The World Of Amiga Show Is Back Again


Following its spectacular success last year, The World Of Amiga exhibition is coming back.

The two-day show will be held at the Novotel Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith, London, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May.

All the latest developments in Amiga technology will be on display, with major hardware and software launches anticipated from the leading UK and German developers and manufacturers.

Admission prices are 8 for adults and 6 for children.

"After last year's smashing success which saw the re-birth of confidence in the future of Amiga technology, The World Of Amiga 1997 is set to further enhance the machines' resurgence," said Peter Brameld, head of show organiser PBA Events.

"With even more hardware and software developments this year than last, there are lots more reasons for Amiga users to come along to this unique showcase."

The Big Names Sign Up For The Big Show

The top guns in Amiga computing are lining up to take part in The World Of Amiga - promising to make the show the biggest and best event of its kind for years.

The exhibition line-up already includes:

Active Software                   Blittersoft
Digita International              Epic Marketing
Golden Image                      Guildhall Leisure Services
Hi Soft Systems                   HiQ Ltd
ICPUG                             Nova Design - USA
PD Soft                           Power Computing
Sadness Software                  Scala UK
Siren Software                    SNAP Computer Supplies
Wizard Developments

"The impressive commitment to this year's show from Amiga hardware and software producers is very gratifying - although it was not entirely unexpected, given the tremendous success of The World of Amiga 1996," said Peter Brameld, head of show organiser PBA Events.

"Companies that didn't exhibit at last year's show were kicking themselves afterwards for missing a golden opportunity. They're obviously determined not to make the same mistake twice!"

 The Yanks Are Coming! The Yanks Are Coming!

Renowned producers of image processing software for the Amiga, Nova Design have announced they will be attending The World Of Amiga show in May.

The Americans will be bringing along the latest version of their top rated image processing and special effects software ImageFX. They will also be showing their exciting video demo reel that demonstrates the use of ImageFX from broadcast video and film sequences and custom sequences, including many using Nova's forthcoming Aladdin 4D package.

"Nova Design remains excited about the future possibilities of the Amiga market," said spokesman Kermit Woodall. "While some companies have chosen to abandon the format, we continue to provide new and innovative software to Amiga users worldwide."

Closer to home, ICPUG, Epic Multimedia, Digita International, and Guildhall Leisure have been talking about their participation in The World Of Amiga.

The familiar faces from ICPUG will again be running their free technical advice centre at the show. "We'll have a number of Amigas on the stand and out team of experts will be ready to help visitors with their technical queries," says ICPUG's Janet Bickerstaff. "Dave Pocock, formerly technical support manager at Commodore's Maidenhead office, hopes to be giving the benefit of his experience on our stand for one day of the show. Back issues of the ICPUG Journal will be available and we will also be accepting part year memberships."

An exciting new addition to the Epic Multimedia stable which will be revealed at the show is the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal - featuring hundreds of detailed articles with film clips, samples, animation and still photos covering everything from UFOs to sea creatures, spoon-bending, ghosts, aliens and much more that is weird and exotic.

There'll also be an opportunity to view the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 97. This latest version has new features including enhanced speech, Inter-ACT, zoom into text, zoom into pictures and animations, national anthems, Euro-pedia. There are over 16,000 subjects, 4,000 colour and mono images, 200 sound clips, 200 film clips, three search engines and over a million words - plus the ability to create your own articles, and export any text or images.

Digita International are offering all their products at special show prices, with even more discount for existing users who bring along proof of purchase. Award-winning new versions of Digita software on offer - with a choice of CDRom or floppy disk - are Wordworth 6, Wordworth 6 Office, Personal Paint 7, and Turbo-Calc 4. ClipartCombo, a special bundle containing all of Digita's popular clip range, will also be on sale.

"We love these shows and meeting Amiga users," says Guildhall Leisure's George Bray. "Plus we feel a very strong sense of affinity with The World Of Amiga show - it's a great chance for the Amiga community to get together and portray our unity to the computing world.

"At Guildhall Leisure we've always had the Amiga at heart. We have continued to support the machine to the hilt and recently have increased our commitment by acquiring the Microprose and Electronic Arts back catalogues."

