GamaSoft Announces New Alliance of Dealers and Developers


GamaSoft, the Detroit, MI-based Amiga software publisher and distributor, announced on May 6, 1997 that it is forming a new alliance of dealers and software developers.

This alliance, called the GamaSoft Dealer-Direct Network (DDN), will allow dealers of software distributed by GamaSoft to take advantage of:

Any dealer who wishes to join the DDN must make a query by emailing with all of the dealer's contact information. Selected dealers will become GamaSoft Network Partners, with all the benefits listed above.

Said Ted Wallingford, Production Director of GamaSoft, "One of the pitfalls in the Amiga market has been lack of marketing power--not only for the Amiga itself, but also for the truly sellable products within the Amiga market. Too many great software products have disappeared from the Amiga market because people chose not to buy them, maybe because of a nervous feeling about the Amiga. Well, the Dealer-Direct Network is our response. With a strong alliance of uniform marketeers, and a slick, active sales program, we're going to starting turning the tide."

GamaSoft conducts distribution and publishing of software products for the Amiga computer system. Products in exclusive North American distribution include Web Cruiser, New York, Voodoo 2.0, and MOca. GamaSoft also conducts direct sales of DrawStudio. Direct sales and dealer sales are conducted from the same office.

GamaSoft LLC
2644 Botsford St.
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 365-8414

Contact: Ted Wallingford

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