A New Amiga Organization is Announced


New York, NY, 14 May 1997


For the past nine months, an international cross section of Amiga developers, original Amiga and Commodore veterans and informed Amiga users (The ARise Initiative), have been discussing, debating, analysing and deliberating over the future of the Amiga platform.

This culminated in the creation of the Industry Council/Open Amiga working group (ICOAWG), a formal project built around the two most promising ideas to come from the study.

The Industry Council proposes a co-operative forum of serious Amiga designers and developers, providing them with a forum in which they can debate, create and plan for the future of the platform as a single set of focused concerns rather than competing against each other and wasting time and resources re-inventing the wheel.

The Open Amiga is seen as one of the by-products of the Industry Council. First, it would work towards the establishment of a common set of Open API's, protocols and specifications. Secondly it would lobby for the creation of a shrink-wrapped Amiga operating system that could run potentially on any platform, platform specific HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layers) providing the translations that would allow Open AmigaOS to run on disparate systems.

A week ago, the formal project proposal was dispatched to Gateway for their consideration and inclusion in their future plans for the Amiga.

We are pleased to announce that Gateway favorably responded to the outreach by the ICOA, without endorsing ICOA or any strategy thus far offered.

This weekend, at the World of Amiga show in London, representatives of ICOA workgroup will be giving a presentation at the Amiga Society's Developers Conference (DEVCON), on Saturday. If you are an Amiga Developer, please attend. If you are an Amiga User, please stop by at the Finale Developments booth at WOA. They have kindly offered us a space to present the ICOA initiative. We look forward to seeing you there.

For any further information please contact the project manager, fleecy moss at:


Skal Loret
Director of Communications
The Jay Miner Society for The Advancement of Personal Computing

The Industry Council Open Amiga Initiative (ICOA) is sponsored and supported by the Jay Miner Society for The Advance of Personal Computing. A non-profit society incorporated in the State of New York. JMS has no economic association with any company, nor does the JMS specifically endorse any Amiga-oriented Companies, Products or Commercial Concerns.

The Jay Miner Society for Independent Computing 140 West 24th St., NY, NY 10011, USA.

14 May 1997

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