Impulse Announces Special Offer for Imagine 6.0

May 23rd 1997

Dear Amiga User,

We are very excited about what is going on with Imagine for the Amiga. Impulse is working hard every day adding new features and functions to Imagine that will knock your socks off. We would like to tell the entire Amiga community about the new things that are going on in Imagine and about our special offer that you will want to take advantage of.

First here is a partial list of new things that are being done to Imagine for the Amiga!

As you can see we are working very hard to Imgine for the Amiga the best 3D package on any platform.

Now for the offer:

Many of you over the years have taken part in our constant update program. The CUP as we call it is, in simple terms, a way for Impulse to give you updates of the software with all the new features and functions as they are completed rather than waiting 12 to 18 months for a new version release. Impulse anticipates compleation of all of the above new features and others not listed will take us atleast 12 months. You can direct the flow and development of the software by using the Amiga CUP program. The cost is a low $100.00 usd. As a member of the CUP you will get no less than 4 upgrades over the next 12 months. You will receive a special user name and password with a secure location on the web to download the newest code. (disks will be sent to those without net access. However those with net access may get more than 4 updates per year.)

So why should you join the Amiga CUP? First and most important is the fact that you will save atleast 50% on the release of the final 6.0 update and possibly more as the projected price for the upgrade is over $200.00. Secondly, the Amiga community is now unfortunately smaller and we need to know that you are still out there keeping the Amiga alive and kicking.

It is simple to subscribe to the Amiga CUP:

By mail:
send check, money order, or credit card info to

Impulse Inc.
8416 Xerxes Ave N
Brooklyn Park MN. 55444

By phone:
US and Canada 1-800-328-0184
All other locations 1-612-425-0557

By Fax:
World Wide (deleted)

By E-Mail:

Thank you for your continued support.

Larry Halvorson
V.P. Sales
Impulse Inc.

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