Products which Guildhall will be bringing to The World Of Amiga include:

Microprose's Grand Prix, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Fields of Glory, Starlord, F117A, Dog Fight, Impossible Mission, B17, F19, Railroad Tycoon, F15II, Colonization, Theme Park, Road Rash, Desert Strike, PGA Golf, Fifa Soccer and Wing Commander.

There will also be a batch of new Guildhall releases including Minskies:The Abduction, Euroleague Manager, Basket Island, World of Golf, and Gun Fury. Plus a catalogue of more than 100 games, educational and business software titles.

New Amiga Set For Unveiling At Show

A brand new Amiga - the first for several years - will make its debut at The World Of Amiga show in May.

Called the Power Amiga 7000, it is being launched not by a hardware developer as you might expect but by Direct Software.

"This is something the whole Amiga world has been waiting for," says Direct Software's Shaun Flowers. "Everyone who comes to the show will want to see it in action.

"Not only is this a new Amiga, it's the most powerful ever - with 22 Megabytes of RAM - and it will outblast any PC under 3,000.

"When VIScorp took over they promised they would bring out a new Amiga, but it never happened - now we've actually gone and done it.

"The machine is up and running right now. We'll be demonstrating it at the show and we'll be taking orders for it at that time."

As well as the new machine, Direct Software will be bringing with them more than 400 Amiga software titles.

Gasteiner Throws Its Weight Behind The World Of Amiga

Putting an end to confusion about the number of Amiga shows planned for this year, it has been officially announced that there is to be only one - The World Of Amiga - and not two, as some reports had suggested.

Gasteiner boss Vas Shah has confirmed that he will not be staging an Amiga event in March - instead he is giving his total support to The World Of Amiga in May.

In a joint statement, Peter Brameld, head of show organisers PBA Events, and Vas Shah said: "The World Of Amiga will be considerably strengthened as a result of the decision to combine the expertise of our two organisations. "We'll be working together very closely to ensure that the show is an even greater success.

"Gasteiner bring with them not only their commitment to Amiga technology but also their experience in the exhibitions field. Added to the proven skills of those at PBA Events, it means that this year's The World Of Amiga becomes even more of an event not to be missed."

More New Products On The Way For The Big Amiga Showcase

Power Computing will be launching their impressive new game The Big Red Adventure - a stunning graphical adventure game for the A1200/A4000 which comes in CD format. Power Computing's new 12-speed SCSI CD ROM player will also be available at the show, along with a full range of accelerators, Ram expansions, floppy and hard disk drives, mono and colour scanners, and CD ROMs. Plus the GVP range of products including IO extenders, DSS8 sound sampler, Genlock, GVP Ram and hard cards. The 68060 board for the A4000 desktop will also be available. Anyone who spends 50 or more on the Power Computing stand will get 50% of their ticket price refunded, and anyone spending over 100 will get a full ticket refund!

SAdENESS Software are promoting their new Amiga CD ROM titles - Hidden Truth, AGA Experience Vol 3 and an upgrade to Women of the Web. Plus other Amiga software such as Capital Punishment and Worms:Directors Cut, and productivity software like Art Effect, Secal, Ibrowse and AWeb. All this including special offers on both days.

From Gasteiner Technologies will come "the cheapest in the world" fax modems, hard drives, memory and CD ROMs - and for nostalgia lovers, genuine Commodore mouse mats!

The name PIOS will be familiar to ardent Amiga fans who have been eagerly following the new computer manufacturer's progress in the development stages. Now PIOS has become the latest addition to the growing list of exhibitors at The World Of Amiga - and they're ready to unveil their impressive new hardware.

Making its first public appearance in the UK is the transAm, described by PIOS as "the home computer of the future, the Amiga of the next generation, faster than the Amiga world knew before".

The machine runs under more than one operating system. It offers BeOS and Linux with real multitasking, multithreading and object orientation.

And there's more! After transAm comes Maxxtrem - a fast PowerPC designed again around the modular concept which offers, as well as BeOS and Linux, MacOS included.

The common denominator is the CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform) compliant board designed by ex-Amiga hardware guru Dave Haynie.

Learn more about this exciting new hardware at The World Of Amiga by talking to the PIOS team which includes John Smith and Dr Peter Kittel.

The World Of Amiga takes place at the Novotel Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, London, on Saturday 17th May 10am-5pm and Sunday 18th May 10am-4pm. Adults 8, children 6. Advance booking credit card Hotline 01369 707766.

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