Yamaha's CD-Rewritable Available in June

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 23, 1997--The new CRW4001, CD Rewritable drive from Yamaha Systems Technology Inc., based on phase change technology, will be available in production quantities in June, 1997.

A hybrid drive, CRW4001, combines CD-Record capability with CD-Rewrite capability with a simple media change. Using standard CD-R media, writing speed is 4X normal input speed; using CD-RW media, writing speed is 2X. Both can be read at 6X. The new hybrid CRW4001 conforms to standard Orange Book Part III, Version 1.0 released in October 1996. The CDs produced by the CDR version of the drive can be read on ordinary CD-ROM drives for PCs. The CDs produced by the CD-RW are readable on Multi-Read drives.

"The new CD Rewritable drive is expected to open the standard storage markets, especially backup," said Daniel Baca, Manager, Sales and Marketing for Yamaha CD Recorders. "The CD Recordable drives are well accepted in data archiving, data distribution and data backup, as well as in software authoring and multimedia. We expect the rewrite capability of the new product to further expand an already fast growing market." CRW4001 Features

The newest drive in the Yamaha CDR family includes all of the features of the CDR400 as well as the ability to rewrite over existing data using phase change technology with CD-RW media. These include:

Yamaha's dedication to CD Recordable systems development has a long history.

Yamaha CRW4001 will begin shipping in the June/July time frame. Price for single units has not been determined.

Note: First shipments will all feature the IDE (ATAPI) interface.

Yamaha CD Recorder products are available through distributors: Law Cypress Distributing Company, Optical Laser, Revelation Products Inc., Consan Storage Solutions, New Wave Technologies, Todd Enterprises, Inc., VAD International and Yamaha of Canada. Advanced Optical Distribution of Encino California has just joined the ranks of distributors for the Yamaha CDR family of products.

Yamaha Systems Technology Inc. was founded to manufacture and market integrated circuits, board level products and complete systems to OEMs and Distributors. The product line includes multimedia audio, graphics and communications products, as well as custom and semicustom ASICs, and CD Recorder products. http://www.yamahayst.com.

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