Amiga Advis Magazine Serves the Denmark Amiga Community

Amiga Advis is a Danish Amiga Magazine founded august 1996. After some months of experiences the magazine is now covering all the Danish Community with the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

When the fundament of readers now has been established all over the country the Amiga Advis is now broaden its horizon in order to bring the latest news to the readers. Therefore we would be pleased to bring out the latest programs and updates in Amiga Advis. Should you not find any of this concerns you then I apologize for the inconvenience.

Amiga and Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries with the largest amount of computers per inhabitant. Amiga has it's own part of this with more than 150.000 sold Amigas based on a population of approximately five millions. Therefore it is not Macs and PCs alone that make the marked. That's the reason for a Danish Amiga Magazine.

Amiga owners' biggest problem in Denmark is the lack of information about new products for the Amiga. The fact is that there is a very few Amiga shops left. The lack of information has therefore been great except from a short commercial approach under the ownership of Escom. The ordinary computer shops hasn't found a great interest in marketing of Amiga products in Denmark. This is remarkable because just before the closing of Commodore Denmark in December 1994 they announced an inquiry into the demand of Amiga Products. The result of this non-committally inquiry showed that they could have sold 30.000 machines in 1995. The long way for information from the manufacturers to the users have made it nearly impossible to the little amount of shops to keep up with the new products. Therefore the shops only have a little amount of elder and cheap software. This lack of interest to bet on the Amiga gives the impression that the Amiga is dead and therefore no new products come on the shelves. This is a shame. We send information about the Amiga to these shops in order to relive this problem and give them a better opportunity to serve their Amiga customers.

Furthermore we will be willing to distribute information sheets on your products to these shops. This will make it possible for the customers to get a visual impression of your products and may lead to a purchase. The absent current of information is giving us a difficult time to cover an actual area of the Amiga. Therefore we hope that you will provide us with information on the new things that appears in the Amiga area. In the future we will also begin to send newsletters to the local and national papers.

It is of no use to make the most brilliant product in the whole universe if your name is Robinson Crusoe. Denmark is a country with possibilities. It only demands that somebody are working on realizing these possibilities. We are doing all we can but need nevertheless your help, too.

The Production of Amiga Advis

The editorial board of Amiga Advis consists of three members together with a number of free-lance writers. Until now the magazine is on 40 pages in gray-scales. The magazine was founded barely on the ground.

It was and is still our goal to deliver a magazine tailored to the actual conditions. Low costs determine low advertisement prices, which in its turn determines low customer price. All for supporting the Amiga community.

Amiga Advis is all written, edited and set up on Amiga.

We are working on creating a homepage.

On behalf of Amiga Advis.

Amiga Advis
Jan K. Larsen
Jernbanevej 47
4450 Jyderup
Danmark, Europa

ISSN : 1396-8432


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