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From Amazing Computing/Amiga

Due to the high interest in this event and due to the misinformation and some misunderstanding by some net users, Amazing Computing has made the London press conference (May 16, 1997) with Jim Taylor, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Gateway 2000, and Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International available on video. Discover what was really said in their speeches and in the question and answer session.

Jim Taylor outlined Gateway 2000's philosophies, Petro Tyschtschenko outlined the present and future position of Amiga International, and both men fielded questions from the floor. Nowhere has this conference been completely reported (of course AC's July issue will cover the high points) as thoroughly as this unbiased taped event. Be a Fly on The Wall and see for yourself the direction and promises that have been made to the Amiga community.

Also, discover what PIOS has to say. What are their plans, what is their foundation, and how are they going to work in this new environment. Take advantage of this special opportunity to discover PIOS current products and future plans. The PIOS Press conference and question and answer session has also been included on this video at no extra charge.

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