Disksalv 4 And More, Now Available In The UK Lookout For IAM Products At The WOA Show On Stand 112

Contact: Larry Hickmott, larry@em.powernet.co.uk


Legendary Amiga products such as DiskSalv4, the Deathbed Vigil Video, Connect Your Amiga and more are now available in the UK through LH Publishing and will be on sale at the World of Amiga Show on May the 17th and 18th (Stand 112).

LH Publishing, headed by well known Amiga journalist, Larry Hickmott, has taken on these products because besides being great packages available at super prices, up until now they have been hard to get in the UK, depriving UK users the chance of buying quality software and books that will help them enhance their Amigas.

The new product list from Intangible Assets Manufacturing (IAM, http://www.iam.com) is quite varied and includes tools like DiskSalv4 from Dave Haynie and Mr BackUp from Robert Hardy as well as the infamous video the DeathBed Vigil, the superb networking book "Connect Your Amiga!" by Dale L. Larson, Envoy networking software and the book "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica."


DiskSalv4 (19.99) is a tool that can be used for backing up as well as correcting disk validation errors, undeleting files and so on.

The Deathbed Vigil (12.99) by Dave "the legend" Haynie documents the last day at Commodore. It is packed with amusing stories as well as interesting facts. It was of course, produced using an Amiga and is now available from LH Publishing in PAL VHS.

"Connect Your Amiga" (12.99) by ex Commodore software engineer, Dale Larson, the head of IAM incidentally, is a book anyone even thinking about networking or the Internet, should have. It is written in plain English (or should that be American?) and is full of interesting stuff that will help you understand even the most demanding of subjects. This is very popular so don't miss out.

Mr BackUp (available in a bundle with DiskSalv4 for 29.99), surprise surprise, is a backup utility that has been around for many many years (constantly updated) and supports Tape and AmigaDos devices.

Envoy (24.99) Networking software that requires third party hardware.

Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica (9.49) The Midwest Book Review said "Torn Shapes of Desire is a benchmark publication, representing as it does, what the new media of the Internet has to offer the reading public." Tasteful and eminently literary, it has still raised quite a controversy. Now available in the UK, so see what all the fuss was about and let your hair down.

These and many other products are now available from LH Publishing and every order from a new customer gets a copy of the cult Amiga magazine, AmigaEm with 60 pages of reviews and tutorials and not a game in sight. Those wanting further information, can contact LH Publishing on +44 (0) 1908 370 230 or email them at larry@em.powernet.co.uk

LH Publishing
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Tel +44 (0) 1908 370 230, Fax +44 (0) 1908 640 371

LH Publishing accepts major credit cards, cheques and UK postal orders (made out to LH Publishing) and bankers drafts.

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