very highly skilled and devoted Amiga-users around the world could agree upon a common document regarding the rejuvenation of the Amiga, we will make an impact. The Independent Amiga Rejuvenation Survey (IARS) is meant to serve as the basis of such a common document. In addition to this it will also serve as a constant receiver and resource of ideas for and from the Amiga Community.

The survey has now been underway for quite some time, and the first part which included getting freely written documents on the topic "The future of the Amiga" from all around the world has been finalized. These documents have served as a basis for the now running form based survey, and they can also be read on-line together with the survey.

Visit the survey, share your views and increase the reliability of the survey! It now running at:

"This survey definitely has the potential to go places." - Michael Webb, Amiga Monitor

"Phase 5 Digital Products appreciates very much the independent efforts of engaged Amiga community members to support the planning of the future of the Amiga. The IARS project seems to be an excellent means to collect and analyse the views and opinions of Amiga users all over the world. We are looking forward to see the results which shall be compiled in "The Independent Amiga Rejuvenation White Book", and expect this to be a source of additional information and inputs that can support our goal of designing the dream machine that the users want. We hope that the IARS project is successful and gets the response from users worldwide that it deserves."

Wolf Dietrich, General Manager Phase 5 Digital Products

"Quite okay! Loved this survey." - Survey visitor

Gunnar Liljas, IARS-coordinator

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