GPSoftware Announces the Release of Directory Opus 5 - Magellan Version

Press Release: Immediate May 11th 1997

GPSoftware demonstrates its continuing support for the Amiga by announcing the release of the NEW version of Opus the World of Amiga show in London May 17/18.

The new product will be demonstrated on the GPSoftware/Wizard Developments stand at the show and will be available for purchase as a full product or an upgrade for existing Opus 5.5 users.

Welcome to Directory Opus 5 Magellan!

From its first release in early '95, many Amiga users have seen the raw power provided by Opus 5 with its unique concept integrating Workbench Replacement Mode (tm), file management and custom functions in the one package. These concepts were further refined in the Opus 5.5 release in May '96. During this time of great uncertainty for the Amiga platform as a whole, we have been buoyed by the support of Opus users, many of whom have given us continual encouragement as well as much valuable feedback and suggestions on future directions for Opus 5.

Through your support Opus 5 has now become firmly established as the premier workbench replacement and file management program for the Amiga.


With this new version we have attempted to return your loyalty with ongoing support for the Amiga platform and a continuation of our development plan for Opus 5. We have also tried to add as many of your user suggestions as possible which are consistent with the metaphor of Opus.

We hope you will enjoy the advanced features in this new version which we call the Directory Opus 5 Magellan version.

Summary of Enhancements:

The Magellan version is not just a simple upgrade but the product of 12 months of intensive development of many components of the Opus 5 system and enthusiastic testing by our beta testers. This version gives you many new features with superior useability especially in Workbench Replacement Mode(tm) with greater control over icons, actions on and with icons, plus many new features such as Start Menus, extra popup sticky menus and new background images to name but a few.

After extensive testing we have also improved the compatibility with Workbench and other Amiga programs with in-built support for the NewIcons system, better Cybergraphics support, faster icon layout, dragging and display routines and so on. A rewritten OpusFTP module complements these changes and not only gives you up to five times faster access to the Internet but now has a full GUI for the Address Book and operational parameters.

New features include:-


The Directory Opus 5 Magallan upgrade version will be on demonstration and available for purchase direct from us on the Wizard/GPSoftware stand at the World of Amiga show at the Novotel in London May 17/18.

Come and see it demonstrated by Leo Davidson and Dr Greg Perry


Direct from GPSoftware, the Magellan upgrade will be priced at our usual upgrade fee of Australian $65.00 plus $A10 package and air mail postage.

From Wizard Developments at WoA the price will be approximately GBP 30.00. Prices from other distributors such as Micro R&D, Wonder and Schatztruhe will be equivalent.

We apologise! Our priority has been to get this new Magellan version ready and available for the WoA show so as to show off new Amiga developments. So I just have not had time to notify existing users. All registered users will be notified by mail with a special upgrade offer sometime around the start of June. (When we get back from Europe.)

NOTE: Because of show schedules and resulting time and travel delays, stocks of the Directory Opus 5 Magellan version will most likely not be available for sale from main distributors apart from Wizard until approximately end of May or early June.

Check out Opus Magellan's New Features from our web site:-


Dr Greg Perry
GPSoftware, PO Box 570, Ashgrove, Qld Australia 4060 Ph/fax +61 7 33661402
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