Magic Days in Trier '97


06 march 1997

AMIGA1 - Amiga User Group Eifel-Trier-Luxembourg

After the success of the first edition of our AMIGA-Show during September last year, we, the AMIGA1 User Group Eifel-Trier-Luxembourg, are proud to announce the second edition which will be held on April 19 and 20 1997 in Trier/Germany.

The main goal of our show is to demonstrate that the AMIGA is still alive! There are lots of new things, which are worth to be shown. A new operating system, a whole new computer, accelerator boards with PowerPC CPU, graphic and sound cards, new games and so on.

Here is the current list of participating firms and developers:


To complete the show, we have also invited some shareware authors who are going to present their products at our show!

There will be NO entry fees for visitors!

More detailed information can be found on our web page:

The show will be held during two days. Saturday, the 19th and Sunday the 20th of April, from 11am to 6pm in the building C of the University of Trier, Germany.


AMIGA1 - Amiga User Group Eifel-Trier-Luxembourg

Sauertalstr. 18

D-54675 Wallendorf


Tel.: 0651/148510

Fax: 02561/91371-5097




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