Gasteiner Throws Its Weight Behind The World Of Amiga London Show

3RD MARCH 1997

Putting an end to confusion about the number of Amiga shows planned for this year, it has been officially announced that there is to be only one - The World Of Amiga - and not two, as some reports had suggested.

Gasteiner boss Vas Shah has confirmed that he will not be staging an Amiga event in March - instead he is giving his total support to The World Of Amiga in May.

In a joint statement, Peter Brameld, head of show organisers PBA Events, and Vas Shah said:

"The World Of Amiga will be considerably strengthened as a result of the decision to combine the expertise of our two organisations.

"We'll be working together very closely to ensure that the show is an even greater success.

"Gasteiner bring with them not only their commitment to Amiga technology but also their experience in the exhibitions field. Added to the proven skills of those at PBA Events, it means that this year's The World Of Amiga becomes even more of an event not to be missed."

The World Of Amiga takes place at the Novotel Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, London, on Saturday 17th May 10am-5pm and Sunday 18th May 10am-4pm. Adults 8, children 6. Advance booking credit card Hotline 01369 707766.

For further information please contact Tony Leah on 0161 480 9811

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