Almathera Systems Ltd. Going Out of Business

March 17, 1997

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Almathera Systems Ltd. has ceased trading.

We have tried to support the Amiga for the last three years since Commodore died, and we were only able to survive this long because of the loyalty and friendship of the Amiga community.

Last year we undertook a major project for VisCorp, for their interactive set-top box system.

Our team dedicated months to developing this project (vui.library, a core component for the new set-top box operating environment), but VisCorp were unable to pay us for the work we completed, and this not inconsiderable debt caused grave cashflow problems that we were not able to recover from.

In the six and a half years that Almathera have been trading we have made many friends amongst the Amiga community and wish everyone that dealt with Almathera at any time during the past all the best for the future.

Jolyon & Paul Ralph - ex. Almathera

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