CNet Amiga Professional Version 4 Begins Shipping Friday, May 30, 1997


During the last year, since CNet Amiga BBS changed ownership to ZenMetal Software, CNet has undergone a multitude of changes. All sysop GUIs have been re-designed for a more professional look and feel. CNet now has some native Internet applications such as Telnet, NNTP news retrieval/posting and an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. FTP and SMTP mail import/export are also planned as well as many other "core" BBS features.

Those interested in ordering CNet Amiga should access the Official CNet Amiga Homepage at These pages contain screen-shots of CNet Amiga Professional, history, changes, other CNet links, developer e-mail addresses and full ordering information. Both framed and non-framed versions of the page are available at this site.

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