Amiga Informer to Change Distribution Method


By now many in the Amiga community may have seen at least one issue of The Amiga Informer. If you have, you know that The Informer is a publication dedicated to promoting the continued use and application of the Amiga computer. If you haven't seen one, now is the time to take a look.

We have been in publication for nearly 16 months and have continued to grow. Some of you might recall that the first Informer contained only 8 pages. In contrast, the soon-to-be released issue 8 will contain 32 pages. We have continued to grow in spite of a questionable future by providing readers with a useful resource free of fluff and full of fact. We take pride in our publication and the service and responsiveness we give to our subscribers. We are also proud of the fact that we are the only North American commercial Amiga publication that is produced entirely using Amiga computers.

In the past, The Informer was distributed primarily through select Amiga dealers that included a complimentarily issue with each Amiga order. This served to introduce The Informer to the community at large, letting them know we were available and that we were committed to the future. While this method of distribution served us well, it is time for a change. Since our subscriber base has continually grown, and we have gained retail sales partners among Amiga dealers, we will be limiting the number of issues we distribute as complimentary copies. While we will continue to distribute some complimentary issues through some dealers, you will find they will no longer be as easy to obtain. Complimentary issues will continue to dwindle in supply.

If you like The Informer and want to get every issue in a timely manner, the only certain way to be assured of getting an issue is to subscribe or to purchase an issue from a retailer. In fact, a subscription is a wise way to go. It assures that you get the latest issue delivered to your door while granting you certain special benefits. These benefits include:

A one year subscription of 6 issues to The Informer is (all in US dollars): $14 for USA subscribers, $16 for Canadian subscribers, or $21 for subscribers in all other countries. If you are interested, there are several ways for you to subscribe. You can:

We at The Informer believe the Amiga will soon enter a new era. After many years of mismanagement and failed opportunities, the Amiga is finally in the hands of a company that looks as though they will make some good decisions. Our aim is to grow with this new wave of Amiga computing and continue to provide our readers with the most useful, informative and detail orientated publication around. Our hope is that you will ride that wave with us.

Thanks for your support,

Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer Zine
PO Box 21
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021

* No purchase necessary. Prize drawings open to anyone. If not subscribing, send one postcard for each drawing with your name, address, phone number, email address and the date to: The Amiga Informer, PO Box 21, Newburgh NY 12551-0021. Postcard must be titled "Free Informer Prize Drawing" and be dated at least 2 weeks before each drawing. Drawings are held bimonthly.

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