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Toronto, May 5, 1997: PXL computers and clickBOOM are proud to announce a cooperation with Phase 5 Digital Products on making games for Power Amiga.

"We strongly believe that the future for the Amiga computer lies in PowerPC processor. Furthermore, we believe Phase 5 is and will continue to be the Amiga hardware leader. Therefore, we have selected Power Amiga as our future platform of choice", says Alexander Petrovic, PXL and clickBOOM producer.

Appropriately enough, the first ever Power Amiga game will be Myst from clickBOOM. It is a perfect opportunity for Myst and PowerUp accelerators to appear at the same time. Following Myst, other forth coming clickBOOM "killer games" will be fully optimized for the PowerPC chip, as well.

Phase 5 Digital Products highly appreciates the development of Myst for the PowerUp accelerators and the plans of clickBOOM to add PowerUp support to more titles in the future. "We are happy to see how engaged clickBOOM has realized all their ambitious projects in the past, and we are excited that their new projects will be targeted for the PowerUp accelerators" says Wolf Dietrich of phase 5. "Beside all the demanding creativity software that we expect to come for the PowerUp boards, it's good to see powerful games with the real thrill coming also soon. What would such a powerhorse Amiga be without some breathtaking amusement? Still fast, but less fun... It's really impressive and good to see that clickBOOM is in the front line of visionary development for a new performance dimension."

Support for Power Amigas will have several distinct advantages:

  1. It will give users a valid reason to upgrade as soon as PowerPC boards become available.
  2. New clickBOOM games written for Power Amiga will be breathtaking and a serious competition to the games on other platforms. This in return, will make the rest of the industry look very positively on the Amiga market.
  3. Impressive CPU power will allow clickBOOM a technical freedom to convert any big game from other platforms to the Power Amiga.

The exact timeline of clickBOOM Power Amiga releases is still to be decided. Currently, clickBOOM's strategy can be outlined in two steps:

  1. Starting with Myst, a couple of forth coming projects will support both 680x0 and PowerPC chip.
  2. ClickBOOM will use this transitional period to work on a first Power Amiga-only "killer" game. After its release, all the following games will be Power Amiga-only.

For more information about our future strategy visit clickBOOM web site at

We hope you like our plan and share our vision. Naturally, for the Power Amiga to ultimately succeed we need your support and input. As always, please feel free to contact us at

Best regards,
PXL computers and clickBOOM

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