Update: Amiga Show in Scandinavia - AmiTech '97

AmiTech '97 25-27TH April


This is a preview of what will happen at the AmiTech '97 show.

The three heavyweights

Amiga International's President Petro Tyschtschenko will make a statement about the Amiga's future, exactly one month after the Gateway 2000 buyout.


Phase5 Digital Products', President Wolf Dietrich will present the roadmap of his company and their latest addition, the Amiga PowerPC accelerators.


PIOS Computers, President Stefan Domeyer will present his company and show the state of the hardware of the TransAM PowerPC, explain their concept for the future.


The MOTOROLA PowerPC RISC Unit, Sweden Is one of the sponsors of the show, and will send a speaker to give an in-depth technical presentation of the PowerPC line of processors.


LIVE ISDN Internet

We have 4 channels of ISDN hookup at the show (256Kb/s) and we will do our best to bring you live video from the show, including the above speeches. At least there will be ongoing IRC chat all the time from the convention.

Visit our web site http://www.canit.se/amitech during the show for details.

HiQ Siamese System;

Stephen Jones, General Manager of HiQ UK will launch the new exciting version of the Siamese System, V2 RTG. Bringing integration of Amiga-PC to all new heights, it's regarded a strong part of the Amiga's future.


IBrowse, Amiga WWW

Stefan Burstrom core programmer of IBrowse, the leading Amiga Web Browser will host a seminar and demo his latest fresh version of IB at the show.


Going press!

We have decided to advertise the event in a daily Stockholm newspaper the 5 days before the show, in a hope the attention will bring back curious ex-Amiga users to the show. The newspaper reach 540,000 readers each morning, and is free for everyone, in the subway and other places.


At the show there will be awards for Best Amiga DEMO and Best Amiga picture. The winning awards will receive fine hardware, sponsored by Distribution 4.

Imagine 5.0 Amiga

Christian Seron from Infologic, the Impulse European representative will Demo and talk about the new Imagine, the Amiga version only costs 1/7th of the PC!


Swedish Amiga dealers

Only the leading and loyal will come, here are the ones that so far have decided to come.

Distribution 4       Tricom Data Vision AB
Mematex              Micsam
Vidamus MM           Orebro Videoreklam

Amiga person of the year

At the show the Swedish Amiga person of the year will be awarded by the Amiga-CG usergroup.

Amiga user groups

SUGA         AUGS
AIU          Amiga-CG
AmigaTeam    Jamtlandska      AmigaForeningen

Amiga Magazines

AmigaInfo SAM


Misc Products on display (a few highlights)

Cassablanca, CyberVision 3D, Imagine 5, Picasso IV, Ariadne, QuickCAM, SiSys, Worms DC, A4000T/060, Apollo, Blizzard, PowerUP, Mustek Scanners, Genlocks, 56k modems, Draco, Storm C++, pOS, CyberStorm, AmiNET CD, A1200 Ethernet, PC HD Floppy adapter, Nokia 17" 'Amiga' monitor, and much more.

'And a few more surprises! :-)

For now that's all we will present, tune into the web site at the time of the show, the show is on from 25th-27th April, 10am-6pm Central European Time. GMT 9am-5pm.

Best regards,

The AmiTech '97 Group.

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